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Update on related case of Dyer, JULY4PATRIOT 10.13.2010

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Update on related case of Dyer, JULY4PATRIOT

I have not posted any new updates on these cases for a long while, I post only when allowed to put out info. All of you have been so kind, so helpful, and loyal to our site and its cause as a resource for those wrongfully arrested. I thank you for this.

October 13, 2010 there was to be a trail. Cps has been demanding Dyer sign a doc saying he was guilty, BEFORE his own abuse trial, along with a demand to take CPS abuse classes for two years with his girl friend. This family has been harassed, non stop. Yesterday, there was a trial set, to address these issues.

The judge, never allowed this due process take place. Without seeing Dyers evidence the judge ordered Dyers girlfriend and child leave him and the family may not see this little girl. The judge also said if the trial did take place he would remove the girlfriends child, today, regardless of the evidence.

Welcome to America!!!

Below is a statement Charles Dyer posted last night. With the permission to post from Charles Dyer;

I sat for 4 hours alone tonight with tears streaming down my face. Doing the best I could to fill M16 magazines, prep body armor, and adjust my gear , barely able to see. During this time there must have

been a thousand questions that ran through my head. The main one. How

can the government take our children without due process? How can they

destroy a family without hearing both sides of a story..... refusing to

hear both sides of a story. Now, you may be wondering how I could have

such strong feelings about the family in NH, but the truth is, this

isn't about them. This is a story about my family.

I had court today against CPS. Was supposed to be a cut and dry case. Here's the back story. I have been charged with rape of a child. Most of you know the background of those charges, some of you may not. The evidence against

me is the allegation itself. That is all. Since they have no other

evidence and are angry that I was found not guilty of my Federal

charges, they have attempted time and time again to goad me into either

admitting guilt or fighting them with violence. They have been

unsuccessful and have now decided to attack my family as a last resort. A

lot of you know that my wife admitted to cheating on me and doing drugs

in 2009 which caused me to file for divorce and attempt to fight for

custody, resulting in her filing false charges on me that were

eventually dropped. Later in 2009, I started a relationship with a woman

that has been a close family friend since 2005. She has a daughter that

is 6 and I have been in her life for 5 of those years. She even calls

me dad and I always think of her as my daughter (I will refer to her as

such in the rest of this story). Those 2 girls are the best thing that's

ever happened to me. She is a patriot and fully awake. Her daughter

asks when mommy and I are getting married so we can be a family. I

explain to her that we ARE a family. Not having a government document

doesn't lessen our familial bond, but again I am proved wrong by that


I try not to cry as I'm thinking about this next sentence. Tonight I got on my knees beside the the bed with my daughter and said the last bedtime prayer that I ever will with her, and kissed her on the

forehead for the last time. She has no idea that tonight was the last

time that shell see me. All I can do now is sit and cry with her mother

as the tyrannical government has now stolen my family from me because of

my refusal to back down or shut up.

The CPS case. Because there were allegations of child sexual abuse made against me, and because I live with a child in my home, CPS stepped in, back in April and told me that I could never be

alone with the child. I gladly cooperated, wanting no trouble from the

agency after the horror stories I have heard. We decided to allow my

daughter to stay with my parents at night (which she adamantly refers to

as her Grandma and Grandpa). CPS came to my home on several occasions

and one time I told them they could not enter my home without some type

of paperwork. The deputy with her said "You don't have a choice" and

opened the door to allow the CPS worker in. I had no way to defend my

home since my 2nd amendment rights have been suspended until 2013. CPS

informed me that they were going to take her daughter if she continued

to allow her to associate with me. I explained to the worker that this

is because of false allegations and I will be found not guilty at my

trial. She sternly informed me that it didn't matter if I was found not

guilty. They didn't have to uphold the same level of evidence as a

criminal court. All they have to have is a belief that harm "may" come

to the child at some time in the future. As far as she and CPS(called

DHS here) were concerned, I was a child molester and even if I get found

not guilty, that changes nothing because once CPS has you down as

having a "history" it doesn't go away. And even if I move to another

state, they will contact the CPS in that state and report that I am a

child molester. Next CPS told us that in order to keep from having court

involvement, all I had to do was to take a sexual predator class where I

would be forced to admit that I am a child molester and go through

therapy to correct the "condition". Well of course being a free American

that can't be forced to give my money to an agency that is corrupt,

forfeit my time to their agenda for something I didn't do, and violate

my 5th amendment rights... I said no. So the CPS and DA file a

"deprived" case against my girlfriend in an attempt to take her daughter

away from us on the following grounds 1.####### has allowed her

daughter to associate with Charles Dyer even after learning of his

propensity to sexually abuse children. 2. ######## has refused to follow

a voluntary service plan. I don't have the paper in front of me, if I

made a mistake, Ill correct it at a later time, but these were the

reasons for taking her from our home. Yet, they were unable to take

emergency action and remove her from the home because there was no

evidence of abuse and the CPS worker had done a 30 minute taped

interview with the child and declared that no abuse, sexual or other had

ever occurred. This brings us to court today.

The court hearing. (Or lack there of). After months of researching Oklahoma state law and family court case laws outlining what they can and CAN NOT take your child for, we showed up this morning

quite positive that we would win this case. Not to mention we showed up

with a video tape of my wife admitting to drug use, adultery, and

willingness to commit perjury to win our custody dispute.... and an

audio tape of the CPS worker saying there was "no eminent threat" to the

child. We were ready to go to war. My girlfriend went into the court

room with our court appointed attorney.(we are broke from fighting my

cases). The attorney placed our case paperwork all over the table and

was ready to fight. The DA called the attorney out of the courtroom. She

came back and informed my girlfriend that the judge was going to rule

that I have no contact with her daughter whatsoever. My GF argued with

the attorney and asked how they could do this without seeing our

evidence and that this wasn't right. The attorney said that she needed

to sign paperwork agreeing not to allow me to see her daughter and she

would take non-offender sex abuse classes/therapy. If she refused and

made the judge do a hearing AT ALL, that he would adjudicate her child

as deprived. (At which time the child can be taken as a ward of the

state.) She argued with her attorney and DA about the situation. That it

was not right or fair that the judge would rule before ever hearing her

evidence. How could the judge not care? That's his job isn't it? After

a lengthy argument, she requested to speak to me in the hallway. Once I

found out about the situation, I was floored with the same questions.

While speaking to the attorney, a man motioned to our attorney to come

to him. He spoke in a low tone to her saying that if her client refused

to sign the agreement, that the child would be adjudicated deprived.

That's all I could hear as I was listening the best I could and they

were standing about 15 feet away. Then he turned to me and said "What

are you looking at? You got a problem with me?" I responded " I didn't

say shit to you. What's YOUR problem?" He then said that I had nothing

to do with this and wasn't going to impact his case and told me that I

needed to stay out of this before my GF loses her child. I was

astonished at the aggressiveness of this man. Only to have my GF later

tell me..... wait for it..... THAT was the judge...... (I will confirm

100% before I post his information and contact number). We

were appalled an confused about what was going on. There is no longer a

presumption of innocents in this country. We knew at this point that the

judge had no care about what we had to say or the peoples rights that

he is charged with protecting. He was bought and paid for by someone

with much more power than we have. My GF agreed to sign the document and

went back into the courtroom. The attorney went to the back with the

judge once again and when she came back, she informed my GF that now he

want the Dyers' completely out of it and they can have no contact with

her daughter (obviously because of the hallway incident). That means

that my mother (nurse) of 68 years of age with a perfect record and my

father (Preacher) of 73years of age with a speeding ticket in the 80's

are no longer allowed to be around a child that they refer to as their

grand child. I thank god I have my parents tonight. If they did not

allow me to live with them, the government would have faced me with a

very easy decision tonight of being homeless until I found a place to

stay or kicking my GF and daughter out on the street. My daughter will

now spend thanksgiving and Christmas without her dad and I will be alone

without my best friend or daughter. Our family was shattered today by

CPS and a corrupt judge, with absolutely no evidence presented and our

rights grievously trampled on.

After thought. My girlfriend has cried almost constantly for the last 11 hours. She looked up at me today with watery eyes and pain in her heart as I embraced her and she asked me "What do we do? How do

we fight against this? How can we keep them from doing this to us?" I

pulled her close to me so she could not see the tears that were welling

up in my eyes, because I knew the only answer I could give her was one

that I couldn't bare for her to hear. One that brings us back to

the beginning of this story. Filling M16 magazines, prepping body armor,

and adjusting my gear. My heart is broken. My will to continue fighting

the legal process with petitions and the use of law, a flickering

flame, all but extinguished by mistreatment, lies, threats, stripping of

rights,multiple false arrests, and continual constitutional violations.

To what length is a normal American expected to continue to use the

legal system? Is it after their rights have been stripped, their homes

invaded, their families destroyed, their children stolen, and the legal

system refuses to even make a simple attempt at defending a persons

rights? Please ask yourself that after you finish reading this. At what

point would you stand up and say no more?


I thank all of you, for reading this statement and update,



Alert patriots!!!!!!! J4Ps girlfriends daughter was seized by the CPS even after he and his GF

followed their demands that he could not be around her pending his trial

in Jan.The couple even had the girl sent to Tennessee to his sisters

home and gave the sister custody until this mess could be resolved! CPS

seized the girl in Tennessee and at this time that's were J4Ps

Girlfriend, Amanda's Daughter is being held!!!!

We are planning a protest in Duncan Ok at 9:00Am Monday at the courthouse in Duncan!!

All who can come please do!! I will be there along with J4P, Layton, Neo

Patriot and OD Brooks!! We need a good showing to show these corrupt

Traitors that we as people are sick of this behavior from them!!

Please Be cool headed and as peaceful as you can if you come to this event!!

As many of you already know this situation has gotten way out of line!!


IM NOT LAYING DOWN ON THIS ONE ARE YOU??? I can be contacted at 830-591-3177

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