Thursday, October 23, 2008



J. Croft

“That’s my team!”

I understand that.

I understand that you got a lot invested in your teams. That it’s more than a trip to the stadium or a afternoon in front of the big screen-it’s buying the gear, putting on your team’s war paint. It’s celebrating the victories and comforting each other in defeat over beers or whatever else you like to inebriate yourselves with. To you it is cheering for your home town going to war against other towns, winning as much as possible until hopefully you win the championship.

That is a impulse, a tribal instinct from ancient times competing with other tribes for basic resources. This instinct has been harnessed by dukes, princes and kings since civilization began. Only today, that tribal instinct is used to commit unarmed robbery on you. Fifty dollars and up for a single ticket to a ball game. Ten dollars for a watery “beer”, five dollars for a nasty ass hot dog. …That’s why a lot of you invest in the tailgate parties-bring your own beer and food! …You dish out big bucks for the kegs, the deep fryer you installed in your truck, the stainless steel barbecue grill.

These ball games of yours, you know it’s big business right? The stadium owners, the owners of the major league teams-the dukes and princes of the corporate world-they reap all the real benefit off your devotion to your sports teams… Nothing has really changed since medieval times, setting up little wars to settle bets or insults or cull the excess population and tamp down on the justifiable dissent over them robbing the People blind. Robbing you blind today.

And not just robbing you of your money; your energies are robbed-

“I work all fucking week; I got to have something to cheer for!”

I understand that too! You work your asses off all week and you need SOMETHING… yet isn’t it just TOO convenient that SO MUCH press and TV time is given to sports coverage, sports commentary, sports interviews, sports history-my God there are shows about fucking fantasy football! Come on.

“You saying it’s some kind of conspiracy theory? You got your tin foil hat when you wrote this?”

Again, who benefits from your money and devotion? Not you. The players themselves get fame and some money-but they’re touted as examples for millions of Americans to waste their lives pursuing sports or hero worship them than do something to rebuild the nation. Remember that while you’ve been cheering(put your sports team here), the way too rich owners of “your team” milk you for every cent they can at the stadium, and every cent they can at tax time when you pay for their stadiums, tax incentives to stay in your town-whatever.

And while you’re spending all your time and money and the city cuts them breaks, small businesses hit a wall of red tape so they can’t get started. People look for work but major cities would rather tickle the pro team owners balls with their noses than give incentives for businesses to stay. People without money have to work harder for that money so they don’t have time to learn who’s fucking them over in city hall. So they-you-resign yourselves to a lifetime of drudgery and pine for the weekends and holidays when “your” team can actually win something.

You get all your worth vicariously. Professional athletes for your manhood. Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and other jumped up celebrities for your womanhood. From childhood you’re conditioned to not be self sufficient, to not look to yourself to solve your problems, be your own success. You rely on experts to run what’s supposed to be your society. Those same experts train you-yes, train-through television and public schools to be dependent, work a wage slave job-and admittedly you have no choice as small businesses have a uphill battle against both megacorporations and government favoring them.

Do you see how systematically played you are?!

Do you see that you’re a work horse and your sports obsession is but the carrot dangled in front of you to spur you to produce more the rest of the week?!

You’ve got a lot of reading to do. Really you got some serious head gear flushing to do. You should start here:

J. Croft


NW Florida Redneck American said...

So I take it distraction from the evils of this world is evil as well. I read you on RMN on a regular basis, and I respect what you are saying. I worked for Ron Paul so I am a patriot and I am an ex-soldier with my rifle and my bullets and I can handle a weapon. I get your point and I don't buy "team" gear and pay to go to games but FUCK MAN lighten up and let a man relax every once in a while. Your intensity comes off the screen. If it gets as bad as you say I have one in the chamber with my name on it...

Steve said...

Asshole. No, let me rephrase that, FUCKING ASSHOLE

Anonymous said...

Good article. Most people waste their lives around this sports crap that matters for nothing.