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J. Croft

It’s a New Year as I type this. Another year the forces of evil have triumphed. Another year the forces of Freedom found their shorts yanked down to their ankles as they mounted the field of battle, giving the likes of Biden, Obama, McCain, Bush, Rockefeller, Rothschild yet more cause to laugh at hapless Patriots. They had us figured out but good. Obama was their heir apparent and the enemy’s entire campaign to elect him president was to 1.) discredit Ron Paul and remove his followers as a threat to the status quo, and 2.) wear everyone down to accepting yet another charismatic fraud as their messiah with enough political pro wrestling scripted tactics to give Vince McMahon a headache.

The economic take down of America continued. The subprime collapse, engineered by the banksters led to more components of the mortgage bubble to be popped. The stock market, propped up by the government, started its first legs of collapsing itself, taking the wealth of millions of suckers who were goaded by the likes of Jim Cramer to buy at the top. With the collapsing financial system credit(debt financing) halts and the real economy has been all but shut down… what’s left of it.

What’s left of it: after our enemies have systematically stripped America of domestic industry big and small, and especially start up entrepenurs who get it from literally all directions. With the television and movies they have reduced the minds of most Americans into a barely cognizant haze of celebrity gossip, sports, and nebulous fears of Al Qaeda. Public Schools don’t teach people how to think-they destroy minds. Go to www.deliberatedumbingdown.com to find out how bad it really is.

All of which is to enslave us, to destroy our Freedom because the American People are the number one target of the beast-because we are the greatest threat. You, awake and able to fight back, are the greatest threat to our enemies. If they fail to destroy America we can and will rise again and our heritage of Freedom will spread to all the Nations of Earth like no ideology or creed has and the American Revolution will become worldwide-which shall spell the end of the illuminati. With the inbred psychopathic bluebloods out of the way we can finally fulfill our destiny among the stars.

This however cannot begin until you truly want Freedom. You want true Freedom, you have to fight for it-intelligently for a change. How can we start winning more?

Start with some resolutions:


TV is the electronic narcotic that mentally enslaves you. It is the mind prison Americans are trained to lock themselves in, and as their minds and bodies deteriorate to mush, rob them of time they’ll never get back, they’re programmed to be the perfect slaves-they think they’re free!

Is there anything more insidious? Is there any greater reason to stop watching the fucking thing?!

Find anything else to do. Anything-like go for a walk. Walking helps circulation, it tones muscles, helps clear the mind. You’ll meet actual real life people, and not some Hollywood fantasy. Better would be to actually start working out, AND IF YOU STOP DON’T FEEL GUILTY AND GO ON A EATING BINGE, GET BACK ON THE PROGRAM.

You could hit the internet more, and start downloading survival and 19th and 20th century how-to information, learn a trade(I’d go with gunsmithing). I’d also hit www.infowars.com, www.rumormillnews.com, www.rense.com and learn what’s really going on.

Learn how to shoot a rifle. The beast especially hates people who can fight back against their minions. Plus mastering rifle marksmanship instills pride, self-sufficiency and competence; traits that lead to pursuing self-sufficiency and competence in other areas of one’s life, which the beast hates. Independent people.

Hit a gun show if it’s the weekend-your sports team’s gonna lose anyway and why gamble away that money when you can get a rifle and ammo to learn how to shoot.

Look up who runs your town, what laws they pass, why they keep thug cops and unctuous bureaucrats on the payroll.

Make an assessment of all your friends, family and acquaintances. Be honest, and weigh them as to not just their world view, how awake and willingness to awaken, but more important and basic just how reliable they are. I’m talking lying to the cops if they’re looking for you. I’m talking willing to hook you up with a couch or a room if you need it until you can get back on your feet. I’m talking willing to come guns blazing to get you out of life-ending danger. Anyone even questionable you will HAVE to cut out of your life… especially blood relatives; I know a couple guys who’re going to get their throats cut when the beast enacts full martial law because their family is going to totally snitch on them because they’re fucking sheep…

For that matter, how reliable are you? Would YOU be willing to do these things? Can YOU keep your big mouth shut?


Our food is in the hands of the enemy, who have spent a lot of time and money to poison us in every possible way. The pesticides are carcinogenic. The seeds are genetically modified and are having unpredictable side effects on us-none good.

To guarantee a supply of healthy food, form a food co-op; get together with others and buy/rent some unused land that hasn’t been sprayed with pesticides and plant some heirloom seeds. Or, rent a warehouse and use organic hydroponics-more energy intensive but you can greatly speed up the harvest cycle plus you can grow year round.

I’d go further and start using natural supplements-be advised that the government is squeezing sources of supplements and organic farmers and co-ops. Having a legal defense fund is advisable, but a much better option is to take over the county government-in particular the Sheriff’s office to be able to block state and federal enforcement activity. More on that later, but…


America is enslaved to authority! We’re enslaved physically by over-testosteroned armed thugs when they enforce laws, codes, regulations-whatever… if they’re even honestly enforcing them, which more and more they’re not. But we’ve been brought up by television to be in worshipful awe of authority because fucking Adam 12 and TJ Hooker’s out there in the patrol cars stopping all those evil poop colored people stealing and raping and murdering. And if they can’t get it done Columbo, or Starsky and Hutch, or the fat fucker from NYPD Blue’ll take care of it-oh and get all those evil guns off the streets!

You don’t need guns! You’ll put an eye out with that BB gun! You’ll shoot yourself in your foot or your kid will get a hold of it and kill someone playing The Shield! That’s why we have the BATFE to put you in prison for ten years for! You being some prison rapist’s jit rag is well worth the price of a safe society!
That’s why the cops need to be crooked-to catch all the bad guys!

…Three million Americans imprisoned. Many hard core felons, but 90 percent of them were socially engineered by the very authorities we have foolishly entrust to run America. Yeah, they’ve ran America-into the ground. Cops, and bureaucrats, and doctors, scientists, psychologists, analysts, executives, judges, mayors, governors, presidents, lawyers-TELL ME IF AMERICA’S BEEN BETTER OFF IN THE HANDS OF THESE “AUTHORITIES”?!!

These “authorities” have turned government, media, business, medicine, science into a vast web of interlocked rackets. They go to the same schools, work together, socialize together. So of course when that tin badge god pops you with that planted bag of weed you don’t stand a chance-the courts are rigged by the lawyers, the media won’t tell the truth how corrupt government is because they’re in bed with the state, and putting your ass in a disease ridden cell makes money for those milking the beast for cash. Law is a racket; all lawyers know this but it’s a huge conspiracy(oh God that word)they and the media keep to themselves. Meanwhile, you don’t have a clue how “authorities” are the REAL criminals because nobody on the ten CSI shows or the twenty Law and Order shows acts like real life cops, lawyers, judges, politicians.

So when that puffy chested armed meter maid pulls you over for no reason but for some lame excuse to jack up his ticket record and systematically violates all those rights you’ve never been taught you had, and your shyster lawyer is hustling you into a plea deal because that tin badge fuck planted meth or found that gun you use to defend yourself, remember this: TV fucking lies to you! The state fucking lies to you, the law is a racket, AUTHORITIES ARE YOUR ENEMY! STOP OBEYING YOUR ENEMIES LAWS!


The law isn’t made by us, its made by lawyers who operate not just out of greed and lust for power, but an agenda of breaking down this nation and its people to nothing. Millions of pages of millions of laws, buttressed by millions of more rules and regulations by the federal, state, and local agencies charged with enforcing those laws.

Millions of bureaucrats administer all those millions of laws, all those millions of regulations. Being control freaks, they gravitate to the job. Being cowards, they happily sic thug tin badge gods to enforce their edicts with a high tech police state, armored vehicles, and automatic weapons. The mantra is forever drummed into peoples heads by the media and especially the traitors in government that you can’t fight city hall…

Yet silence, and obedience, equals consent. We may not have the numbers or influence to change the laws and fire the bureaucrats and thugs, and bar lawyers from public office… yet… but we can start breaking their psychological domination over us by breaking their petty little laws.

Stop giving your real address, your home phone number. Move: use another place for an address, have it as the registration for a mail drop and route your mail that way. Don’t update your drivers license… more on that unctous card and how to counter it later.

Pick and choose your battles as best you can of course, no need to feed the prison industrial complex but all resistance begins with small acts. Those acts successfully carried out embolden the spirit and form the foundation for larger acts of resistance to the beast-and there are so many anti-American freedom killing laws, and regulations to break! I don’t have to talk about stealing from the government or lawyers and bureaucrats… when rural farmers are being hit with SWAT teams and having their lives wrecked over selling a no-life having snitch raw milk. What small acts can you do to fuel the spirit of resistance and the Second American Revolution in your heart and actions?


Americans are a people wedded to the moving image. As much as I put into these essays, I’m fully aware that most folks would rather see a video. A well produced, interesting video. That they can relate to, yet lead them to start on the path we’re on.

I could curse the beast for dumbing Americans down, but rather than curse corporate media, we need to step up, come together and ramp up production of our own movies, our own stories. The internet still offers a golden opportunity to get our message out whether it be instructional videos, news, or fiction.

Digital cinema has advanced to the point where a decent film-like image can be had with video cameras. A computer from the store can edit the video and even insert special effects that even five years ago required the efforts of a major studio. The independent film… industry, for lack of a better word, is like the rest of America in a state of collapse so there’s a lot of talent looking for work.

Web series are taking off. A lot like the old serials that played in movie theaters before television, they can tell a story in sections. Major studios are already showing their programming on the internet and have commercial advertisement before each segment-so there’s no economic reason why a filmmaking co-op of Patriots cannot get together on a story, get advertising dollars to cover production costs, put some of the segments up and then do a nationwide tour, selling DVDs at showings. There is a dire need to get our message out, and movies are a prime way to do so.

30 Dollar Film School by Michael W. Dean is the best basic how to make a movie/video book. An excellent starting point for Patriots.

Got an ideal: since Alex Jones is very busy at his own end, someone should document how he puts together his media, offer it as classes for others to emulate or even improve on his techniques. Bear in mind Alex Jones has not only had years of experience, he’s also had training, so a how-to video would help Patriots step up their game.

So, get a HD editing capable laptop-a thousand dollars can get you one with HDMI input.

A high end consumer HD camcorder(700.00) or lower end prosumer HD camcorder(2500.00)and a lower end HD flash camcorder(300) for covert shooting, and AUDIO GEAR! Boom mike and sound recording.

Take some lessons or read 30 Dollar Film School a LOT.

Start producing short web videos. Look at it and if it doesn’t match what you think it would there’s something wrong. USE A SCRIPT.

Practice, practice, practice! Practice and adjusting to improve makes Proficient. Americans are visually oriented and Patriots that can communicate visually and activate them are needed!


Don’t rely on the beast for income or shelter or food or even entertainment. Dependence is slavery, and Americans in the major cities are utterly dependent on the beast for the basics. Like the Eloi in the Time Machine we Americans are utterly naïve and clueless as to how to take care of ourselves as we work for the beast for the money we pay back for shelter and food.

Become an black market entrepenur. Flea markets, yard sales, direct dealings with farmers and businessmen for cash under the table. Getting Started in the Underground Economy by Adam Cash is a excellent primer. Get it at the gun show when you shop for your guns and ammo.

Get out from your mortgage if you can. Team up with others to rent a home or even better a place in the country. Or at least use some farmland and start growing your organic foods. Dig a well or exploit a spring water.

You can also team up for a business that will be successful in a depression/basic level economy. Machinists can pool their talents and resources and open a factory or shop. A neighborhood can finance the best businessman among them to start a neighborhood store. Once enough capital is accrued people can be paid out or even better, the next great ideal, the next good enough entrepenur can be financed as well.

Develop a basic trade for the coming simpler times. Metalworking, all manner of repair work, constructing home power systems, gunsmithing, ammunition manufacturing.

Learn how to barter. If you are the seller, high ball with a goal at a lower price, if you’re the buyer low ball with a goal at a higher price. Know your markets, know what sells, what don’t, and how much competition you got.

Integrate you and yours with other like minded groups or even better, rural communities. The more groups, the more communities trading underground, the more independent we can be. Work out your own local script or values for tangible goods to wean yourselves from dollars as they’re printed into worthlessness or made useable only if you have a card to buy or sell.

BEWARE: like I stated above, government agents have been targeting organic farmers and those selling raw milk-they send in undercover agents and snitches, and when the sale’s made, just like a drug bust a SWAT team arrests them and destroys everything they got. Go to www.infowars.com and www.rense.com look it up. You and yours have to stand together and make a stand or you’re going to have to start over-and you will probably have only one shot at building a sustainable survivable community.


The current internet is being killed off so we’re forced onto the intellectual concentration camp that will be known as internet 2; free speech like you’re reading right now will not be allowed.

Begin constructing redundant wi-fi nodes so we can have our own internet without it being controlled by corporations or the government. They should be redundant, cheap to build, have their own power sources, and use off the shelf components and accessed by current wi-fi transceivers.

Why wait for the beast to kill off our primary form of communication? It’s beyond stupid to just let the enemy act without countermeasures.

I admit, my knowledge of technology is limited so I’m calling on those that are able to make the moves now to build up our own internet before we’re not able to.


Guns. The beast hates those in our hands the most. Reason alone to get them.

If you don’t have a rifle, a pistol get them now along with magazines, ammo and web gear to hold the magazines. Get quality marksmanship and tactical training so you’re competent in their use.

That’s not enough; you have to have the will to use your guns to defend you and yours… and your neighbors.

Yes-recall the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina when after five days of deliberately holding back aid the federal government sends in troops and cops from all over America… to loot the survivors, steal their guns and ship those who weathered the hurricane to camps. Americans were forcibly disarmed.

No troops refused the orders to wrestle little old ladies to the ground and rip the revolvers out of their arthritic hands. No cops refused the orders to besiege families with automatic weapons and disarm them under the penalty of death; guaranteed to be swept under the rug.

It was an exercise in conditioning the military and police to steal guns from Americans-this was confirmed last year in Kansas when after a series of horrific storms guns were once again stolen from the People. The government feels confident because Americans by and large:

1.)Have been conditioned to submit to authority no matter how horribly they’re acting.

2.)Not stand together, armed, lest they be characterized as “vigilantes” or even worse, “racist militia” to instill dependency on the same authority oppressing and victimizing them on a daily basis.

Americans won’t fight, let alone fight to defend their neighbors. Yet Americans have a rich history of successful community defense when they’re willing to stand together, armed. Against a foe-whether it be the James and Younger Gang in 1876 Minnesota, the good ol’ boy power structure of Athens, Tennessee in 1946, or Korean businessmen in Los Angeles during the 1992 Rodney King riots.

Again, defense of you and yours can work only when everyone in your community makes it their business to defend you and yours-and most importantly, you willing to do likewise. That means fulfilling your obligation to our country as part of the Militia:

*Buy private sale military pattern rifles, ammo, magazines and web gear-google when the next gun show’s in your area and take a couple thousand dollars to get started.

*Learning to shoot(www.appleseedinfo.org) a rifle out to 500 yards. No enemy can withstand people able to hit them that far, there’s no way you can protect everyone everywhere out to 500 yards. A nation of riflemen can’t be enslaved; our ancestors proved that!

*Gain military training. Go to www.awrm.org register for the forum(no need for any truthful info). Link up with other local Militia who will get you and your gear up to speed.

*Get together with like-minded Patriots in your area and form up in secret. Train, get in shape, get your caches in order, your meetup places, your how to knowledge. That’s the how to make a machine shop-out of scrap(www.lindsaybks.com); just get a catalog and you’ll find books on how to make guns and ammo. Hit the internet RIGHT NOW, go to www.scribd.com get a free membership and start downloading pdf’s using obvious keywords like “guerilla”, “sniper”, “rifle”, “tactics”, etc. Google those terms adding “torrent” and use the fattest internet pipe you can. In fact, don’t use your home computer for any of these searches.

*Watch the attitudes of your neighbors and friends; those that appear to be where you were when you had your breakthrough, start to convert them over. With the worsening conditions, a good point will be lots of new recruits. Have loaner military surplus bolt actions and SKSs to equip them until they can get up to speed.(Think of the movie “Outlaw Josey Wales” when he escorts that Kansas family to the cabin; there were a rack full of rifles to defend themselves with. Same principle.) Don’t forget airguns or airsoft replicas of your guns and lots of targets and pellets for daily training.

*Know your neighborhood, your town, and surrounding towns-that is your Area of Operation. Figure out where your members are, where would be good places to muster when alerted. Do a survey of resources-in urban areas this would be sources of supply for basics, main roads, side roads, places to sneak through or routes for smuggling tunnels, lots for growing food as natural resources will be at a premium at best. In rural areas it’s the same principle except you’re going to be more isolated, but the trade off is less manufacturing and resources.

*Your primary concern will be of course, defense; urban militias have a lot more potential threats to concern themselves from, mainly from the concentrated presence of government agencies but also from marauding gangs… the flip side of that being the potential for a lot more recruits and allies nearby. Rural militias have fewer nearby threats but will have to concern themselves with outside threats overpowering them so back up rally points will have to be figured out.

*Call your public militia a neighborhood watch committee or something else just as innoculous. Be the ones helping people out, offer marksmanship training and what not. Your militia stays secret and trains in secret.


It’s a trap. The District of Columbia is surrounded by the greatest concentration of government agencies, plus the shadow government that really runs the country isn’t even near the place. Media coverage would at best be skewed to the government, more than likely nonexistent. Even a peaceful protest would get false flag saboteurs to shoot their fellow government thugs giving the beast a reason to kill/imprison the whole bunch-all those earnest, naïve Americans cut down.

I wouldn’t even go for the city in wartime as it’s the designated lightning rod for American rage-and therefore the bait to any trap that would destroy resistance. So forget Washington unless and until literally every other part of America is taken back from them.


Changing the adversarial relationship the government has with America means only one solution: replacing the people in the government. The universal vote fraud, sabotaged campaigns and corruption give testimony to how ruthlessly these unprincipled people will hang on to power.

As I’ve stated to the point of ad nauseum at my blog Freedom Guide, a national campaign requires a national party. A national political party can’t be had unless there are supporting state parties. Supporting state parties can’t exist unless there are local parties.

Local parties can’t be had unless a critical mass of the People get activated and pointed to the right directions, the right actions. To do that the People have to see there is a means to peacefully take their government back.

Therefore, it is critical to the future of the Freedom Movement, the Second American Revolution, that Patriots concentrate their efforts on a few towns judged vulnerable to a emergency recall election. We want scandal ridden little shitburgs where the government has been running roughshod over the People-we should not be wanting for candidates.

You, or your candidates if you can’t pass both the Upstanding Citizen test or the Electability test(be honest), you must count on your opponents to use every dirty trick to stop you.

They’ll try and derail your emergency recall campaign…

…Try to dig up dirt on anyone and everyone involved with the campaign and everyone even acquainted with them…

…Plant drugs at your campaign headquarters for a drug raid, plant surveillance devices, or simply set a fire…

…Entrap your candidates or those around them, frame them up on bogus criminal charges, assault them…

…There’s always vote fraud; electronic voting machines, hanging chads.

A good countermeasure would be to have TWO SETS of candidates; the decoy set that gets all the publicity, and hopefully all the incumbents wrath and the set that hopefully will go unnoticed until election day. Another is to have your militia, your neighborhood watch committee not your secret militia, be active in monitoring the election results and to get everyone to individually record their vote as they cast it and compare that with the government’s results in a public audit.

Prepare for a legal campaign to challenge the vote fraud. Prepare for a civil disobedience campaign to drive home that fraudulent, criminal government will not be blindly obeyed. Prepare your militias in case the beast decides to try to crush any retaking of government by brute force. Prepare to avenge those that fall because they fight for their Freedom. Such resolve in the face of the beast is the only way we’ll win.


First thing you need to do is fire ALL the bureaucrats. They’re satraps, government pharisees who lived being parasites on us all. Send them all to the unemployment lines.

Go over the books-both of them. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report will contain the true financial state of your town/county. Provided that those investments haven’t disappeared in the collapse, divest them and cut checks for everyone. Property-sell it or offer free leases to in-town start up businessmen-NOT THE ESTABLISHED GOOD OL’ BOYS.

Go over the records of every cop. Anyone who even gives the air of not being TJ Rooker good, they get the boot immediately.

You can scrap about 90% of the city legal code, easy.

Taxes… cut them for the People, but raise them on out of town major businesses. Your town will prosper on its own.

Keep your media team on to advertise on TV, newspapers… more likely the internet… what you’re doing and how the People feel about the changes. Make DVD and CD-R copies and distribute them if you can’t get media access. Spread the word that they’re enslaved, and there’s a peaceable way to free themselves.

Take your campaign team and start cloning it in neighboring towns, counties. With news of your victory getting more people on your campaign will be easy. Conversely government resistance will increase, and I can’t project what all they’ll do. Be careful, but be bold.

Be bold in slashing and eliminating taxes, giving government investments-paid for by your taxes-back to you. Stage mass debt repudiations, mass drivers license and tag burnings, mass smoke-ins. Take up the Amish practice of shunning and direct it toward government workers: don’t acknowledge their very existence, refuse to service them, etc.

By this stage, you can probably start drilling your Militias in the open, unless the beast decides to answer your taking back your government with Army Combat Brigades, in which case your Militias won’t be drilling in the open, they’ll be openly fighting.

I’ve written some essay detailing what to do if the beast goes that far:

Martial Law Survival Guide
Message to the Patriot Movement
Second American Revolution Victory Guide
You Are the Militia

…and a lot others at my blog Freedom Guide.

Go to www.awrm.org now, and start studying how to be Militia. Don’t be stupid and form a 90’s era militia group, you’ll have government provocateurs and spies setting you up to be busted and you’ll do ten years or more being bubba’s sex sandwich. Train in secret, train as shooting clubs, self-defense groups, neighborhood watch groups-DON’T CALL YOURSELVES MILITIA EVEN THOUGH YOU WILL BE, FREE, ARMED MEN DEFENDING THE BILL OF RIGHTS AND AMERICA ARE THE BEAST’S IDEOLOGICAL ARCH ENEMIES!


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