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7/19/2010 update first:
Update, not sure of the status of the original charge but the government is making the following moves:

1. They have added some sort of firearms theft or receiving stolen property charge to the state charges, apparently a firearm passed from federal custody to state custody was attributed to one confiscated from his house and had a serial number removed or altered. The new charge is a state charge, not federal, as the federal case has been closed since his acquittal on the stolen grenade launcher charge.

2 No plea offer has been made by either side.

3 The state has initiated action to remove the 5 year old daughter from the custody of Dyer's girlfriend and place the child in custody of the state. Dyer's girlfriend has been living with him and after his arrest, with his parents since the beginning of this case. The government had originally duped her into giving permission to search his house when this all started, and apparently had expected her "continued cooperation". The threat being that if she were not "cooperative enough" her child would be taken away. It looks like the government (state level) is making moves to make good on its threat.

Now for the worse news: 8/15/2010 update from BREACHER:

Another update:

One set of new state level charges deals with essentially the same issues that the original federal charges did, a clear violation of the double jeopardy issue in the constitution, but prosecutors have been playing that game in other cases for a long time. They will make attempts on someone in every jurisdiction they can, and coordinate their efforts to gain a conviction.

No word on the molestation charges being dropped as a lot of us expected to happen, but few if anyone outside the local prosecutor's office is treating those charges right now as having any credibility.

And another word from TEXAS RESISTANCE:

A woman in our unit who speaks with Sgt. Dyer's mother said she was told today that they are also charging him with having stolen firearms and that she thinks he will be railroaded to prison on the false charges of molesting his daughter. She tells me that Sgt. Dyer will be put in the corrupt prison that he used to work at as guard but lost his job there for blowing the whistle on the ongoing corruption. The woman in our unit said she thinks Sgt. Dyer will be falsely convicted, chained to the floor in the prison and beaten to death by the guards that he blew the whistle on.



It's been put up or shut up time for all of us who want Freedom.  BEEN. 

Are we going to let another Patriot, none less than the founder of the Oath Keeper Movement get railroaded into prison?

If you're about to buy another safe queen rifle maybe you should reconsider, send that money to the official chip-in?

If you're about to get another case of ammo for your rifle, maybe you should instead send AT LEAST a few boxes worth of that cash to Sgt. Dyer's chip in? 

The man stands up, risks everything to awaken Patriotic Americans serving in the Armed Forces and Police.  He's going down for that stand-in large part because SUPPOSEDLY GOOD MEN AND WOMEN DO NOTHING.

What?  You haven't heard about July4Patriot on Alex Jones?  He's not going to talk about him, he's firmly in rat stewie's pocket.  His "militia" guest is Mike Hollingsworth, the rat who set up July4Patriot to be arrested on those proven to be false charges.

It is up to YOU to do SOMETHING. 

Spread the word. 

Watch these... then kick some cash to this Man.  He is a Man-much more so than about the rest of us.

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