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J. Croft

If you’ve been reading my blog a few of my posts have consisted of power point-like presentations, and some odd instructions on making a tract. If you look at my previous post “Tin Foil Hat Wearing Idiots”, you’ll also see two attachments from where I have printable sheets of those panels attached in a grid.

That’s the printout of a Freedom Tract. It’s my contention that such tracts can be a valuable addition to the kinds of media Patriots can use to reach others and awaken them.


You’re going to divide your page into cells. Because of the need for formatting, your tract is either going to be 14 or 30 pages, so plan well ahead what your tract’s going to be, it’s layout.

Go into Table along the top bar. You want Number of Columns to be 2 and Number of Rows 4. Be certain your margins are exactly the same left to right, top to bottom or your tract will be misaligned.

Each page fits into a cell. They go in a specific order. For a one sheet, 14 page(not including front and back cover)tract:

For a two sheet, 30 page(not including front and back cover)tract:


Each page must be 4.7 by 2.7 inches. You set those in Paint by going into Image menu along the top and selecting Attributes. Select for Units in inches and type in the Width and Height fields 4.7 inches wide and 2.7 inches height.

From there you can use Paint to insert pictures, draw, draw and insert, type or copy text to the page. When done, choose a file name and Save.


Keep the diagrams above in mind you select the page number you want and put it in the correct cell. Go to Insert along the top bar, click Picture, then From File; click on the image you want and click Insert.


Keep in mind you’re going to have an overhang of one extra page from the cell table formatting, and if you simply hit the Print icon you’re going to ruin most of your subsequent copies.

So, go into File. Select Print…

In Number of Pages, select 1-2, or 1-4 depending on tract size.

Go into Properties and select Duplex printing-it’s vital that you’re able to print on both sides of your paper.



If you don’t have a dedicated paper cutter you’re going to need a very steady hand. Cut along the rows, you’ll have 4 or 8 strips of the same kind. Start stacking the top row atop the next row, atop the next row etc. until the tract is assembled. Using a long enough stapler to reach the center bind them and be neat. Fold firmly and be straight with the crease.


You may have to play with the margins to get a proper print. Use the rulers in Word and play with the margins, making single test prints until the tracts come out perfect.

Unless you’re able to use a company or school or library printer, you’re going to need to invest in cartridges and paper.


DVDs or CD-Rs are great, but you need a player and a screen.

The web, you need some kind of device to view it as well.

Books require dedicated time to read, and are more expensive but you can pack a lot of information in.

Freedom Tracts can be used to INTRODUCE an ideal, or item. They’re portable, in a sense cute, cheap and don’t require plugging into a device or much in the way of resources-any computer made past 1995 can do the job.

Jack Chick, the inspiration behind my tracts, has been producing mini comic books for years. It’s hard to resist just scooping up a pocket sized comic or interesting looking tract and reading it. And we Patriots, being locked out of the mainstream media, our internet communications threatened, need every means possible to get our message out.

We need to get people to begin the walk each of us took to liberating our minds. Some of us found an ideal or book or video that started the mental avalanche of truth seeking. Others are in a crisis and reach an epiphany about the fraud modern America is.

Remember the mental state you were in when you started your journey. Remember that your target audience isn’t truth seekers its folks struggling along, being led into the slaughter and they can’t and won’t take a two hour dissertation on how they’re the Militia, or how the federal reserve is really a private banking cartel that has waged economic warfare against us for the past century.

They will however, relate to sympathy to their own personal struggle. Perhaps you can figure out a way to twist that sympathy and sympathetic ear to just begin looking at how things really are. That is victory enough for starters-getting folks to start asking the hard questions instead of keeping their heads firmly planted in the sand. Besides this is a good exercise in creativity, and good for the mind.

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