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We've been lied to.

They are not only deliberately hiding that the oil spillage is MUCH worse than their media advertises, they are lying about sealing the oil volcano-they haven't.  In fact they're doing their damndest to get you to go down to the Gulf Coast and breathe in all those VOC and corexit.  They're doing their damndest to get you to eat the poisoned seafood.  They're doing their damndest to cover this up-no evacuations as I thought they'd do-THIS IS AN ACT OF GENOCIDE AGAINST THE GULF COAST AND THE SOUTH, AND ULTIMATELY AGAINST THE ENTIRE HUMAN RACE WHEN, WHEN ALL THAT OIL AND COREXIT GETS OUT OF THE GULF EITHER BY DRIFTING OR BEING SUCKED UP BY A HURRICANE!!

We have been extremely lucky on the hurricane part of this ecological 9/11 but our luck cannot hold out forever.

Prepare:  learn hydroponics, greenhouse growing.  Get involved in your local government so you can take it over via recall election-SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR GREENHOUSES SO YOU DON'T STARVE.  Arm up and train.

We must hold those who have perpetrated this responsible.  By however means we can.

J. Croft

Houston, We Have A HUGE Problem ! ! ! (BP America is headquartered in Houston, TX)

Posted on August 29, 2010 by concernedcitizensofflorida

Compelling Evidence Points To A Different Well Being Capped

What would the world say, if the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico that gushed for 87 days, is not the same well location which BP identified to the world as the Gusher Of All Time?

BK Lim is a geohazards specialist who has dissected the entire “Macondo prospect gushing wells scenario” with the penetrating forensic analysis and well-honed investigative techniques. He has broken down so many facets of this apparent deception that one is left with only one conclusion.

When a foreign, multinational corporation perpetrates a deception in the marketplace, it is usually considered business as usual and life goes on without so much as a bleep on the radar screen.

If the US Federal Government, and especially the current Administration which has enabled so much of what has gone wrong in the Gulf, was an accomplice in such a deception, then we have a problem. And, therefore, our friends in DC, and particularly BP will then have a HUGE problem!

We certainly have a problem that rises to a much higher level than a bunch of bungling burglars in a hotel complex known as Watergate, don’t we?!

Let’s get busy, shall we, and start holding the Obama Administration accountable for their part in the greatest manmade environmental catastrophe, and coverup, in American history.

If we allow this moment to pass without an appropriate response, future generations will rightfully label us as the nation who failed humankind … as well as the planet, Herself.

Dr. Tom Termotto

Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference

Tallahassee, FL


The diagrammatic illustration that says it all.

by BK Lim

Within 4 days of publishing this article, Why is-BP’s Macondo Blowout so disastrous and Beyond Patch-up with this diagrammatic illustration, visits to my column shot up by almost 20,000%.

This diagram which had been pasted all over the world had been ridiculed as total nonsense, comical, garbage and many other terms which I will not post here.

Please judge for yourself the accuracy of this qualitative model and the predictions that had since proven to be true with recent events.

The label “Well Location” intentionally left out the alphabet “A” as it was intended to be the well that was actually drilled which forensic analyses of the seabed debris determined to be 720 ft NNW of Well A. This mysterious “well that never was” (referred to as “S20BC”) is still being ignored publicly by the Authorities, BP and all those involved in the cover-up to continue duping the American public and world at large. This damaged S20BC well is the real gusher and the vertical conduit draining oil and gas out of the giant reservoir at 18,300 ft below mud line; not the bogus capped Well A.

Well A was drilled down to 5000 ft or thereof. It had to be abandoned on 13 Feb 2010 due to a broken drilling rod string which was jammed in the well. One must ask why a drill string of steel pipes could be jammed inside the well bore. Recently we hear BP admitting the possibility of formation collapse. And how could the formation collapse into the well bore without pressurized fluid forcing debris and jamming the drilling rods in the open section of the well?

So my independent geological model was right. Dr Bea was right. Matt Simmons was right. So did millions all over the world who did not fall for the Bogus Press releases and the blatant acts of Mass Deception.

Well A could not be the well that blew up on 20 April 2010. At 5000 ft bml, the base of Well A is still 13,000 ft above the reservoir. Well A was already leaking hydrocarbon migrating through the faults, GWSF zone and the pervious flanks of the Dome or whatever vertical structural deformities. Well B was drilled to 13,100 ft.

The mysterious “well that never was” (S20BC) reached the targeted reservoir at 18,300 ft bml. It was this well that blew on 20 April 2010. This well had to stay hidden to hide the many dark secrets of the Macondo well. Credit must be given to the determined few who against all odds and the myriad of half truths, distorted facts and Bogus Press information, persevered to bring to the world the truth.

Drilling at Well B and S20BC only made a precarious geological situation worse, by acting as vertical conduits to the shallower 176 ft thick gas-charged siltstone bed discovered by the Texaco Rigel Well in 1999 and BP’s targeted giant reservoir at 18,000 ft bml.

As long been suspected, Well A was deviously capped to mesmerize the world into a hypnotic trance, diverted from the real environmental disaster. A 5000 ft deep Well A would explain the many unexplainable inconsistencies and mysterious evidence that are surfacing now in killing the zombie well that refused to lay dead.

This geological illustration that says it all was independently created on 25 July 2010 based on limited publicly available information, thousands of miles from the crime scene. It explains the need for so many cover-ups. And if these cover-ups are any indication of BP’s misconduct, integrity and credibility, we should be worried about Another Deepwater Production Platform in the Gulf called Thunderhorse at Prospect 778/822.

by BK Lim

How Feds can say that NO Corexit found nearshore: EPA SETS DISPERSANT SCREENING LEVEL at 750 ppm! (VIDEO)
Large Oil-Corexit Plumes, Fish Kill Coverup and Wackenhut

August 27, 2010 by Alex

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Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

The Intel Hub

Everyday it seems we get more and more proof that oil and dispersant are still poisoning the Gulf of Mexico. Project Gulf Impact recently took their second boat trip in the last week. The first trip brought us photos of freshly sprayed dispersant, totally destroying the myth that this disaster is reaching its end.

Large oil and dispersant plumes still linger, continually poisoning and destroying our precious oceans. Internal BP documents show that there were not one but TWO wells, raising the possibility that the ROV cameras may have never been placed near the real leak.

I spoke to Project Gulf Impact about their trip and they had this to say:

“In some places you could see oil, in others it was clearly freshly sprayed dispersant. In certain areas there was a heavy chemical smell, in others it was oddly quiet.”

“As far as that trip goes, it was defintly the worse i have seen the dispersant. It was scarey because some of the dispersant was still in powder form which would indicate that it was from a plane. It was horrifying to see the jelly fish and dolphins attempting to get away from the plumes, especially when certain plumes were over a mile long!“

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

When they reached the shore they came across a massive fish kill. Later that day they attempted to go back to the area of the fish kill and found that it was crawling with private security. That’s right, BP has hired private security to cover up the damage caused by the oil spill and the subsequent dispersant overkill.

“When we were coming in we saw a fish kill, that was the hardest part. When we came back later a huge cover up had begun. The beach was full of private security, Wackenhut security called in our plates and forced us off the beach. Private security on a public beach! This all happened in a matter of hours.”

Wake up people, this chemical rape will continue until the American people demand it is stopped. How has Wackenhut, with their reputation after Hurricane Katrina, been able to control and dictate the American people?

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Photo by Project Gulf Impact © 2010

Censored Gulf news: Deadly denial of 'Core Exit.' Evacuations. Griff's Agenda 21 facts.

August 27th, 2010 4:29 pm ET "Agenda 21's written goals are the same as the outcome of their actions in the Gulf of Mexico." A.C. Griffith

Deadly Denial of Core Exit

Denial that Americans are under a planned chemical warfare attack by their own own government gassing Gulf coast residents is resulting in a deadly slow-kill, rendering it impossible for most locals to self-relocate. Project Gulf Impact filmmaker has learned from government officials that "forced evacuation will begin within days" as Agenda 21 escalates, impacting not only Gulf Coast residents but also, in a domino effect, the entire nation equally in denial due to the unprecedented petrochemical-military-industrial-complex (PMIC) cover-up of the continuing U.S. crime against humanity for its ultimate "Full Spectrum Dominance."

Hugh Kaufman' words, "Americans can't handle truth" about the Gulf ring truer each passing day.

Matt Smith of Project Gulf Impact has spoken to numerous government officials who all say the same thing: Forced evacuation will begin soon.

Since mid-June, the military and FEMA have been engaged in Emergency Plans for 36 urban areas from Texas to Florida due to the unstoppable Gulf oil volcano the size of Mt. Everest according to WMR.

Smith has documented the abundance of oil, the Corexit still being sprayed, the people influenced by chemicals, unable to move from denial, the first stage of the death of their beloved Louisiana home. (See Wherethereistruth Youtube video below; Intel Hub “We’re seeing way more dispersant than ever before” Large, thick oil plumes, freshly sprayed with poison!", Aug 25; and Intel Hub: Photos: Oil And Dispersants in Ocean Springs Mississippi In Newly Opened Fishing Waters)

"Aerial spraying is a primary Department of Defense (DoD) chemical and biological weapon of war to achieve its stated goal, Full Spectrum Dominance by 2020 of which Agenda 21 is part... As far back as 1925, the U.S. has been a world leader in research, development and application of poisonous gas as a weapon to further political agendas in "the hope of reducing the barbarity of modern warfare." (Censored Gulf News: State sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21, Examiner, August 3, 2010)

People are "literally being gassed" and they are "asleep," in "denial," according to Smith.

An Examiner Human Rights article reader, "Johnny," commented:

"At the core of a human is their soul, their life - if you will. When I compute that into an analogy by name - I sadly come to the conclusion of a deeper meaning behind the name "COREXIT" or perhaps more appropriately "CORE - EXIT". The "nickname" for the dispersant is "TOP KILL" - how apt for it WILL kill many on "the top" as will their poisoning of the gulf will kill underwater life as well."

Ocean Energy Institute founder has stated that a new hurricane will require gulf evacuation. (See:

Smith's filming, documenting the reality of the situation has resulted in his being followed over the past several days. When he returned to his Los Angeles resident a couple of week ago, he was subjected to an intimidating late night call by two men, first ringing his doorbell and then pounding on his door.

A former intelligence officer has told the author that he answered his door, he probably would not be alive.

"We've really got to stand up as a country," says Smith. "They probably want us to revolt... We have to be smarter than them."

PMIC thugs are also threatening scientists that have found Corexit and oil according to Alexander Higgins.

NWO Agenda 21 Seven Facts

Corexit still being sprayed and now found inland, photos of oil slips and sludge on water and land, tons of poisonous crude toxins dumped into landfills, children having sand fights now a lethal game, and public health declining along the Gulf Coast region with no relief - all point to seven Agenda 21 facts. (See Censored Gulf News: State sponsored terrorism targets Deep South for Agenda 21, Examiner, August 3, 2010)

Agenda 21 is the United Nations programme for so-called "sustainable development."

Bloomberg News' article, "BP's Wells Doesn't Know Who Was in Charge Aboard Gulf Rig During Explosion

is just one among many of one level of operators not knowing what the others are doing, standard operating procedure in a military operation according to Griffith. "That's all by design," he said.

"You have people who had to evacuate because of mandatory evacuation, and when they come back, now it's surrounded by barbed wire and they can't get back in," said Spike Lee. (NY Times, For Spike Lee, a New Requiem for New Orleans) Corporate-Government relocating people and taking over their property is part of the Agenda 21.

"We are under attack and we are losing out country by design but people do not understand, have not been educated about it," said AC Griffith.

"Clearly, our country is under massive Agenda 21 attack by Obama and his forces. The Gulf situation is deliberate and orchestrated by very powerful forces," Griffith told the writer th first part of August.

In the 3-Part Gulf-Agenda 21 series, it was reported:

"On Freedom Link Radio August 1, (archived below) people listening heard A.C. Griffith discuss that the Deep Water Horizon explosion was no "accident."(2) Griffith discussed that when people are repeatedly warned for months that their reckless planned act will harm, injure, and/or kill - but they proceed in conducting that act, it is criminal. Such was the Gulf explosion and all transpiring since, including the rapid dispersant application afterwards. According to Griffith, these acts are part of Agenda 21, including relocation, full control of survivors and even depopulation."

In another exclusive interview with the Examiner, Griffith pin-pointed seven facts about the Gulf petrochemical-military-industrial-complex operation resulting in Agenda 21:

"Fact 1: I know the effect of spraying Corexit and other unknown chemicals on the Gulf of Mexico has the outcome effect of Agenda 21 regardless of motive.

Fact 2: From the beginning BP and U.S. Government appeared to act in concert to cover up and deceive the people they were hurting.

Fact 3: They consistently covered up factual data from local coastal governments and lied to all via media broadcasts. BP and government aggressively suppressed observation and information from citizens and press.

Fact 4: U.S. Government representatives said in the press, BP refused to stop spraying Corexit over Gulf waters and populated areas. Government did not demand BP stop releasing Corexit and other chemicals.

Fact 5: In a recent press release BP said, most of the oil has disappeared from the Gulf. A case could me made that the + millions of gallons of oil never existed and that excuse was used to justify use of millions of gallons of Corexit and other chemicals into waters playing into Agenda 21.

Fact 6: Every action of man has a reason. Everything has a reason. Both BP and U.S. Government had reasons for their actions. Even if their reasons are different, Agenda 21's written goals are the same as the outcome of their actions in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fact 7: Axiom in law, "People do what they want to do." Both BP and Government wanted to do what they did."

Copyright 2010 Deborah Dupré. All rights reserved. This article cannot be copied, reposted or republished without consent of author.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only the title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupre welcomes emails: See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

When asked what Americans can do, Griffith told the author, "If you don't apply street mentality, a cunning end run approach and play hardball, you will not accomplish anything. Before us is a life or death contest....Time is short."

Copyright 2010 Deborah Dupré. All rights reserved. This article cannot be copied, reposted or republished without consent of author.

Deborah Dupré, with post-graduate science and education degrees from U.S. and Australian universities, has been a human and environmental rights advocate for over 25 years in the U.S., Vanuatu and Australia. Support her work by subscribing to her articles and forwarding the link of this article to friends and colleagues or reposting only the title and first paragraph linked to this Examiner page. Dupre welcomes emails: See her Vaccine Liberty or Death book plus Compassion Film Project DVDs.

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