Sunday, January 08, 2012



J. Croft

Been thinking on mass prison break operations:

1.)Where's the prison located? Typically they will be in depressed rural communities which are dependent on it for their economic survival, and if there long enough the local adopt a kind of 'strawboss' mentality because their men and women work there and boss convicts around. So staging the assault in/around these small towns won't work.

2.)The prison and its defenses; they're configured mostly for keeping convicts in, not repelling a major military assault.... that's what it would take to pull that off. What you will have to count on however is an immediate response from every police department within a hundred miles, state troopers, national guard and US military, so you have to figure out what is the opfor.

3.)Your ins an outs. Six ways in, 12 ways out is the saying but if there's only a few or even one road you will need cross country equipment.

4.)Weapons and provisions-I'm assuming an illegitemate government sweeping up Americans en masse. You got weapons-even .22 rifles? Crates of milsurp bolt action rifles with bandoliers would work fine. What about food, clothing, transport?

5.)Where are all of these people are going to go? Do you have places-likely over a hundred miles away because prisons are in remote or hard to access places on purpose. Will they join you-and do you have enough for them? Likely not, they'll have to go... someplace. In this scenario you're making a mass prison break and caches of arms and building an instant army. Armies need food, shelter and warmth like any other mass of people... or will you be operating in cooperation with other forces with their own people inside? Alliances can be tricky but as long as the goal is kept in mind doable.

6.)Who do you have on the inside? It would be of great benefit to contact various leaders and influential inmates and risk getting snitched on and blowing the operation and get their troops up to speed on say, basic woodcraft, marksmanship and rifle team/squad tactics. Yes I know there won't be a rifle range in the joint but they can be told the theory and upon the operation will have the theory to use that Enfield-guided by your men of course. When the prison break occurs they act on the inside as the inside pressure to your outside pressure. More than likely the prison will fall.

7.)Breakout! What's coming? Do you/can you have teams along the various approaches to disable, delay, destroy them? Can you get your prepared inmates armed in time to turn them into an ad hoc military force and greatly improve your odds?

No you won't be making a stand there, the objective is to escape and harness your instantly generated increased combat power to attack whatever secondary objectives come up. You have to before opfor panics and calls in the US Air Force...

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