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I have been checking on AWRM fairly regularly, just not posting since only one of my computers has the password stored to do it.

J4P is going through a series of trial delays which are of course normal in these types of situations.

On one hand, my original advice would have been to hunker down to make the fight as costly as possible for the opposition, keeping it mostly lawful, but definitely not being afraid to escalate if the opposition decides they are going to bend the rules to win.

Now the problem is that the prosecutor has been asking for a 20 year sentence and permanent sex offender status. That is effectively a life sentence, and with the "treatments" that Dyer is likely to get in custody, what comes out of prison after that time will be a zombie in the shell of what used to be Charles Dyer.

That puts is in the dilemma of even having to pretend to accept the legitimacy of putting him on trial for a false allegation that gives credibility to a legal system that uses false accusations as a tool to break people down and open up the possibility of adverse consequences in other arenas.

So as a policy statement for the Patriot Defense Fund, we will continue to monitor the situation and condemn any uncouth action taken against Dyer and his family. We will consider any human rights violations to be violations against the sanctity not only of our country, but the legal system which is obviously being prostituted as a weapon for use by special interest political groups who continue to sink to new depths in progressing their idea of a soft gloved police state.

At this time however, I can't promise support for retaliation against jury members for a verdict one way or another. Bullies and liars attempting to use them as a tool are a different matter.

As for inmate groups and their relationships to the patriot movement, my information is mainly coming from recently released federal prisoners, and a few in the Oregon system.

Skinheads - Neutral to positive. There are several members of stormfront who cross post on several militia and patriot related forums, just not here at AWRM very much, and definitely less than asserted by some of the watchdog people.

Aryan brotherhood- They are much smaller than a lot of people realize, mainly made up of "lifers" who focus on their own internal prison politics and when they do ever manage to get out, are primarily focused on trying to make large amounts of money quickly, which usually means fairly big scale robberies, horning into the dope business somewhere, or some sort of extortion. Lower level associates are not even direct members, as the original AB are something of an elitist group. Oddly enough, one of their original members and main heros has a distinctly Jewish name (Silverstein) and is respected throughout the prison culture for a high profile killing of a guard and an inmate or two who was acting on behalf of staff to threaten other inmates. He is currently doing life in isolation at a supermax.

Militant queers - used to be somewhat neutral, but thanks to gossipboy, probably hostile.

Nazi lowriders (somewhat undercover nazis who are not skinheads), negative but acting friendly then snitching. Militia status with them varies as a lot of the bikers associate with the Nazi lowriders if they are incarcerated.

Southsider chicanos - mostly negative, but not necessarily at war. They are the largest single faction in prisons in the western US. Most of the killings among them are rivals picking each other off for status, but when they all get pissed about something, all hell breaks loose. They have gotten genocidal against the blacks a few times in recent years, coordinating mass uprisings in the prisons along with attacks on blacks out in the free world.

Northsider Chicanos - have an alliance of sorts with the skinheads over various issues, which spills over to the militia types but is not a direct alliance for obvious reasons.

Mexican mafias - extremely varied. Political side leadership has tried to instigate problems for years but lower level families engaged in the various clandestine black market trades have been diplomatic.

Jewish mafias - varied,

Russian mafias - varied, diplomatic, consider the American militia types to be small time and not worth associating with.

Muslims - generally negative but diplomatic. By no means an alliance with American militias as asserted by that retarded publicity seeker named Sebastian Junger.

Italian mafias - varied.

Biker club associated factions, generally positive due to diplomatic efforts and connections on the outside between some militia leaders and high profile motorcycle clubs.

Cuban and Puerto Rican aligned groups and crime families - very negative. Seems they have a chip on their shoulder about everyone.

Black mafias (non muslim) fairly negative if aligned with the naacp. Also dangerous because they often have undue influence with prison staff, and sympathetic individuals fairly openly working at the jails and prisons supporting their activities. Other inmates often resent the privileges obviously given to black mafia associates.

Black gangs (crips, bloods) negative to diplomatic due to their minority status in the federal prison system now that it is crowded with people who don't speak English as a first language. They will have heavy influence with prison staff in areas where they represent a large minority, majority or where the neighborhood outside the prison has a black dominant community.

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