Wednesday, October 27, 2010



If the Tea Party can't or won't do something about this then they're wasting their time.

Top Official at NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) discussing what he describes as a rigged election in Hudson County, NJ.

Breaking...official caught on video admitting voter fraud


A union official with the New Jersey Education Association has been caught on video admitting to election-rigging in the state.
"In Project Veritas’s latest video, Wayne Dibofsky, the associate director of the New Jersey Education Association, candidly tells a story about voter fraud in NJ. We did our due diligence to see if the story is tied to poll results. But unfortunately the Hudson County Clerk’s office’s division of elections only keeps records going back five years, the Daily Caller has reported. So the video is circumstantial evidence against a growing suspicion that many states’ voting fraud is institutionalized and rampant."
Teachers' unions such as the NEA and tne NJEA, along with numerous other organizations that represent teachers across the country, are known for pushing liberal candidates for public office and encouraging their members to vote for such persons.
Now it appears that at least one of these unions is directly involved with election tampering, which is a felony.
As reported earlier today, reports across the country this week indicate widespread attempts to rig voting machines, skew the vote by failing to send ballots to military personnel serving overseas, and other such shenanigans in an obvious attempt to steal this election.
The NJEA claims that the report and video are 'fabricated.' According to the Star-Ledger, the organization is considering possible legal action.
However, the video is one more piece of evidence that creates doubt in the minds of voters that this election--and past elections--are being conducted fairly in this country.  And with so much at stake in 2010, honest, reputable elections are an absolute necessity.

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