Friday, November 04, 2011


Most recently we got to observe the hijacking of the Tea Party by various politicians, most blatantly Sarah Palin. The Tea Party was going strong, gaining both traction and momentum. The Tea Party was being successful. That is when the trouble begins. OWS has entered the danger zone for being hijacked. OWS has gained both traction and is daily gaining momentum. In the case of the Tea Party, suddenly there were multiple Tea Party organizations; all competing with each other. 501-C3/C4 Charitable Corporations were formed and names were copyrighted and trademarked.  Suddenly the grass roots Tea Party had official and registered rivals for the name of the movement. Official rivals that could and did take funding for political agendas of those who were writing big checks, the billionaire Koch Brother being the most prominent, although there were others as well. Once the official Tea Party was created the Major News Media began following only the Official funded Tea Party groups spokesmen, and the grass roots people who started the movement were once again, shut out of the political process that they started. The same thing happened with the Minuteman Project, like this is a script to derail any popular movement that threatens the powers that be, AKA the status quo, the elites..

The next thing to happen was many of the Republican Party politicians who did not share some common beliefs with the Tea Party grass roots began to appear as uninvited guests. Then the talk radio announcements about Tea Party events began, sponsored of course by the official Tea Parties, the grass roots died, and the Official Tea Party is all that remains. In just a few short weeks Sarah Palin went from has been politician, to the key note speaker all across the country at every Tea Party event. Well meaning people expended time and energy trying to change the system were stuck in an orchestrated dead end. These same protocols were applied to the minuteman movement to stop illegal immigration. The effect was the movement was stopped cold in a very short time.
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