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J. Croft

Today’s America doesn’t allow much time to reflect on things, to find out why our once great nation has gone the way of many other empires-that it became a empire. You and most Americans like you seek some kind of living. Many, with enough school loans go to college where hopefully you’ll actually land a job after you graduate. Most people can’t get the money together or the motivation and therefore seek out a trade or some kind of niche. All to be able to have the nice home, the nice car, food in the fridge, money to go out on when the weekend hits. The basics-but the cost of those basics goes up, and never stops going up! Much of that is made up of taxes of all kinds, from every level of government. Of course, I need not mention that Americans typically get a ‘wage’; not even a percentage of the profits, the fruits of our labors belong solely to our bosses.

So, we all work hard, harder, and harder to maintain some semblance of lifestyle our parents and grandparents could do on one job. Yet even working two jobs isn’t enough so we’ve literally mortgaged the next century to have a taste, a hologram of prosperity our parents and grandparents had. Worse, having the entrepenurial spirit bred out of us we Americans work for corporations, for the government… and what do they do? They lop off at least a quarter of your all too hard-earned paycheck before you even see it. Come the new year you send money you desperately need to the IRS. The IRS takes that money…

…sends it as payment to the federal reserve…

…to go on the INTEREST the government pays on loans from bonds and borrowing its money-OUR MONEY illegally from the federal reserve!

We pay private bankers interest on them loaning to us the currency we use instead of just issuing money with precious metals backing, or commodities. Only bankers and thieves would think up of something like that-only bankers could bribe enough congressmen to sneak it through on Christmas Eve, 1913, get the president to sign it in.

So, the government that is supposed to be our servant is our master-the beast. Why should we remain loyal taxpayers to a monstrosity that passes bankster bailout bills that reward those fuckers for setting up a second depression. A bailout that makes certain those bankers aren’t out even one cent as America gets even the wheelbarrow covering it’s naked ass seized.

So when does the instinct of self-preservation kick in with you? When do you, your family, friends, neighbors come to the conclusion that this is not what America is supposed to be about? How about now?

So how do you free yourself?

Let’s break this down: first you cut spending, second you find untaxed sources of income, third you become debt free.

First, cut spending. Make out two columns. Left hand column, you put in things that actually generate income. Rented out apartments, stocks(good luck)that generate dividend income or you otherwise sell at a profit(again, good luck), after tax income.

Right hand column go all your expenses. Mortgages, taxes, car loans, school loans, credit cards, food, gas, utilities, hobbies.

Add up both columns-the left hand column will for Americans be smaller than the right hand column. So now you got some decision making to do. Downsize your home if you can, sell that new car and get a reliable older vehicle, stop spending so much on mall runs and going out. Economize.

Now, work to transition to tax free means of making a living. The first option is finding an employer who will pay in cash. That can be relatively easy, if you’re doing a construction trade as a laborer, or some restaurants. The thing you have to look out for is that because you’re working for someone under the tax man’s radar, that employer might decide that they can disregard being decent to you as well. Be prepared if your employer’s a scumbag: keep records of when you work, even if you have to take pictures of your time card with a digital camera, and have a voice recorder handy. Yes, you’re not paying out taxes and there’s no records but you’re still working for a wage, your employer still keeps most if not nearly all the fruits of your labor. You can do better-if you don’t believe that, how can you do better?

In some occupations that’s difficult, nearly impossible-at least all the time-but doctors, lawyers(rat fucks), accountants and other self-employed types can do under the table work now and then. Running their business as a corporation, you have to register, although Nevada offers a means to do that anonymously. Wyoming and Delaware offer similar levels of protection. Basically a corporation takes the tax burden off of you, along with all the liabilities of ownership yet letting you retain control. Saying that I strongly recommend you do your own research and consult a professional, it’s easy to get set up by scumbag IRS agents.

So, a better option still is a trade, or a number of trades that you can keep under the radar. Growing a garden and selling the surplus(so long as you’ve stocked your pantry first)makes use of your land. Using your van or truck to haul people and goods is a good moneymaker. Work crews need transportation, people have scrap and debris they need to get rid of, you have stuff to haul to the recycling center or flea market to sell. You got a skill, you can hire yourself out to do repair work, or teach, or make items to sell.

I’ll mention flea markets again. Find one that is preferably indoors, that has a high traffic flow-that means near major roads and not way out of the way. Bring along food and drink because there are operators there that sell food, sometimes for ridiculous prices, and it’s probably not even good to look at. You’re conducting retail selling and the key to that is patience enough to wait for the person who will come by and buy at your price. Patience, and endurance; this is something you do every week. You’re going to be dealing with more than a few bottom feeding assholes at these places, these places seem to attract them.

Have more than one source of income. No such thing as job security in this new great depression America so you have to have cash flow security. You got talents you can make practical use of to generate income, use em! Use them all, and learn how to do more. Repair work of all kinds will always be in demand. People will need knowhow, instruction, so if you’ve got a library of practical knowledge and survival skills that’s a source of income you can use to sell. Don’t neglect your land as a source of cash crops. Again, your vehicle can be used as an income generator by hauling people and things.

So, exploit what you know and what you got to the max. Phase out your wage job, your taxable income job and use all the money from that to become debt free. Debt free means Freedom; we were all tricked by the bankster scum through their deliberately generated inflation to taking on the debt so we wouldn’t feel we were falling back. Those delusions have cost us dearly, and it is our job and unfortunately our children’s job to restore what the banksters and their lawyer toadies that run the government and the bureaucrats that administer the self-serving laws the lawyers write for themselves and their bankster massahs. We’ll all have to contend with the tin badge gods that have let themselves be brainwashed into thinking evil is good and good is evil who will attack us all in our efforts to Free ourselves. Freedom’s never free, and there are two Americas-our Land of the Free and the banksters permit society where we live so long as we have license issued by the state ‘letting’ us. It’s up to us to Free ourselves from the beast because there’s only room for one America in this land.

Much more can be learned from the books by Adam Cash, in particular "Underground Economy" and "Guerilla Capitalism".

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