Wednesday, December 22, 2010


A Gallery of Strange Masonic Bedfellows

Tuesday, December 21, 2010 9:32
by Zen Gardner
The world will never make sense until you realize the 'powers that be' are all in on it together. If you're stuck in some right/left or us/them or good guy/bad guy paradigm you'll never get it.
No, not everyone being used by the Illuminati are aware of it. Most at the lower levels of power think they're doing good. This is especially true about Freemasonry, which is why they try to keep a 'clean face' with altruistic morals and recruit some of their more popular or recognizable supposedly 'successful' initiates, such as movie stars and captains of industry.
However, Freemasonry has been reviled through the ages for its subversive effects on nations and society. As a result, they had to meet in secret and greet and verify each other in a clandestine language, much the way early Christians used the sign of the fish. Hence their hand sign language.
Occult? Yes. That's exactly what that word means. Hidden. But we're watching.
Let these pictures give you an idea of just how vast the true conspiracy really is. This should really get  you 'wondering'. - Zen

The Masonic Handshake

First, these are some of the official Masonic handshakes of recognition. There may be more.

Now let's take a little look around...
Classic Tony.."I love your dress and wicked look. Can I become a Catholic too?" Two of Satan's minions in the grip.
Moammer al-Gaddafi and Sarkosy. Hey, keeps the oil flowing. Look like gay Mafiosi? Now you're seeing more clearly.
In case you're still not sure. (Some of you really are stubborn about this, but take your time..)

or try this one....natural pose, wouldn't you say? Masonic sign 'for the press'.

'Plastiki' skipper David de Rothschild gives a Masonic hand greeting to one of his own. Environ-mental sham.
Israeli President Olmert & Palestinian Mehmud Abbas - Supposed rivals at the Annapolis Conference
(notice how many wear red and blue ties)
"Now you brothers get to know each other before the sacrifice tonight..."

Ladies can too! Appointed Aussie leaders have a go at it. Julia Gillard with Governor-General Quentin Bryce at her swearing-in as PM at Government House. 

Brother Ron Paul greets a "challenger" on Bill Maher show. Uh huh. Two sides of the same wall.

If you're wondering, here's Ron Paul speaking at Georgetown Jesuit University, alma mater of Carroll Quigley and Bill Clinton. Note the Freemasonic symbols on the wall behind him. Something to check into, unwary followers.

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