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How the false promise of a free ride to Heaven with a single prayer has corrupted otherwise good folks and damned the Earth by their inaction!

J. Croft

What on Earth of any worth is really free?

A rock laying on the ground is free, but unless it's a diamond what value does it have? Other than flinging it at something or using it for paving, not much.

Spoken words are practically free as well. Do something that harms another, and the cultural programming would have us say "I'm Sorry" and there; that verbal bandaid fixed that problem. No it didn't. It's used mainly to buy off the righteous outrage of the person harmed for the bargain price of a few exhalations of air and sound.

That sort of garbage is used a lot by guilt-ridden children. Forgive them, as they don't know any better-yet.

It's also used by the powerful-but only after a miraculously failed fight against the people they harm. It becomes no better than a excuse.

An excuse. In common usage a lame reasoning for bad decisionmaking. There's a lot of that as well, and more preferable than the "I'm Sorry" as there's no Guilt implied. Excuses are as plentiful in modern-day America as debt.

And the damnable thing about it is, lame excuses, being free and of no value to the problems they're tacked onto are created and used by those who should know better! Those, are people that go to church and watch the televangelists as part of the worship of that excessive time waster and mental enslaver that is television.

What excuses are they making for, and why?

The excuses are their-the self-professed "christians"-inactivity and submission to the many forms of corruption and darkness that are gripping our communities, our Nation and our World. They who preen about as if Righteous permit many crimes. I'll make list of fairly recent events that barely carves a snowball off the tip of the iceberg:

1.)Emil Gonzalez; a 6 year old Cuban refugee from Castro's hellish communism, some folks actually bothered to defend him from Janet Reno. The ugliest Attorney General in U.S. history staged a cowardly SWAT raid at 4 in the morning at his relative's home and literally at MACHINE GUN POINT a terrorist looking "agent" kidnapped that child out of the hands of the man who literally had saved him from the Atlantic Ocean.

So, where was the outrage from Pat Robertson? Why didn't he lead a crusade against his bud Jeb Bush and that shaved Sasquatch(you can tell I hate that woman)? Better yet, when Pat the walking bobblehead doll did his aw shucks what can you do routine, why didn't all those seemingly good folks not take their own initiative and consider that the last straw? Probably for the same excuses that made all those "good christians" fail to even utter a peep for their fellow believers in-

2.)Waco. ATF-better known as F-Troop-these folks are the result of the failed Whisky Rebellion in the 1790's. President George Washington himself led a 15,000 man army into the hills of rural Pennsylvania to put down a righteous rebellion of ordinary folks resisting a onerous tax on distilled spirits made by a power mad wanna be tyrant Alexander Hamilton. The rebellion crushed, the treasury department made the bureau that would eventually grow into regulating taxes on tobacco and … firearms.

Two hundred years after the Whisky Rebellion this same outfit of tax regulators would be equipped with body armor, military communications and the world's finest fully automatic weapons would go regulate a… church. A commune to be more precise but Freedom of Association is implied with our Bill of Rights. Now David Koresh did deal in firearms at the Texas gunshows, but he went out of his way to be cooperative with F-Troop. Even though right of uninfringed firearms ownership is explicitly stated in our Bill of Rights. They even shot at targets together and Koresh was often in town. He was in that respect law abiding.

So why, really was a firearms tax regulating bureau sent on a bizarrely stupid and excessive military style attack, treating the Davidians like a enemy objective? If Koresh DID commit child rape, that was the perview of the Texas State Police and Rangers. How come they didn't bust him in town? If Koresh DID brew methanphetamines, that was also not in F-Troop's jurisdiction. But firearms regrettably are as born witness by the THOUSANDS sent to America's prisons for the lamest of reasons. Koresh invited inspection of his firearms business.

F-Troop decided to attack, and make their ineptitude in military and police matters preserved on video for all time. So the big boys of the FBI were sent in and after 81 days of shooting at stragglers trying to surrender and non-stop psychological warfare they burn that clapboard compound to the ground and use CS gas that turns to a cyanide when burnt.

So where were the Branch Davidian's fellow Christians? Why were they allowed to be murdered by the government without protest? Children were burned and poisoned alive, and all the worshippers of Jerry Falwell could do is keep their born again heads tucked firmly in the sand. What lame excuse did they have?

3.) Terri Shiavo; where are those "christians" that worship T.D. Jakes-other than at their self-glorifying temple to him? Why aren't they raising holy hell with the state of Florida and her conniving lawyer-husband to give her the treatment that will cure her? Her brain problems are treatable, yet only a handful of people, and her loving Parents have risen to this helpless woman's defense?

4.)The "Patriot Acts". The first of these abominations was passed mere weeks after 9-11; as a legal document you could literally knock someone out with it if you had the muscles to chuck it, it's that thick. Nobody read it. Nobody had time to read it. It was near unaminously passed. And a Police State was officially codified.

And now hundreds of thousands of petty, power mad bureaucrats and legions of automatic weapon wielding ninja garbed goons terrorize us all. Where the hell is the outrage? Why aren't the Christians, those that are supposed to be bravely defending the virtues of America organizing and cleaning the Senate and the House of Representatives of all those traitors to God and Freedom? Is it that they're too busy? Too cowardly? Or is it all for this war on terror?

5.)War on Terrorism-how do you wage war on a military strategy? Or rather, how does anyone of conscience stand by and approve invading nations that had nothing to do with September 11? Iraq didn't have nuclear weapons after the first Gulf War. They didn't even have terrorists until after we invaded and finished on the ground what over a decade of bombings didn't get-their nation's destruction. We have created a new Vietnam War for us to lose and killed hundreds of thousands in a doomed attempt to secure the oil fields before India and China catch up to America in consumption with over half the people on Earth. There's no way that enough oil can be pumped out to satisfy everyone, so there will be war. Where are all those people packing America's megachurches? Why do they not object to war, to tyranny, to murder and repression?

There are thousands of injustices over the years that America's "christians" have let slip, and the world has become a lot more dangerous place to be in. Our-their-world is dying and they let it happen, even quiver with excitement like the day before Christmas. Why?

They're waiting for the rapture. That theological free ticket out of having any responsibility for their inaction and cowardice in the face of the dark forces trying to destroy this world. These self-professed followers of Jesus Christ are locked in a death cult mindset that predicates what they reckon as salvation on the death and damnation of nearly all of Mankind. So they sit their useless corpulent butts in their pews and lazy boys and listen to the toxic crap sold as gospel:

*Give money to your church!

*Obey your leaders!

*Pay your taxes!

*Support the system!

*Sneer at outsiders. They're going to hell anyway.

*We need even MORE MONEY so we can build a bigger church!

*But if you give, Gawd shall annoint and bless you and give you a better job, a better credit line, and a bigger SUV to get you to our megachurch and give bigger tithes!

*There's a Apocalypse coming, and there isn't a thing you can do to stop it, because every evil deed was preordained by the Lord Himself. But there's a easy way out-just confess Jeezus as your lord and savior, and when it's time for the lawd to tell Satan to finish off the planet, he'll take your good, tithe and taxpaying fatbody up to Heaven! That's it. That's all it takes.

*Support your President in the meantime. He believes in the Rapture-hell, he's trying his best to make the Apocalypse happen sooner, so we can all drive around in Heavenly SUV's and reside in even bigger versions of the homes we have here in 'Murika, and endless TV watching.


The first Truth about the "Rapture" is that your average brainwashed 'Murikan churchgoer would never DESERVE such a out! We are all responsible for what we do and think, and if we allow others to take charge, to do our thinking for us, to tell us what to do, to define the dogma of what scripture says about God, then we have failed in our individual and collective responsibilities.

We are our Brother and our Sister's keeper. By implication, we are also keepers of the integrity of the institutions we consent to have over us. And we have failed utterly to keep those institutions in check so is it any wonder that our legislatures and our schools, and our churches and our media have been taken over by forces hellbent on destroying us all? Such people who would lie on their backs like a puppy wanting it's urine crusted belly scratched don't deserve Heaven.

The second Truth is that there is no mention by Jesus Christ in what is accepted as the Four Gospels of a rapture-as defined by modern christian theology.

Jesus mentions coming for a Bride-someone worthy of a union of equals, a fraternity with God. Godly people do NOT allow corruption and theft and murder without a fight to the death.

Jesus mentions that this Bride is without guile or defiled-that is this union is with people who do not follow false teachings. Regrettably there are false teachings in the Nicea Council Approved Biblical Canon; a bastardized work cobbled together by the Roman Emperor Constatine of watered down Gospel, Paul's abominations and the Hebrew Torah to forge a document that has either enslaved or caused those who study it to reject God.

I personally, nearly fell for that cruel trick. I stuck with God in my heart however and overcame the lies and deceptions. And because of that I can testify this: the assembled Bible is a brilliant manipulation by the Devil.

Yes there was Jesus-what Christianity is supposed to be about, but He's represented by four books composed long after the Resurrection. Most of what Jesus-probably 99.9 percent is supressed.

The rest is the Torah and Paul. And the Apocalypse. There's a disconnect one finds when one starts using wise discernment.

The Torah and Pentatuch-the Old Testament-are about Yahweh, who acted like the devil himself in forging a religion to worship him. Yahweh was very demanding, and very brutal about enforcing those demands to the point of slaughtering innocents and permitting theft and rape of entire peoples in the enslaved Hebrew's conquests. In that, Yahweh acted no differently than any of the pantheon of gods of other peoples of that era.

Jesus however claimed to fulfill the law so what happened to the Old Testament can be said to be in question. The Torah WAS precisely written to a extreme-over the centuries, and yet if there is a single mark that's wrong on a handscribed torah it is ceremoniously burned. Why the demand for such precision? Why else, so that you can find bible codes in it. On this I'll make a opinion; Yahweh, a great intelligence, but not God is still arranging things to suit him.

Or, maybe God really is crazy-bipolar, or has schizophrenia or is disassociative. Perhaps it was manipulated by God. Or the devil. Perhaps Jesus came to save the Hebrews from themselves? Whatever it is, there's a disconnect that either enslaves or causes people to reject God because they blame the religion handed to them. And since nobody on Earth has a time machine, this issue can only be settled by wrestling with your faith-and the part of God that's in your heart.

There is that disconnect, but another disconnect that finishes sabotaging Christianity is Saul of Tarsus-a Pharisee. Jesus cursed the Pharisees. Saul's writings comprise most of the New Testament, yet he was never, ever with Jesus. In fact, he persecuted Jesus' followers and would brag about his evil works even after being "converted". Saul's writings emphasized everything Jesus was set against.

Jesus spoke of faith and works to back up that faith. Paul preached that a few nice words, a "I'm Sorry" to God are sufficient, when they're not by all the evils that have flourished since he died.

Jesus made no excuses. He healed the sick, took care of the underclasses and went to war against the financial and religious elites of his day, advocated personal possession of military arms even at the cost of having nothing else-and paid the ultimate price willingly. All Paul could say was to say "yas suh, Boss", and obey your masters, even if you were a slave.

And that house slave mentality has permeated America. A deceiver, Paul would feel at home as a elite of a Nation that propagandizes Freedom, yet taxes and regulates and enslaves and poisons and murders more than any other in history. Don't believe me, just look it up in the history books-even they attest to America's un-Christianity.

Fortunately, Saul of Tarsus has had his bones blackened by the fires of hell for the past two millenia. Of that I have faith in.

And speaking of hellfire, there is Revealation. Some John gets whisked away in a psychedelic encounter with angels and events far in the future are laid out. Cryptic tales of evil beings and battles and great destruction and the genocide of the Human Race-we are to be rarer than fine gold. Thank, God.

Or, maybe it's not?

As presented in the Bible it reads as God's Plan, but that's like Americans destroying towns and cities all over the Earth to save those we war from themselves. Yes God shall judge, but God also wants to save Humanity, and has also stated in the Bible He can and would shorten and even cancel apocalypses-especially those arranged by the enemy.

But that's not what's taught. God is presented as wrathful to the point of wanting Humanity to cruelly perish. That presentation destroys faith, and those that it hasn't are, naturally given an easy out.

The Rapture.

Just ask to have Jesus in your heart, don't do anything else to upset the apocalyptic apple cart and if you're around when the bugle blows you get a free out. How more irresponsible, how more ungodly could a doctrine get? It can't! Your salvation dependent upon supporting the status quo and your World's destruction?

Be of wise discernment. I personally was at one time a pre-millenialist fundamentalist Christian-but only because I was forcibly sent to church at an early age and regrettably became enamored by the falsehoods preached by Hal Lindsey, and some other crusty old phart who is happily forgotten who actually gave a date on TV and arranged a tour for the "holy land".

But one day I started to read it for myself. I fell away from rapture theology after I discovered how the Bible couldn't support itself. Containing warped truth and lies, how can it? So I stumbled, but NEVER having rejected God outright allowed me to approach the Father objectively. And I thank Him for the wisdom and strength to make the journey-not back, but to Him in the first place! How? I was objective, I was logical, I used my God Given Wisdom and Discernment and reasoned for myself and struggled mightily with God against my societally given belief systems and cast them aside for the lying trash they are.

I faced the wilderness and the hard questions and overcame, and joined my Father.

As should all those that start actually reading the Bible objectively and in partnership with God who resides in your heart. And faces all the hard questions that shall pop up-and they shall, and shall floor you. This is your struggle-you must be brave and face it yourself. You get floored by Truth, you get up anyway. Your trust is to be in God-not Jesus who said there is none good but the Father. Certainly not in a devious Pharisee or a bloodthirsty demigod who requires flying contraptions, fire and wanton human savagery.

Most certainly NOT in the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jack Van Impe, Oral Roberts, T.D. Jakes and the rest of those spiritual hustlers. And it goes without saying that you never, ever put your trust in the likes of a U.S. government that has burdened the people it purportedly serves with more taxes, more niggling regulations enforced by psychotic gun wielding bureaucrats, enslaved more people for more legislated and socially engineered crimes in hellish prisons, and killed more people in wars of conquest than any other government, ever.

You put your faith in God. God has no need of guilt ridden slaves or ornate buildings or spiritual pimps. God detests such things. He has need of You. He needs you, wants you to know Him and to grow in love and friendship, and to test everything, even holy scriptures, even spirits, even Him. Because God can pass every test and is happy to prove He loves you and me. Service among Friends is a mutual, joyous thing. It is works, mutual favors, looking out for our Brothers and Sisters no matter what the manipulated and perverted authorities color them as. Feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, healing the sick, defending the defenseless, freeing those enslaved, casting out demons and other turds polluting our institutions, setting past wrongs right.

And God will come to our rescue, of that I have faith. We don't have to go through a genocidal apocalypse; if we seek God and ask for help He will deliver the Human Race from those that plot to destroy it, no matter how much they pawn themselves off as Him. God shall do this anyway! God however will not help those who suscribe to a false religion that promotes evils yet paints itself as salvation. He certainly won't be taking those, or even those who DO know God from Earth and let the rest of Humanity perish in the hands of Satan. God wants us to FIGHT for our Brothers and Sisters-ALL of Man is our Brothers and Sisters! Black, White, Red, Yellow, German, Zulu, Russian, Korean, Iranian, Australian, Japanese, Columbian, Mexican, and definitely Americans of all the flavors of Humanity.

And when We have awakened from the deceptions handed down as religion and ideology, and risen for the fight for our Earth, God shall stand by our side to cut short the Apocalypse, to crush the plans of those that would enslave and destroy us. And it won't matter what the enemy throws at us, with God in our hearts in partnership we'll overcome it.

The Human Race has not even begun to express it's genius, it's true capabilities without the chains of enslaving religious dogma and oppressive government that currently bind us and make us spiritually and materially ineffective. When we free ourselves with God from those enslavements I have faith that we shall soon enough be able crush the evil ones. I would only suggest that to prevent our Race from ever being enslaved again we actively make certain that those that tried to do us all in never ever get another chance.

When we liberate ourselves from satanically inspired "christian" dogmas and oppression we won't need a Rapture, a easy ticket out when we can annex Earth into Heaven. We-you-should be insulted by being offered a cop out like that. And you need to start calling out those spiritual pimps that preach such crap.

So stop praying for death and a ticket out. You'll just get the death and God will curse you for being a evil coward and you'll get to see what 2,000 years of hellfire does to human souls by watching Saul of Tarsus as you burn yourself. Saying "I'm Sorry" or making lame excuses at that moment will just annoy God more.

So, be just and righteous and loving and pray for God to have a direct relationship in your heart. God's infinite and should be listened to. Pray for Life and Freedom, and deliverance of us all from the devil and his apocalypse-including you. And take Personal Responsibility for securing the victory yourself and for everyone around you.

Of this I make this written prayer to God. Amen.

J. Croft


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. It's not just the rapture that is the problem, it is the entire church/religious system. All of which has been a part of the GREAT WHORE/Harlot perpetrated by Satan himself. The system is self-driven, and tricks people into thinking it is their giving, works, brownie points they store up with the pastor that will assure them blessing, and this couldn't be further from the truth. We are to live our entire lives in the "give" mode. Not just on Sunday when they are taking an extra offering for the building fund, etc. We are to live as Jesus taught. He said if we follow the first 2 commandments we will follow them all, because the entire Kingdom of Heaven is based on them. The religious system tries to help God out, but making people feel guilty, or by using fear to dominate and control. Jesus asked us to be peacemakers, to be driven by love, to exercise the authority He left us in the earth. The rapture is just another method...Another doctrine added into the mix.

I could go on and on, but I do have a couple of things I would like addressed. You have a lot of wisdom, yet there is anger in your voice here. You seem a tad judgmental and that is a bit concerning. I believe we each need to take personal responsibility for our walk with God, or as Paul did say, "Work out our own salvation," but I don't believe we should publicly slam other brethren, whether dead or alive, because if we judge another, we will be judged by that same judgment. We simply don't have that right. Perhaps I am missing something here, but I believe everything we do, even if it is a rebuke, should be prodded by love.

Anyway, in a single paragraph, without all of the additional accusations...What exactly are you saying? What are your claims and why?



Anonymous said...

J. Croft

I need help.

What part of the Bible should we trust? What version?



J. Croft said...

What's Christianity about? Jesus.

What did Jesus say?

What of the rest of the Bible-does it contradict Jesus? If so, it's wrong.

Jesus stated there are none good but the Father and we should direct our prayers to Him.

Come to this conclusion it all makes sense and you will know peace. And purpose.

Anonymous said...

I had thought about that as well many times...and the absolute insistence that you take the ENTIRE Bible as inerrant.
The synagogue of Satan is alive and well, and actually their boy untermeier hired scofield to devise the scofield bible and popularized the rapturite view.
More about Scofield can be found on