Friday, October 28, 2011


Obama is a coward and a murderer, just like the previous three selected presidents:
This president has so little to do with the Iraq situation – with any of the military actions of the last two years…he was dragged kicking and screaming the entire time.  For months the military has simply been doing its own thing with very little input from the White House – the word went out that as long as they didn’t do anything to embarrass the president, more power to them.  The only thing Obama has taken a real interest in are the drones.  Apparently he loves those drone attacks.  Thinks they’re cool – how they fly in and just blow the sh-t out of people.  No fuss. No muss.  President Obama gets off on it. The same guy who was so concerned with giving those GITMO fellas a nice citizen trial because he was concerned with their rights – he loves blowing the hell out of people.  A real power trip for him apparently.  So much so the military brass are becoming increasingly uneasy. 
Ulsterman:  Fast and Furious.

Insider:  Ah…it…it is either going very well for us – or very bad.  Information coming out of Congress is in lockdown mode again.  Nothing.  Nothing is coming out from there.  My gut says that is a good sign – they are now waiting for the top tier news items to cycle out…the Occupy bullsh-t, the Libya bullsh-t… then push this thing onto the front page.  You really need to step back and see how far we have come in all of this.  Subpoenas announced just as I promised.  Calls for a special prosecutor.  I have personally confirmed recent preparations at the White House for Holder’s departure – Jarrett is handling all of that herself.  They are preparing for worst case – just as we hoped. Still gonna be a fight, still gotta count on Issa and others following this through to a real conclusion…but so far so good.
And Chi-town's Capo Bill Daley is headed back to Chicago... from the White House...
Ulsterman:  Bill Daley.

Insider:  Finally – about time you asked about that.
Ulsterman:  He announced he is leaving – I assume that was what you were referring to.  The significant staff departure announcement you promised was coming soon.
Insider:  Yeah – something like that.  Not sure how exactly I put it to you , but that sounds about right.  It’s a signal you know – to the Dems, to the donors.  To Wall Street, the business community, operatives – people back inChicago.  A big flashing neon sign – the White House is officially out of order.
Ulsterman:  Why are you so certain of that?
Insider: Because I know.  Some of this stuff I get from secondary sources.  Some of it I have to rummage through…find the facts among all the garbage.  But some of it I get first-hand.  Some of it is almost real-time as it happens information.  This was one of those times.  Daley’s announced departure is huge.  I cannot stress that enough.  The guy has been on the job for less than a year.  The secondChicago boy to leave the position as Obama’s White House Chief of Staff.
Ulsterman:  So does that mean Valerie Jarrett won the power struggle between herself and Daley?  She is remains there and he is leaving?
Insider:  Did the people who stayed on the Titanic as it was sinking into the water win?  Bill Daley is much brighter, much tougher, much better connected than Valerie Fu—ing Jarrett could ever hope to be.  He went in trying to remedy a situation because he’s a loyal guy – a party guy.  Like a lot of us.  Sure, ego played a part.  Always does… when he realized just how difficult the situation was…other options were put in place.  His announcement is according to plan. Right on schedule in fact.
Ulsterman:  According to plan?
Insider:  According to plan.
Ulsterman:  Can you elaborate?
Insider:  Yes.
Ulsterman:  Will you elaborate?
Insider:  No…this is…this is part of something you won’t get.  Not the specifics. Not yet.  I can’t piss these people off.  Just take what I said and leave it at that.  For now.  According to plan.  That’s as accurate as we need to be for now.
Ulsterman:  Would it be accurate to say that the Obama White House needs Bill Daley far more than Daley needs the White House?
Insider:  That would be a big fu—ing understatement.  Look at the clues here – Bill Daley has acted with immunity since day one.  Remember that time he took the president to task when he was speaking to the business community?  When he agreed with them – their anger and frustration at how the administration was killing jobs?  How their policies were…hell, he came right out against the president. He called what Obama was doing “indefensible”, right?   The White House Chief of Staff ripped into the President of theUnited States publicly.  And nothing happened to him.  No response from Obama. None.   During the debt negotiations not so long ago, Daley was getting an earful from both the Dems and the Republicans about how clueless this administration was – how little the president seemed to care about working out a deal.  How Obama would abdicate his role over to a few advisers and repeatedly ask that they just get him something to sign – and Daley…privately with them – he agreed things were not right.  Not good.  Fu—ed up.  Bill Daley’s announced departure is very good news. It’s the message some of us realized a while back – this White House cannot be saved from itself.  The dysfunction runs way too deep.  You saw – read about…confirmation of the description I gave you about the president’s White House setup.  His second floor study.  The time spent watching TV up there in that room, smoking away.  How he defers to Valerie Jarrett and a couple other advisers.  Little or no communication his own Cabinet.  As outrageous as what I told you was – as borderline insane it sounded – what was the result?  What was reported later?
Ulsterman:  It became – your description …it was verified in the media.  The Heileman book…other reports.
InsiderThat’s right.  And now Daley’s leaving.  The walls are collapsing in on the administration.  They are gonna spend millions and millions trying to portray a different version of reality.  Call in every media favor they can.  It’s our job to make sure they don’t succeed, right?  It’s our job to keep pushing the truth out there.  Daley is leaving.  The party…hell, you got Democratic Party candidates purposely avoiding being seen with the president.  That is about as bad as it gets son.  You have the military boys ignoring the Commander in Chief time and time again – given the ok to do their own thing as long as they don’t embarrass the president.  Wall Street is turning against him – telling his campaign to f-ck off. The Chamber of Commerce is planning to spend “whatever it takes” to defeat him in 2012.  Poll numbers are at all time lows.  The internals are even worse for them.  The likelihood of a primary opponent increasing.  Fast and Furious and other scandals finally getting a bit of media traction…that White House…if they thought things were tough for them before – it’s about to hit a whole other level of sh-tstorm. 

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This guy's ruthless as well, and I'd expect something truly desperate-meaning something truly bad for us.

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