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10/7 JULY4PATRIOT UPDATE;f=47;t=000017;p=19

From Texas Resistance:

It is real strange that searching at yahoo, bing, and google that no news media not even the local paper the Duncan Banner reported about July4Patriot appearing in court yesterday. It looks like maybe they want to hurt his defense fund donations with their silence.

It looks like the sheriff's office by denying his new attorney permission to visit him hoped his new attorney would give up so they could assign him a public defender and start his trial on Oct 17th to railroad July4Patriot to prison with a false conviction.

This is all I could find about July4Patriot's appearance in court yesterday:

source: eHinkyMeter+%28The+Hinky+Meter%29

Dyer case: Trial continued to January
Posted on October 6, 2011 by Valhall

Charles Dyer had a deadline yesterday. A preliminary hearing was held in which it would be determined if his trial would be on the 17th of this month. Charles’ former defense attorney, David Hammond, had withdrawn as his legal counsel in the past few weeks since Charles’s extradition back to Oklahoma. The court had set yesterday’s hearing with the understanding that if Charles did not have private counsel by yesterday he would be assigned a public defender and the trial would start 12 days later, but if he did have his own lawyer, the court would grant a continuance to allow the new defense attorney to prepare his case.

Charles Dyer’s new attorney is Albert Hoch, Jr. of Oklahoma City. Hoch agreed to take the case on September 27th. Apparently there was some type of issue in Hoch being allowed to see his client before yesterday’s hearing, but the judge cleared things up during the hearing, informing the county jail that they needed to allow him access to his client.

The trial has been tentatively scheduled to begin January 17, 2012.


JerMeg1923 wrote:

"...Wow, so if someone didn't fork over the dough for a private attorney he'd get a public defender (who are notoriously overworked) and trial would have commenced a mere 12 days later, but fork over some dough to a private attorney and he then gets almost 3 months to prepare. The legal system sure does amaze me at times. This is a perfect example of how the poor get stiffed by our legal system and the folks with disposal money or family willing to lay out that money get a whole different trial.

Keeping in mind that all judges were once lawyers I think something smells foul. What an uneven system. There is absolutely no levelling of the playing field. That to me is highly hinky.

It will be interesting to see what motions and filings are done pre-trial on this one. Will those records be available on-line or will it require trips to the local courthouse to review?? I would love to be privvy to stats on the number of "false allegations" made to Childrens Services while there is a separation/divorce proceeding on-going that are "unfounded" versus the number of "factual and substantiated" after investigation.

I just feel that if there were stiff upheld penalties discouraging "false claims" how much better would these departments be running?? How many manpour hours are wasted investigating these cases State by State across this country?? Would we have such an abhorrant history of Child Services cases where the ball was dropped if time wasn't being spent on revenge/vengeful "false claims"? I don't know, but I spend a lot of time pondering this. That is the reason I am so interested in this case. This country has lost most of it's morals and about all of it's shame, and that I find to be extremely shameful..."


Analysis from Breacher at AWRM.ORG:

I did some research on this as part of my senior thesis when getting my CJA degree. My take on it is that roughly 12% of the false claims are actually prosecutable, but less than 1% actually ever get prosecuted. My numbers were based in part on the prior research of a criminologist by the name of Donald Black who came up with a 40% number on the number of crimes which are actually acts of social control, the using statistical analysis to overlap that with false rape claims and false child molest claims made in relation to divorce cases. Prosecutions on these were so incredibly rare when I did the research (1990s) that I could not even plug numbers in on it. Statistically speaking somewhere around 3% of men in prison for rape are probably provably innocent and were actually convicted due to willfully hostile action on the part of their accusers.

Sometimes though, they get prosecuted as extortion cases, but the FBI was not keeping usable statistics on false rape claims being used in extortion cases.

It gets worse, I once saved a federal agent from becoming the victim of a false child molest claim extortion case by dictating to him exactly how his next phone call to the woman needed to go, and making sure his messages to her got recorded twice, then the allegations evaporated. The son of a bitch later betrayed me in the worst way and is now in witness protection on another matter but I learned the hard way that is just the nature of the breed. If you are not one of them, you are never friends, and if you are one of them, you are maybe friends, until you prove more useful as the chump who gets betrayed so the other guy can get promoted.

The big thing in the extortion cases is to leave messages worded a certain way, hopefully engage in one final conversation with the subject and then make it very clear that you are terminating contact and wish no further contact with the person. Next comes the race to file the appropriate restraining orders.

Dyer's wife however, had been reading the divorce strategy guides to and was tutored by someone (I still think it was James Nix aka gossipboy) on how to operate the screwover. Notice also that since she had proven herself quite popular with some of the men in Dyers unit while he was away on deployment, none of them are rallying to defend him, mainly because a bunch of the scum were probably in on gang banging her and thinking the pastor's kid Charles Dyer was the ultimate chump.

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