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Why Occupy Wall Street does not Represent You

Very few topics I’ve covered have generated as much anger as my previous post regarding OWS. Being politically correct is not in my language and I have enough friends so as to not lose sleep over who’s panties get all bunched up. If someone has a different opinion, you’re more than entitled to it. In fact, if you present it in an adult manner, without insulting and in a way it makes some sense I might even publish that different opinion in my blog.
That’s where the signs of trouble start with OWS. I can´t remember the last time I’ve got so many angry email, comments and insults. Even when talking about the Tea Party movement and allowing some people to be more disrespectful towards the movement than I should have I didn’t get that type of hate email and messages. That’s a sign of maturity, understanding and simply knowing better. When all you can do is insult then you either lack the maturity to explain yourself properly or your movement just lacks any content worthy of being explained.
One of the things that apparently angers OWS people the most was my comparison to our version of it, the “piqueteros” and either similar groups of social groups that somehow “evolved” from the piquetero movement.

What is a piquetero?
Seems every member has his or her own definition of what OWS really is.  There’s apparently as many definitions as people involved, another sign of trouble in my opinion. What apparently most of the would agree on is that they are people fed up with the system/government and are most of all fed up of Wall Street, bankers and other global corporations owned by evil greedy men that are basically destroying our planet and enslaving hard working people around the world. So far so good, and so far I’m feeling represented myself. The piqueteros started in somewhat similar way, keeping in mind the clear differences between what is considered a poor person in USA and what´s poor by South American standards. Before becoming political, piqueteros where simply people from all walks of life, mostly poor, that were just fed up of being hungry, unemployed or exploited by both the government and politicians. Eventually the piqueteros became the strong arm of the government itself, but the origins weren’t different form the ones of the OWS movement.

Occupy and Okupas
I sometimes wonder, do people really know what they are joining before saying they support this or that movement? During hard times like these its easy to be misled. You find a group of people that say they are the 99%, that they are fed up, they don’t want to be exploited by big corporations any more, “What the heck, I feel the same way!”  and you finally feel represented.
But what is “Occupy”, where does it come from? It comes from another grassroot movement, but one that may not represent you as much as you think. “Occupy” comes from the “Okupa Movement”, which is slang for “ocupa “, purposefully replacing the c for K as if making reference to their lack or dislike towards proper education and literature, maybe some rebellious spirit and lack of maturity in there as well, something the young Spaniards are known for these days. The “Okupa” movement refers specifically to occupying land, public or privately owned, that has either been abandoned or in the majority of cases, is simply unoccupied. This social problem was already common in South America but it started as a movement in Barcelona with young people living on welfare and not wanting to live with their parents any more. The movement became popular all across Europe and it went well with the idea of working very little or nothing at all, traveling across Europe collecting gov. checks and living in occupied property. The Okupa philosophy is that if a property isn’t occupied, they have a right to occupy it themselves. Sometimes the Okupas have a social twist, some form vegetarian kitchens, do arts and crafts and have a certain hippie air about them. The okupas with more political aspirations go for establishing self-managed cultural or social centers and  growing gardens.
This sort of activities have gained them social acceptance to some level but the root problem with Okupas is significant. For one it completely ignores the right to private property, to manage or inhabit it in whatever way you like. For another it indulges a lifestyle of no responsibility and lack of productivity. During one of my trips to Spain I found what I consider to be a good example of the okupa movement and the core problem of Europe: A 30 year old English skater that was skateboarding in one of the Museums of Barcelona. Dirty, unemployed, and with no intention of finding a job any time soon, he had been living off welfare for several years. I found it to be an interesting metaphor how this person showed no respect, nor any intention to visit the museum he was “playing in”, but had no contempt in damaging the structure he was using for skateboarding.


Who are the leaders, speakers and representatives of OWL?
Naomi Klein, feminist, anti-consumerism , communist.

Cornel West, Black Panther Party admirerer, honorary chair of the Democratic Socialists of America

Slavoj Žižek, Marxist, atheist philosopher

This guy…

SO, still feeling you’re part of THIS 99%?

There are Marxists, there are most certainly bums enjoying a free ride, but there are a lot of people who are desperate.  Do we do NOTHING just because the enemy's bridled people's anger at the PTB with their OWS or do we continue being irrelevant?

Mommy, Make the Bad Man Stop

So I was monitoring several conversations across several websites, and I'm picking up on a common theme.

These are my thoughts on that theme.  Take them for what they are, and keep what (if any) is of value to you.  (That's the thing about blogging.  You put your thoughts out there, and assume someone really gives two damns.  It's really quite pretentious, if you ask me...)

Americans of all shapes and sizes, political orientations, backgrounds, goals, and dreams are almost completely united in one common cry, echoing across the fruited plains, from sea to shining sea.

It's freaking making me sick, I tell you.  The cry?

"Mommy, mommy, make the bad man stop!"

Conversations abound about this presidential candidate, or that one, whether this flavor of a religion is good or that one, which man is well equipped enough to "pull us out" of our national "mess".

And really, I'm about sick of it all.

I thought -stay with me here- that this was America.

We don't put our hope in other men.  We do not worship other men.  We do not rely on our servants to make us all better again.

Until we stop doing this -across all of the political spectrum- it doesn't matter who is in power.  His mandate from the voters will be exactly the same, with the exact same consequences: 

"Mommy, mommy, make the bad man stop!"

The bad man generally doesn't stop until something violently impacts his or her body with enough force to render it combat ineffective.

Calling for mommy doesn't help, especially if mommy is a crackhead who hired a thug to get you out of her way.

So which "mommy" is going to save you?  Mammy Obammy?  Mommy Romney?  Cain?  Paul?  Perry?


Isn't "Save me, government!" the cry of the enemies of liberty?  

The American people, both of the "I like huge government" type, and "I like slightly less huge government" type, are so convinced that it matters one whit who is in office as far as their personal liberty is concerned.

It doesn't.

The only factor in the entire universe that matters one iota where your personal liberty is concerned is you.

I've said before not to fight a fight that is not worth fighting.

I've said before that in a fight worth fighting, the only moral outcome is win.


Is personal liberty really a fight worth fighting?  Really, do you believe that?

Is it worth the cost in everyday life?  Is it worth any price, up to and including your life?

Then win.

Then quit calling for your mommy to save you and go out and live it.   That's the only way to win.

Who wins in November, his religion, what form of western liberal democracy he subscribes to, his suit, his wife, his preferences, his lies, his honor...

None of that matters.

Mommy isn't going to make the bad man stop.  She's 5'2", out partying, drunk, and high on crack.

You, and your damned "personal liberty", are just in her way.

Mommy hired the bad man.  Don't you see?

I suggest we quit getting pinned down in the "firefight" below.  It's tertiary to our objective.  It's not the main show, for those interested primarily in personal liberty.

Let's see how we can use the "firefights" of 2012 to advance our cause, and still remain "combat effective".
We only have the rights we are willing to defend.
We only have the rights we are willing to kill and die for.
Government cannot grant rights.
Rights must be secured from tyrants and bought with blood.
Government cannot take away your rights.
You must choose to give them away.
If two men vote a third into slavery, he is justified in resistance.
If a thousand do likewise, the one may still resist.
If two hundred and thirty million voters consign one person to slavery, he is justified in resisting by any means available.
No matter what is legislated, no matter what voters decide, you are free.
Only you, through conscious choice, can change that.
Only YOU can make the bad man stop...



Basically, be your own damn leader!

And stop obeying the enemy's laws!

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