Friday, June 18, 2010


To the adults in the government reading this(you are), act now to take charge of the Gulf Oil Volcano and stop it. Today.  Yes I know it was placed right on the end of the New Madrid fault line to not only pollute the oceans but to make stopping mean the potential to unleash a earthquake that will devastate the Midwest.  Compared to the alternative... there is no alternative.

Get the enemies of all of us out of the way so that this oil volcano can be stopped, the damage to the Gulf of Mexico honestly begun to be repaired.  This ecological false flag attack was deliberately conceived to devastate first America then in two years the entire planet with toxic air and rain making life on the surface of this planet impossible.   This will mean you too.  Do not think for one second that a species like us faced with extinction will NOT take you down with us.  And if you don't act to stop this you will.

The Tea Party must be allowed to continue their rise and take power-no more vote fraud, or moves to stop a peaceable Second American Revolution. If for nothing else that it's in your own best interest in taking out the beast and begin a transistion to a more balanced arrangement between yourselves and the American People. The crisis can be used as a form of rehabilitation to a people mentally, chemically and spiritually drugged by (I will presume for argument's sake) our common enemy. The reforms that will be made in America can mean a graduated decrease in geopolitical tensions, a new economic cycle can start on the foundations of enviromental restoration, infrastructure repair, and a free hand in techonolgical innovation and entrepenurialship. A new era for Man can begin instead of some long-scripted apocalypse.

If you act your role can be spun as heroic and there can be a true partnership between you and us. If you don't act then you cannot expect not to be treated as enemy.

You know who I am. You're out of time. Act today.

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