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What the Tea Party needs from its candidates if the country is to be taken back peacefully.

J. Croft

So I finally got around to joining the Tea Party-Tea Party Patriots to be precise: and I am glad. Tea Party Patriots is the most decentralized, the most proactive, filled with real Americans who are their own leaders, who know how to say NO, who want genuine change. Of course I had to sign up…

Genuine change; actually going in and scrapping lawyer-made anti-freedom laws, rules, regulations, downsizing the beast, repatriating the CAFR investments(1), bringing the troops home from guarding the oil pipelines and poppy fields(2). Cut the beast down to size and much the economic and political burden will be removed from the American People. Bring the Gulf of Mexico destroying megacorporations(3) and traitor-run media conglomerates under heel will be a formality-THEN you will see an American renaissance…

…Well, if the national Tea Party campaigns work and Washingon’s cleaned up there’s still the state offices to clean up-tens of thousands of petty tyrants brought up under the most corrupt political system on Earth. All of them will do what they must to hold onto power and save a military coup they will retain their offices and power.

Do you know where the real power lies? The real power over our daily lives, the power we have to contend with on a daily basis? Local government: it’s your local government who:

*Imposes property taxes “for the children”; miss a payment to your landlord they take the home you’ve worked your whole life for, sell it at a tax foreclosure auction for a fraction of its value.

*Deny your Right to Bear Arms in defense of self, family, community.

*Deny your Free Speech, requiring their permit. If you’re a Tea Partier then maybe you won’t even get that permit.

*Has armed men pretty much immune from prosecution ambush you on public roads for driving a few miles over the speed limit, or for some rust on your car if you’re in Pennsylvania, or whatever else they can get away with calling a “code infraction”.

All that is but the tip of the iceberg; local politicians, their cronies and their local rich patrons sew up the contracts for themselves, do their best to monopolize the economic flow in their communities through them.

If you have a problem you can talk to their code enforcers. Not peace officers or even cops-code enforcers. They write the codes. They will get you and yours one way or another and if you’re in the way well, maybe you’ll get pulled over for speeding or weaving, maybe they’ll smell alcohol on you or just plant drugs they copped from the street dealer padding their retirement fund. Same dealer that might’ve gotten someone you known hooked on crack or meth or heroin. Maybe got someone hooked on drugs that you once loved.

Worse, these local oath traitors are allowed to do all the above in exchange for advancing the agendas of others. Look up “agenda 21”(4) and if it crops up in your local government it means your local gangsters are subcontractors of far more evil people both in public office who want to take more from you and those Marxists in academia who want to continue a generations-long campaign of subverting the Land of the Free into the next Communist Paradise.

I mean, Obama’s president and he was brought up by communists, mentored by arch American communist Bill Ayers-leader of the 60’s Weather Underground terrorist organization… who turned from bombings to penetrating and taking over academia so as to churn out generations… of the same traitors who run your local, state, national governments(5). These traitors are backed by think tanks like the Ford Foundation, Rand, Carnegie Institute, Council on Foreign Relations. You should read what they write in their journals like Foreign Affairs, the Financial Times, you’d understand what they’re about. They in turn are funded by the ultra rich-monopoly men whose inbred psychotic families want absolute power, utter domination-as long as you breathe you are competition.. no, that’s not accurate; as long as you and I breathe we’re slated for extermination because they want the whole damn planet for themselves. At any rate, it is ultimately their agenda for the gradual breakdown of Our America that has brought us to this perilous state of affairs.

That’s pretty much the extant of the problem.

It is systemic. Therefore we must have systemic solutions. That means sweeping the entire government clean from top to bottom. Which means having local victories as well as state and national victories, yet there isn’t much glamour in winning local election… yet that’s where most of this country’s tyranny eminates from-had any pleasant experiences with your local city hall lately? Ever? What’s that enemy catch phrase? “Think Globally, act Locally?” Do likewise. (6)

Fight the enemy where they’re weakest-all these local elections only attract a few percentage points of voters, total. Believe it or not you have a model by which to achieve this: the GIs of Athens TN in 1946. Oath Keepers all they came back to a classic Boss Hogg political machine that made its money off rousting these heroes after they came home fighting Hitler and Tojo. Not having their treasonous criminal activity under color of law, the GIs formed a campaign ticket for EVERY OFFICE. They wanted to sweep THEIR government clean of those deluded criminals who thought themselves massah. They had to as they were over the top… about as bad as about every town in America today.

So they put together their campaign ticket, got their family and friends involved, held meetings, made speeches. And on election day, August 2, 1946, they won… after some notorious troubles the Cantrell political machine caused but being GIs they outmatched those thugs with revolvers. (7)

So, full campaign tickets to sweep local governments clean. Has to be that way-not single office seekers who even if they won would be all but useless with the rest of the gov. filled with crooks and traitors. Talk to people where they’re coming from not from where you’re coming from. You got where you’re at because at some point you had an epiphany about how our country really is, and you chose the proverbial red pill. A lot of people haven’t had enough in the way of political observation nor experience at the hands of the beast to that critical level you or I have, so you have to start with that little push to have that epiphany. Provided they take that proverbial red pill you can go from there-or get called a f*cking a**hole but them’s the breaks.(8)

And we of the Tea Party need a demonstrator model; a town where we can cash in all the CAFR funds long siphoned off and invest in slashing taxes and giving out most generous grants to local citizens… who arent’ the local Boss Hoggs… Americans really don’t have a clue by and large just how enslaved they are. Most really don’t. And to gain their vote, their support we need to show them just what Freedom really is.

So do you know what would help? Support from the state and national Tea Party candidates. If for nothing else to let the prospective voter know that the slate of Tea Party candidates they’re being asked to vote for aren’t alone in their assessment of the critical condition of our nation.

Reciprocity; we support a state or national candidate they must campaign locally for those Tea Party candidates seeking local office. Support from their campaign offices would go a long way toward alleviating the resource and experience shortfalls local candidates face against entrenched opposition… entrenched CORRUPT opposition-it’s not beyond a lot of them to plant drugs in your campaign office then have a snitch report said drugs for a SWAT raid.

So, reciprocity-the local candidates add the state and federal candidates into their campaign, just like the two headed national party we know as the Democrats and Republicans. They of course rely on the local level 1.)your apathy and despair, and 2.)contributions from their rich patrons. Well, it’s the same at the state and national level as well-but the beast is vulnerable at the local level! I’m telling you; if the Tea Party can concentrate their manpower and resources on a handful of towns with a particularly unctuous pack of criminals running it, defeat them in election, institute reforms and report the results far and wide the whole nation could be ours in but a few election cycles.

We of the Tea Party have arisen because of the repeated broken promises, the betrayals of those who promised reform, who promised to stop the deliberate destruction of our nation. It does us no good to hold those we raise up… or who at least claim Tea Party… to higher standards than we have the likes of Reagan, Gingrich, et al.

Reciprocity: these Tea Party celebrity candidates want to truly be part of the Second American Revolution they have to play ball and actively support genuine local candidates and build the Tea Party into the people-led political machine it has to be in order to win the political front of this Second American Revolution. We can and must do better from our national candidates.

If you don’t demand reciprocity from your national and state Tea Party candidates the local front will be lost before it starts. Without a grass roots base the state and national Tea Party efforts will be at the mercy of the same traitors with too much money that have penetrated every hierarchy based organization corrupted every candidate and chairman. We who have been in this struggle have seen it all before and seeing it repeat in certain organizations who rely too much on a few people giving orders, on celebrity candidates artificially raised to be the proverbial heroines on white horses.

Therefore, those that wave the Tea Party banner at the state and national level, they have to give support and guidance(the kind that wins elections)to local candidates. We cannot be the force necessary to win the Second American Revolution peacefully if we continue to permit ourselves to be hustled by well trained puppets who deliberately ignore the need for coat tails.

You remember that old political term? Coat tails are the lower level candidates that an office seeker going for higher office gets elected, and so far between Ron Paul and truthfully the current crop of Tea Party candidates and wannabes-no it’s not happening. Coat tails are how political machines are built and maintained. Coat tails will give the American People a real choice-continued slavery or a shot at true Freedom. Coat tails mean active support for local campaigns; providing advertising, logistical support, people on the phone, banners and advertising produced and speeches leveling the plain truth at the People. Because the American People have been lied and lulled and hypnotized to the point of national destruction.

Of course there’s one other requirement of reciprocity: respect. That means not imposing upon local Tea Party campaigns… not ideological baggage, nor any incompetent guidance. Certainly not anyone out to sabotage the campaign and the movement in general but it should be obvious that anyone who reveals themselves to be a traitor needs to be kicked to the curb. Hard. No elitists masquerading as populists either, we’ve had more than enough of two-faced career politicians! We have got to do better or we can either pick up the rifle or pack it in.


1.)CAFR stands for Consolidated Annual Financial Report. This is NOT the annual budget as that document deliberately leaves out all the stocks, bonds, derivatives and whatever else local, state and the federal governments take YOUR TAXES AND INVEST IN. Truth be told if the CAFR funds were by some miracle repatriated back to the American People this nation could lead the world in a truly global Renaissance that would make Earth into Paradise and take us to the stars. No exaggeration. For more information go to and get a epiphany you won’t believe!

2.)No bullshit, we’re guarding the very fields fueling a heroin epidemic in America. Here’s photographic proof…

…and video of media whoremeister Geraldo Rivera interviewing a Defense Dept. stooge and defending growing the smack that’s probably fucked your kid’s life up… or yours:

3.)British Petroleum perpetrated an ecological 9/11. Look at the following evidence…

4.)Agenda 21 is a grand plot to use environmentalism to impose taxation and laws designed to take what’s left of your wealth and freedom, and hopefully(to them)your lives.
5.)Funny thing it was investigating that incident with the college professor being arrested by Cambridge Mass. officer Terry Crooks that led to the beer on the White House lawn that led to exposing THAT agenda. Go here for a video:

6.)Over the years I’ve written extensively about utilizing the vulnerability of local elections to start taking back America, so go here:

7.)Battle of Athens, Tennessee:

8.)Written about this:

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