Wednesday, March 06, 2013


COMMENT:  I've seen over the past couple decades the rapid spread of Islam in America: camps in the east, the takeover of Dearborn, Michigan and enclaves in Ohio. They flood a town with their numbers, they vote themselves in and from there they control a local government, run things the way they want. It's a time proven strategy that is deliberately kept from Americans who are encouraged to be preoccupied with distractions and their own ever-worsening circumstances as all manner of barbarians are encouraged...

The key to checking militant Islam is the liberation of Muslim women. To do that in a culture that mostly allows them to be murdered requires that they be armed and able to protect themselves and each other. From there, sanity can be brought to those parts of that world that wholly subscribe to that ideology.

America missed a golden opportunity in Afghanistan to institute such a enlightenment but that's because the U.S. government was exploiting 9/11 to seize an oil pipeline route they've never used, and to restore opium production-the results you see on America's streets. That is because of the enemy within that has weaponized the economy and government of the United States against the very nation it serves.

Only an armed Muslim women's freedom front championing the principles of the American Revolution will stop Islamic imperialism. Only a Second American Revolution will change this country's foreign policy to indoctrinate, arm and support such a movement. Only we, the People of America taking back our nation from an utterly corrupt U.S. government, corporate, and financial combination that seeks our very destruction and setting things right can even begin to make this happen. Revolution is the only answer.

Revolution can only happen when we who love and defend Freedom adopt strategies and tactics that will bring us victory. As a longtime observer of the Freedom Movement and active participant for eight years I have attempted to educate Patriotic Americans on such strategies... most importantly that they work on themselves before affecting their locales, and building up from grass roots, but the Patriot Movement is under solid control of hucksters, egomaniacs, and COINTEL operatives working for the very government/business/financial combination that isn't just above the law but IS the law and writes the laws that have brought Our America to the brink of destruction.

We cannot stand against imperial Islam until we can stand to begin with.


middle class said...

It is hard to go grassroots. I have a family and have grown almost dependant on queen size beds, my Monte Carlo, imported coffee, energy drinks, garbage food, my dead end job, tv, etc. As empty as most of it is, its comfortable. But what your talking about is frightening. But how do I commit to patriotism, still have a roof, and what good will it bring? As a whole for people? The world? The planet?Recently I came across something called George Washington's coaching. I like the idea of having a civilized America whose motives and goals are proudly adored and morally just, but your talking colossal cohesion of a people predisposition for generations.. how can it be done?

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