Wednesday, January 04, 2012


Unless change of venue is granted for lack of a jury. 

I'll let a poster over at AWRM.ORG lay it out for you; you have to register to see the posts now due to fusion center fags:

Mrs Dyer asked me to post this info while she was waiting in her car for hours to see Sgt. Dyer today, for the 15 min a week visit. I thought besides posting on his Facebook support page, I would copy the post here. I know not all of you use FB. Thank you and the 2012 CHIP IN is moving up nicely, yeah!!

copied post from Sgt. Dyers Support page on facebook:

Mrs. Dyer is with Sgt. Dyer as I type, for their 15 minute visit each week. She phoned me twice as she waited in her car to get in for the afternoon visits. Mrs. Dyer asked me to add a post for all of you. *January 17, 2012 trial date stands as scheduled. The motion hearing on Friday denied a change of venue.* The court docket must be cleared first on January 05, 2012.

Mrs. Dyers message is: "The trial is deferred pending the seating of an acceptable jury [at Stephens county court]. If an acceptable jury is not selected, the motion for change of venue, for this trial, may then be granted."

ps: from Sgt. Dyer, all of you are welcome to attend the trial, please try to be there even if you are able to go for only one day.



Again this proves the Lone Wolf is a target in a hostile environment. America is that hostile environment.

For future notification, those patriots who have pre-existing connections had better support each other: bail money, spare room or couch, the helping hand. The enemy and even common street gangs know this by heart, which is all the more distressing how our individual and collective faults have been so brutally exposed by the travails of Charles Dyer.

I mean, you or I could disappear and, what? Some indignant keypounding? What an insult to what the Sgt. has been through for OUR movement!

We can get our act together or that's it.

Now, as for Charles Dyer:

1.)There has to be ONE member of AWRM who has a camera and some time, and be willing to put some heat on Stephens County and how they torture their inmates. She/he should find out who else is being held in such shitty conditions and network with their families and make noise.

2.)Another Dyer publicity drive has got to be mounted. Go on Youtube, social network sites, whoever and put a blurb in the comments for J4P. Mark Koernke is still plugging away, so what's our problem?

3.)Dyer moneybomb. Still a good ideal.

4.)We have to start talking about Sgt. Dyer's future after he's acquitted. Where's he going to live, what kind of work, etc.

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