Friday, May 21, 2010

Roll Call of the brave dog shooters of the Columbia MO SWAT Team

Michael Cavener
2409 Milicent Ct
Columbia, MO 65202-4328

Thomas Quintana
1801 W Botner Rd
Columbia, MO 65202-8804
(573) 875-4063
Age: 55-59
Household: Mary A Quintana

Roger R Schlude Jr
1001 Straton Dr
Columbia, MO 65203-6483
Age: 40-44
Household: Melynda J Schlude

Robert K Fox
2550 E Cheavens Rd
Columbia, MO 65201-9541
(573) 446-5910
Age: 45-49
Household: Susan Fox

Lance R Bolinger
3508 Sierra Madre
Columbia, MO 65203-3770

Michael Parsons
1601 Carolina Dr
Columbia, MO 65202-6418
Age 30-34

And they're looking for fresh blood:


idahobob said...

VERY nice!!


Anonymous said...

Download the Intact police report

Chief Says Officers actions appropriate _ The Columbia dog shooting case opening speach PART1

kicker313 said...

Someone please post it to 4chan

Anonymous said...

Excellent! Post this to every website you can find! Let them get what's coming to them!

Anonymous said...

Nice to see these guys' names and addresses posted like this. I've been following this story and posting about it on my blog Restore the Constitution. This post here goes into some detail about Michael Cavener, the first of three shooters, according to the unredacted report: