Friday, October 07, 2011


A Voice Of Reason from Wall Street: “If We Lose America We Have Nowhere Else to Run for Freedom”

As the Wall Street Protests and those spreading around the country are being systematically bastardized and appropriated by those who promoted the election of President Obama, pushed for corporate lobbying, and the massive unions that claim government is the problem, yet ask for more government intervention into our economic, financial, and political lives, there are still some voices that remain true to the original message and intent of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement.
While you will undoubtedly see mainstream media provide airtime for the incoherent messages and talking points of labor leaders, so-called activists for the working man like multi-millionaire Michael Moore, political hacks, debt ridden students looking for handouts, and operatives of the corporate elite, what you won’t see is the following video of a young man delivering a passionate speech (sans teleprompter, of course) denouncing the monetary policy of the federal reserve, fractional reserve lending, Washington’s involvement in State’s rights, and excessive taxation of the citizenry. Additionally, he warns of the serious consequences that will ultimately result from inaction and misguided policy decisions.
The depression will be nothing compared to 1930 when it hits us… If we lose America we have nowhere else to run for freedom. There is no country left that promotes free markets, corporations not in politics… There’s no country that has their own sound currency.
There is nowhere left to run.
If we lose America, we lose the world to the elite.
The 1% will continue to get rich, as we all live like slaves.
If you think the way of life is bad now, you will all be living in Projects like Hoovervilles.
We cannot continue to print money. We cannot continue to debase our currency.

State’s rights. when you minimize government it is easier to control by the people…
…If you don’t like the policy in one state, you go to another state. Because that’s how America was set up. America was not supposed to be uniform in policy. Each state was supposed to reflect the views and positions of everyone in that state. It is much easier to influence Governors and Mayors than Presidents and Vice-Presidents.
Hat tip John Rolls, Willie Wonka
Author: Mac Slavo
Date: October 6th, 2011
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