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By JB Campbell

 I think we can we can all agree that we have some serious problems with our government. Maybe we can even agree that the government is the serious problem. Our government’s continuing threat to nuke Iran has revealed once more the depths of depravity and treachery that exist in Washington DC, if you hadn’t already noticed them in 2001, or before that in 1991, or in 1941, or in 1861. 1861 may be a little remote so let’s pin it to the significant year of 1911.

This was the year that a strange little man with the fake rank of “Colonel” wrote an anonymous and rotten little novel he called Phillip Dru: Administrator. He didn’t admit his authorship for twenty years. It really has to be seen to be believed. The book was a fantasy-blueprint for seizing control of the United States government and placing it under a world government, using a “lone hero.”

Col. Edward Mandel House had the unmitigated gall to appoint himself as a king-maker who should choose for America who would be the Democrat Party’s presidential candidate for 1912. Where did he get the monumental self-confidence to assume such a role? He got it from the fact that someone gave him the power and authority to do exactly that. That someone was J.P. Morgan, who was the king of America at that point, serving at the pleasure of the Rothschild empire in Frankfurt, Paris and London, the same way that the Rockefellers serve today.

House’s assignment was to take America to war in the opening act of the perpetual war for perpetual control of humanity.

The simplest solution is always the best one. The simple solution to most of our problems is the removal of what’s causing them. And what is that?

The answer is: a poisonous little club of psychopaths in Manhattan. These guys have done it all and they’ve been in charge of our country since 1911. They’ve run the military, the State Department, the White House and the Congress. They have seized control of the government beginning with Edward Mandel House in 1911 choosing Woodrow Wilson as the Democrat candidate for 1912. In one year, House managed to create the Federal Reserve and its criminal collection agency, the Internal Revenue Service. He also managed to nullify the US Constitution, already declared meaningless by Lincoln, by arranging the 17th Amendment and the direct election of senators. By the next year he organized the First World War. He and his cronies, FDR and Churchill, got the Lusitania sunk in 1915. His crowning achievement of 1917 was to send Leon Trotsky from New York City to join Lenin in St. Petersburg where they made the Bolshevik coup and prepared the slaughter of scores of millions of humans and the unspeakable suffering of hundreds of millions more.

House’s only notable failure in his program of doom was the American rejection of his precious League of Nations following WWI and the Versailles dictate. So, another world war was planned by House’s assistants, namely the Dulles brothers, Alan and John Foster, and their uncle, Robert Lansing. These were three of the founding psychos of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1921. Their plan was to design a new war to end all wars, to be followed by a real world government body that could not be denied. The war only took them eighteen years to foment, and the world government framework six years after that. Their body count was approximately 60 million humans, plus the degradation and suffering of a billion more. The world was never the same after the catastrophe of 1939-45. Everything we are enduring today is the aftermath of those six years, all deliberately designed and executed by the Council on Foreign Relations.

Americans don’t realize what this little toxic club has done to the world in our name. The CFR was set up to seize total power of the US government while masquerading as a think tank, a free association of industry, academia and labor or just a friendly watering hole for vacationing drunks from Versailles, or whatever harmless legend we get from decade to decade.

The CFR is in fact the Club of Death, a private ministry of war. All wars and revolutions since World War I and the Bolshevik bloodbath were planned within those walls at the corner of Park Avenue and 68th Street in Manhattan. That would include the Second World War, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the War against Islam, plus many other lesser known slaughterhouses, such as the terror war in Rhodesia. The Chinese bloodbath of 1949 was the biggest of them all, which created the perfect slave-labor gulag for American corporations chaired by CFRs. A year before that, the CFR put some crazy Russian Jews in power in Palestine. All of these disasters came from the CFR. The wars were designed to destroy resistance to them, the world conquerors, and to steal our wealth.

For the moment, pretend I know what I’m talking about and that what I say is true. If this is the case, then what do you suppose should be done about this Council on Foreign Relations? If this incredible assertion is true, that a tiny number of psychopaths could seize control of the machinery of American political power and use that power to destroy hundreds of millions of people, and plan the destruction of billions more, what is to be done? How do we respond?

There is only one response, obviously. You know what it is and they know what it is. If there is a gang in your neighborhood that attacks kids and women and the elderly, kills and rapes and steals and the cops refuse to go see them, then people sometimes do what they need to do to survive. When there is no law, or when the law is run by the gangsters, men sometimes take the law into their own hands, where it belongs anyway. When we farm out the law to lawyers and hired cops, we lose our power over our lives. Restraint is always called for, but we’ve obviously been pretty restrained for almost a hundred years. Too restrained.
The Council on Foreign Relations has asked for this. What it has done has been to amass an obscene amount of power over our lives – with absolutely no responsibility. They used their oil and banking and tax-exempt foundation money to buy the US Department of State and the Congress and the White House and the US Army and Air Force and Navy. They created the United Nations. The CFR has created American policy since its inception in 1921, and of course for the ten years before its official start.

So, it’s like the gang in the neighborhood that is raping and killing people. The gang pretends it’s harmless. It’s like a horror movie, only it’s real. The CFR has a program that calls for the killing of about 90% of the world’s population, first enunciated by CFR member Henry Kissinger. Why do they want such a thing? Well, they want all of us who might resist them to be gone and only very docile slaves be left to do their bidding for them. Somehow they think that with about five hundred million mind-controlled slaves in the whole world they can enjoy life much better without worrying that they might get an ass-whipping from some real men. What I am describing here is some rich punks who want to be protected from reality.

They are so afraid of the big bad world that they demand that real humans be exterminated so they can enjoy life without being shown up as incompetents and phonies.

What I propose is very simple, which it has to be. The Council on Foreign Relations, for starters, has to be destroyed. I’m referring both to the actual building known as Harold Pratt House at 58 E. 68th Street as well as the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations, those two thousand or so anti-humans who have declared war on humanity. It is easy to find the membership of this malicious gang of limp-wristed cutthroats.
About ninety percent of our problems will evaporate with the liquidation of these parasites. The bloated US government will shrink to nothing in no time, the Federal Reserve will disappear, the warmongers and military whores will be gone. The strange and fatal relationship with Israel will be no more. America will become a good neighbor with the removal of our permanent war party. This is how to prevent war, by hanging the warlords. In the future, anyone who calls for a war of aggression would be hanged as quickly as Bush hanged Saddam and his assistants – and they were only resisting the CFR’s war of aggression against Iraq. Anyone who suggests from an official position that a country such as Iraq or Afghanistan or Iran be attacked would be quickly disappeared and heard from no more.

Obama, the drunken buffoon, is married to a CFR, but I’m not talking about Obama now. It’s too soon to talk about Obama. Bush, the drunken buffoon, and Cheney, need to be arrested and hanged as the supreme war criminals of the decade. Bush’s CIA father needs to be arrested and hanged as he predicted he would be if the American people ever caught on to his scam, which we are beginning to do.

The scam is privatization, which it has always been since the days of Alexander Hamilton, who privatized the monetization of debt and credit and pioneered what became the king of scams, the Federal Reserve Corporation, with his privately-owned “First Bank of the US.” The Rothschild scam is hard to detect because Americans are so unsophisticated and dumb when it comes to the government and how the banks make money – literally make it. They lend it into existence, at a huge price. The one good thing the government can do is provide debt-free currency but this was hijacked by the private bankers for good in 1913, which is why we’re broke and in receivership today. This can be fairly quickly reversed by the issuance of US Notes by the Treasury Department, but this will require the destruction of the Federal Reserve System, something that will occur automatically with the liquidation of the CFR membership.
All good things will happen when this proposal is put into effect.

I have been promoting the idea of exterminating the membership of the CFR for twenty-five years, in speeches, on radio and in my book, The New American Man – A Call to Arms, published in 1989 – and I’m still here. All the ills of this miserable century (from 1914) can be laid at the door of this evil organization, a concept which seems preposterous to people who can’t accept that rich men could be Communists. They didn’t understand that Communism is not a movement of the downtrodden but a power-grab by the super-rich – in the name of The People.

For those who are afraid of the charge of “sedition,” the CFR is a private group and destroying it does not involve us in “the violent overthrow of the government.” The CFR is the invisible government and is not protected by any legal fiction. It is actively engaged in the subjugation and the mass slaughter of mankind. Its removal will benefit mankind beyond my ability to describe.

Either we destroy the CFR soon or it will destroy us and the rest of humanity. Again, pretend that I know what I’m talking about. But if I’m wrong and we wipe out two thousand CFRs, what’s the harm in that? Two thousand amoral, conniving murdering psychopaths – gone. The worst troublemakers in world history – gone.

Why don’t you do a little reading and see if I’m wrong about this club of degenerates and what they like to brag about? Here’s their website:

They expect this. They’ve wondered for decades when Americans or someone would catch on and put a stop to their crazy power trip. The old child molester, George HW Bush, reportedly admitted as much in an interview with Sarah McClendon in December, ’92: “Sarah, if the American people had ever known the truth about what we Bushes have done to this nation, we would be chased down the streets and lynched.” But it’s not just the Bushes or the Rockefellers – it’s the whole gang of criminals that run with them.

A handful of good writers have described these monsters over the decades since Dan Smoot first did it in 1961. But no one but myself has called for their extermination, and I’ve been doing just that since around 1968. I went to Gary Allen in ‘79, who also described the true nature of the CFR, and said I needed his help, in the form of research, to attack these sadists. A year later, when I was under indictment and awaiting trial for my attempt on David Rockefeller, Gary called me and said I was right and what could he do to help? He didn’t know of my legal problems and he was dying of diabetes. I said, “Gary, you’re a little late – I’m in a little trouble.” Now, here was a guy who understood the CFR better than anyone in the world but it took a year for him to realize – after I brought it up – that these psychos have to be exterminated. And why might that be? Am I that radical and unique? I doubt that. Maybe the reason is that Americans have been disarmed mentally, as I have suggested over the years. Maybe we have lost the urge to defend ourselves from easily identified aggressors and those who openly plan our enslavement. Maybe it’s something in the water.

Maybe it’s the Hollywood syndrome. The most damaging effect of Hollywood movies is the lone hero. We all like to identify with the lone hero, whether it’s Gene Autry or James Bond, but this is poison to our survival. The lone hero has undermined the vital sense of cooperation that is necessary for our survival. This was the secret of the German economic recovery of the 1930s, their willingness and ability to work together and produce superior products with virtually no raw materials and certainly no capital other than German productivity, which was the basis of their re-invented money after we had stolen all their gold and material wealth after World War I. This German spirit of cooperation was also the secret of their ability to defeat the mighty Soviet army on the Eastern Front and American and British and French and Polish armies for so long on the Western Front, until American money and brute force finally wore them out. It was only American money and massive weapons systems, also given at our expense to the Soviets and British, that defeated the Germans.

Americans and others love to watch the lone hero go against the gang – in the movies. That’s as far as it goes. The very worst example of this mass brainwashing was the movie HIGH NOON, in which the beloved town marshal is going to be attacked by four killers. He appeals for help from his friends in town, who all abandon him. So he must face the killers by himself and winds up depending on his insulting, Quaker pacifist wife! It’s the opposite of what really happened in western towns, which were pretty peaceful due to everyone packing heat.

That’s the way Americans used to deal with organized crime, before living in cities turned their guts to water and their brains to Swiss cheese, before Jewish and Italian and Sicilian and Mexican criminals brought their corrosive ways here. But a lot of it, too, is the result of Hollywood brainwashing. Carl Foreman, who wrote the HIGH NOON screenplay, was a Hollywood Communist and he knew what he was doing, as did all his Red colleagues. The Red writers, actors, producers and directors made war against Germany and Japan a glorious and manly thing when most Americans weren’t going for it. Hollywood, including the great Frank Capra, served the warlords of Washington by glamorizing war, making it fun and telling us “Why We Fight.” Some of the Disney and Warner Bros cartoons were hideously bloodthirsty and genocidal, although Walt Disney himself was extorted by Hollywood Jews to make the horrible cartoons. They shut his studio down for the first seven months of the war, putting all his people out of work, until he agreed to their demands to glamorize the war with some cartoons.

The film industry was collectively responsible for millions of people being wiped out. They were serving the Council on Foreign Relations program for general and permanent world war. The War Department, which, in 1947, changed its name to the Defense Department, avidly reads scripts and gives billions of dollars worth of actual weapons systems and military bases and technical advisors to Hollywood for the right kinds of war movies, movies that follow the CFR party line, which is magically known by Hollywood writers and producers sometimes years in advance. How do suppose that works? It doesn’t take a lot of imagination. The top CFR members in the military work with reliable contacts on studio executive boards. Writers and producers get assignments and millions of dollars borrowed from friendly banks get spent to make the world’s deadliest and most expensive celluloid garbage. The movies all make tons of money and the IRS never gets involved.

The Hollywood scam is an important segment of the mind control machine that is directed by CFR members at the Federal Reserve level. I’m not too interested in who is ultimately in charge, as if we don’t get the exactly right one it’s all pointless. My idea is that we just keep going until all the CFRs are gone, and we’ll get enough of the important guys to wreck their plans and their machinery of mass murder. Equally as important in the business of mind control as Hollywood are the religion and education rackets. Hard to say which is most effective device, but they have all worked well in combination.

The CFR is above the law because the CFR makes the law. There is absolutely no legal way to beat them, which is why what I’m saying has to be. Once this defensive program starts, the CFRs will of course try to become invisible and avoid the inevitable, but it will be no use. There is just too much knowledge at our disposal now, thanks to the amazing technology of information. Let’s make good use of it before we get our own China syndrome, which the CFR is plotting right now. They call it Internet 2. They will try to shut us down before we shut them down.


Well, at least you can't be called a tin foil hat wearing idiot if you mention the Council On Foreign Relations-a small improvement but I suppose we just have to take what we can get right?

Yes-the CFR has to be eliminated as an organization.  Unfortunately they're "on the ground" so to speak in controling the various levers of US power-the government, think tanks, media, multinational corporations, so-called non-profit foundations.  Taking them on involves taking on the very beast that has subsumed the identity of America... or maybe there really were two Americas from the very beginning and the United States was their grand Illuminati experiment, their New Atlantis.  This country's very architecture speaks of their founding and growth of the United States.

To accomplish this they needed the American People, and mind you the Americans of the Revolutionary War era were the most capable, most free people in history.  Their 1787 Constitution was the implementation of their United States; it barely passed, barely, and they had to resort to an embargo of Rhode Island in 1791 to get the damned thing ratified... after adding a legally sabotaged Bill Of Rights.  You remember we have a Bill of Rights, right?  If you haven't read Hologram of Liberty by Boston T. Party.

So-two Americas, but the American People were never let in on that fact, or the Whiskey Rebellion might have had to have been renamed AMREV part 2 and we'd be living in L. Neil Smith's Gallatin Divergence.  Instead there's slavery incorporated into the very Constitution so that we can fight a civil war over it-either breaking up America or consolidating power under the federal government... and enslaving us through the establishment of the US corporation. 

All of which makes the CFR just the latest iteration of the enemy's long term plan to use the United States as the disposable tool to smash the world.  Smash the world and the enemy can pretend they're gods to the few, starved survivors.  Given their bloodlines extend back to the ancient world it's likely that the raising and razing of nations and empires is but the family business.

The CFR and its membership are the primary control mechanism of the enemy.  The federal reserve system, the federal and state bureaucracy, the US Military are the tools the CFR manipulates.  They manipulate Hollywood too as their media is a primary control mechanism.

I was over a friend's today; he had Ellen on of all things and I'm asking why?  She has someone on at night about to award someone 10,000 dollars-they're shooting the spot have the cash and a cop... or an actor playing a cop... bust on demanding a permit.  Woman starts to stammer and the cop arrests the woman-CUT TO Ellen having a giveaway to the audience, the crowd shown screaming wanting their goodies.  Edited, yes but the effect was for the TV viewer: conditioning them to ignore the police state.

Yes: to get at the CFR you have to get past the police and military.  Manhatten is a police state fortress with limited access, with millions of Ellen watchers either just itching to snitch on you or just willing to ignore you waiting for the new season of American Idol to start.

I haven't been in this nearly as long as you Mr. Campbell but I can speak with authority that what's called the Patriot Movement is steered by the enemy-into circles if not into brick walls.  Try to offer practical solutions, like backing local political candidates in Athens TN 1946 style campaigns-get ignored because patriot stars don't like you horning in on their action.  Try to drum up support for Real Patriots like Marine Sgt. Charles Dyer/aka July4Patriot and you get shut down, insulted.  Criticize when gun rallies are disrupted, candidates backstabbed, and questions about Ron Paul's refusal to challenge the 2008 Primary vote fraud-get banned.  Or they're straight hucksters and you quit in disgust.

Enemies within and without.  All kinds of obstacles.... if I'd known back in 2006 what I know now, well...

Anyway, I bumped it HERE:

Take care,

J. Croft


idahobob said...

And how do we get rid of them??

One head at a time.


J. Croft said...

Theoretically, one head at a time might spook them into their bunkers and enclaves, in which case it isn't a matter of assassin's bullets but siege warfare.

Theoretically a Tet style offensive could work, but in all likelihood impossible to arrange.