Wednesday, February 28, 2007


The Photo above is from a Durham, NC SWAT raid of a "suspected" crack house.

No drugs were found yet the police treated the incident as a "success"; because a "message" was put out that such activity "won't be tolerated".

So, is "sending a message out" worth THIS?!!

Your answer should tell you just how conditioned by the beast you are to your SLAVERY

J. Croft

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Steven Douglas Elwood said...

The reality of America.


I and many of my sisters and brethren have awakened. We awoke to find ourselves as slaves to the few bloodlines that govern and rule our world. Everything we have held near and dear to our souls are but illusions. I once believed a good work ethic and a strong, faithful belief in the Christian doctrine was enough to forge a well-lived productive life producing offspring to further mankind’s achievements toward a more perfect world..... I was wrong, we were deceived.

Our monetary value, (our assets), are dwindling everyday. Our currency used to be backed by a precious metal, (gold), so the currency would hold value equal to the amount of gold divided by the amount of currency in the system. The privately owned beauacracy, (The Federal Reserve),which loans the currency to our Government at interest, decided that they did not need to back our dollar with anything. They proceeded to print more currency to provide short term patches for the downward spiral of value of the American dollar. The powers that be have driven up the National debt to unbelievable amounts. This will drive America to the brink of economic disaster. Our children and our children’s children will be paying this debt for many generations.

I believe this to be part of a much larger agenda.

Anyone who has studied history can see a perpetual drive to enslave the masses for profit.

What better tool for enslavement then perpetual debt?

We are brainwashed into thinking we must work and keep working to achieve financial wealth. When we realize money is only an illusion we will achieve a spiritual awakening and see that it is all an illusion. Sporting events, video games, movies, clothing style, celebrities, television, are all put in place to distract us so we do not know we are slaves.

But the fact remains, we ARE wage-slaves.

Perpetual debt is continuing to destroy America. Tent cities are popping up all across America, people forced to be homeless because of falling behind on their debt. Businesses are failing propelling many hard-working Americans into the street.

A short time ago I still believed in America and the American way. I registered to be a republican so I could vote for a man who I thought had the answers to stop this enslavement. I joined the Republican Party and I went to the caucus where I was elected to be a delegate for my precinct in my District. I soon received a letter requesting me to attend the House District Convention to vote for delegates to the State Convention, (registration fee $50.00). I soon realized that I would pay $50.00 for the privilege of voting for State Delegates that may or may not vote for my candidate. I began to research the election process in America, what I found astounded me.

Super delegates are not elected but appointed.

The choices for who will become president is already decided well before elections. The Elite ruling class calls all the shots. If you are a normal working joe your son or daughter will NEVER become President of The United States.

The American dream is only a dream. The reality of America is a nightmare. I have just recently awakened to realize the full reality of life in this world.

The world outreach organizations have declared that for 54 million dollars a year we could sufficiently nourish all the hungry people of this world. The United States funding estimates for the war on terror this year is $687.9 billion. Staying in Iraq is costing 10 million dollars a month.

I believe if we feed the starving people of the world it would do more to curb terrorist acts than bombing other countries. But, what do I know...I am just a wage-slave.

I wish I could go back to believing in the dream. But, I have awakened and now I am suffering from insomnia and I do not believe I will ever sleep again.