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J. Croft

The McDonald vs Chicago ruling is fraudulent.

In 214 pages this court ruling bends over backwards in hitching to the 14th Amendment instead of ruling that the 2nd in and of itself guarantees the right it upholds. This in and of itself is a major red flag as there is controversy among Constitutional scholars about various aspects of that amendment that, rather than uphold equal rights for all, instead imposes a hidden form of slavery. This deliberately concealed aspect of the 14th Amendment is something that has never been discussed among the American People save for those few scholars and their readership who have as a matter of course investigated other aspects of governmental malfeasance and fraud.

The Heller decision itself imposes via the courts restrictions on the 2nd Amendment not previously recognized at a national level. State and local

level most certainly but Heller opens the precedent (courts making their own laws) enshrining restrictions-making a unconditional right subject to both context (in self defense-remember Supreme Court rulings have the same force of law as anything passed by Congress or Executive Orders signed by the President)… both context of limiting the now privilege to self-defense as well as permit and therefore in the eyes of the courts

and government in general nullifying the Right to Bear Arms.

The language in this ruling serves to reinforce the legal precedent in Heller of restrictions on the context of the Second Amendment. Again: anytime a judge refers to our Rights as “privilege” that is a nullification of that Right. Look at this precious quote:

“…a privilege of American citizenship recognized by clause 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment…”.

If a 14th Amendment US citizen is different LEGALLY in status from a natural born American then the inclusion of the privilege language in this court ruling nullifies in the eyes of the court and the United States Government(officially)the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Nothing of the above would be admitted by a sitting judge of course.

Judges are attorneys-all members of the American BAR Association, the officially recognized monopoly of, by, and for lawyers. The ABA itself is a subsidiary of the British Aristocratic Registry-the BAR in the

name of the American legal monopoly.

The above doesn’t reflect a complete analysis of the McDonald vs Chicago ruling, but that isn’t necessary given the character and track record of those who crafted this ruling. The point is, McDonald vs Chicago is the Supreme Court giving license to the States and local municipalities to impose gun control in a framework sanctioned by them. Restrictions on the context of firearms usage and the decimation of what was once a right into a privilege-license and therefore legal revocation-is the real goal of this ruling. It is up to Americans to recognize the fraud of nine corrupt lawyers given absolute power and to ignore them in exercising their Rights.

The mentality of obedience to this fraudulent government ground into even the most ardent American is the single biggest obstacle. There is a fundamental confusion, out of ignorance, to the nature of the US government and its private corporate partners. Truthfully, there are TWO Americas: the one we are taught as being the true state of the nation is a mirage, a Potemkin village, the greatest fraud perpetrated in history. The other America is what can only be rightfully referred to as the beast; the entity based out of New York City and the District of Columbia that has systematically grown in both power and scope as Americans naively assumed they were free.

Nobody in today’s America can assume they’re free today.

Then again it has always been foolish in this world to assume you have any Freedom. Freedom is a most precious thing, something you must guard against the slightest hint of threat. The Fabian socialists in America have used the strategy of gradualism over the period of a century to not only steal our Freedom but to condition us through the media and government schools to the lies that we still had that Freedom.

Is there an endgame? Of course-our abject slavery which is about complete save for the coup de gras that will come from the Gulf of Mexico as the ever building oil spill will contaminate the world. Already this summer the heating of the Gulf of Mexico will aerosolize the Corexit dispersants, crude oil, hydrogen sulfide and other toxic compounds. Even without any hurricanes or other tropical systems that polluted air and moisture will find itself penetrating inland. As it does and people die martial law will be quietly declared.

With a legal framework that has been completed at the national level, the disarmament of the American People as they react negatively to the after effects of the Gulf Oil Volcano can proceed without any more legal obstacles. It is easy to dismiss the connection of the ever-worsening Gulf catastrophe to the McDonald ruling but as Rahm Emmanuel stated, one should not let a good crisis go to waste.

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