Wednesday, March 07, 2012



This is a true story, to which I was an eyewitness.

One day, a young, pregnant single mother was home with her young child.  She received a call from a boyfriend who had the habit of beating her and throwing things at her.  Big, heavy things.

She finally told him that it was over, and he got angry and announced that he was coming over to "talk".

The young lady, scared out of her wits, locked the door and blocked it with a prop meant to keep a door from being opened.

She did not call the police.  They would tell him to leave, but she knew he would be back later. She did not run to a homeless shelter.  She did not cry to, although she could have, and some might say she should have. 

She picked up the phone and called some MEN, her two brothers and even her ex-husband.

The boyfriend arrived and started to beg to be let in.  She would not let him in and he got pissed.  The mother and her young son started praying for the men to arrive.  Just as it seemed the piece of garbage would break the door down, the men arrived and came up the stairs.  These men heard his swearing and attempts to break in.  The mother and her son heard some yelling and cursing, and some scuffling outside, followed by the sound of a body tumbling down the steps.

The piece of garbage was soon seen limping to his car, and the three men came in the apartment.

The mother and her little boy never saw that piece of garbage again.

And that, friends, is justice, and how men handle business.  That is how a society should function.  That is a small slice of a reality where a woman knows the men in her life are a far better answer than government, when she has complete faith in their ability and willingness to protect her.

I will never forget the day when I listened to that piece of garbage who had terrorized my mother and I get what was coming to him.  Never.  It was one of the more formative events in my young life.

When I talk about justice and criminals, I believe they should be handled at the "lowest" (most local) level possible.  I also think that folks should handle their own business as often as possible.  I realize it's not always possible.  I know all about the pitfalls of vigilante justice.  I also know this-  I have seen it work when nothing else has.

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