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Drill at University of Texas Coincides with UT Austin Shooting

September 29, 2010 by Alex

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AP Photo/The Daily Texan, Derek Stout

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Alex Thomas

On Tuesday, a shooter opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle on the campus of UT Austin. The official story reads like a bad MK ULTRA novel with the shooter, apparently out of no where, opening fire and later killing himself.

Coincidentally, the shooting took place on the same day of a planned concealed carry event. Second Amendment icon John Lott was scheduled to speak.” Was this supposed long gunman used to demonize and eventually cancel this event? What about the reports of a second gunman in the streets? Why was the army apparently on scene?

The fact of the matter is that multiple shooters were reported on scene. Seemingly on Que, the corporate media has dropped this information from their reports.

In a scene all too familiar, (See 9/11 and 7/7 bombings) a drill with the exact same scenario was scheduled 200 miles away at the University of Texas Medical Branch.

Associated Press

GALVESTON , Texas – An emergency drill in which a shooting was to be simulated at the University of Texas

Medical Branch was canceled after the real thing happened the same day on a sister campus 200 miles away.

UTMB Galveston spokesman Raul Reyes says no new date was immediately set for the exercise, which was dropped as a student Tuesday opened fire at UT Austin.

This information seems to line up with a report done by It seems that every time a pro gun rally or event is set, some sort of attack or disaster happens.

(NOTE: yeah... Alex Jones isn't wrong a lot on certain subjects or as long as you acknowledge his perceived 'right' to gatekeep the movement)

In various cases where the topic of conceal and carry gun rights are being debated, gunmen just happen to go on a rampage. Coincidence? You decide!

The second amendment is the protection for all the other amendments and is extremely important. DHS and other federal agencies have continually demonized gun rights with their so called, “intelligence reports” used to teach state and local police that constitutionalists/Gun Rights Activists are terrorists.

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