Friday, October 28, 2011


Turning what started out as a Soros false flag op to trigger martial law and making it into a genuine revolution.

J. Croft
I will go on record: in spirit I am with you.  It is WAY past time Americans got up off their asses and shook things up, take their country back.
That being said I have also been on record as being in spirit aligned with the Tea Party Movement; they too… on an individual basis… as having enough of the (insert your term) that runs America.
Unfortunately, once the Tea Party Movement started coalescing into actual organizations they fell to the shopworn technique of control your opposition by controlling your opposition’s leadership-and made ineffectual.  Yes as part of the Freedom Movement I’ve seen that pulled more than once.  Oh God yeah… the COINTELPRO in the ‘right wing’ is working HARD to play the commie and hippy cards up to dissuade Americans from coming together… believe that we are all Americans.  It’s OUR nation, the people who shipped our industry overseas, got us involved in nearly countless wars-THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS! 
We forgot to remind them of that.  We forgot, and that emboldened them with each trespass beyond their servitude to US. 
So yeah; there are indicators that Occupy Wall Street was initiated as a Soros false flag operation to harness anger against the bank bailouts and the general spiraling down the toilet bowl condition of America.  Harness the anger of left wing and independent activists… as many right wing activists as possible…
…Spark some incident(s) to clamp down with all the sub 90 IQ thugs the enemy has hired as a domestic army arrayed against us.  Already happening as I write this in Oakland, California with the assault on a Iraq War Veteran with a gas grenade-then nailing the 20 or so protestors who bravely charged in to help him out with a concussion grenade!   Obama’s former Chief of Staff Rahm Emannuel broke up the Occupy Chicago protests… Atlanta… with the Occupy Wall Street becoming an American Autumn that means all those tin badge punks, those oath traitors can march up and down Main Streets across our once Free and prosperous land and presumably put us in what the enemy imagines is our place.
This protest was masterminded by George Soros to harness the decades of pent up rage against the system he serves.  Masterminded in a Hegelian Dialectic; problem, reaction, solution.  The enemy likes to move in increments, so as to not arouse too much anger-until it’s time for a paradigm shift, shock… then things settle into the new paradigm and the process continues. 
Likely, the recent deal by the European Union to bail out Greece yet again is to keep the global economic con game going just a little longer-suck in what privately held pockets of wealth into their markets; once they get that money then perhaps then they knock out the last props.  Or maybe OWS will be the thing that knocks out those last props?  Hard to tell exactly where the tree’s going to fall but the chopping has already been done with globalizing national economies-particularly the economic strip mining of America… most of you protesting at OWS are doing this for that very reason!
So why go along with the enemy’s script?
What’s a protest supposed to do?
To the protestors, it’s an act of direct democracy; make your grievances heard so as to compel change, or otherwise inspire others to enact that change.
To those in power a protest is a potential threat.  People are actually not parked in front of the electronic narcotics in every home, or at the ball game and are actually giving a damn.  That being said, the enemy is well versed in taking social and political threats and neutralizing them.  They do this by imposing an organization, or subverting an already existing org so as to harness… no, bridle the energy of the people joining that org for real change and delivering nothing of the sort. 
First off, stop calling for the enemy to have MORE POWER.  Supporting Obama now is like hoping the fifth rapist in a gang rape might actually kiss you, it’s beyond obscene and it’s turning off support big time.  Big time support from what’s dubbed by corporate media and politicians as the ‘right wing’.
Second, look who ARE the responsible parties…
Wall Street are a bunch of brokers: moneychangers… they get their money elsewhere, and that’s the federal reserve system of private banks.  It would have a much greater strategic impact to simply pack up and occupy the 12 reserve banks whose stockholders ARE responsible for enslaving us.  THAT would take George Soros’ attempt at a left-wing provocation of a martial law initiative and shove it back up his fat, wrinkled old ass.
A better move would be to transmute Occupy Wall Street into a general strike; no buying consumer goods, no paying taxes, civil disobedience.  Then use that general strike to help rip ourselves away from the beast that has its tentacles into literally every aspect of American life.  Starve the beast of the money, the labor, the time we’ve been brainwashed into giving it.
Make the Second American Revolution happen: go back to your communities.  Most of the political tyranny happens on a local level, and most of our solutions will likewise take place on that same level.  I mean, just imagine if Amish raw milk producers, organic co-ops, children’s lemonade stands, etc. had the PROTECTION of local government… public SERVANTS instead of the swine that we’ve collectively allowed to enslave us.  Take the local communities back from the criminals there and trust me there isn’t a single town in America that isn’t packed with good ol’ boy cliques or otherwise packs of freemasons working every angle.  You want to break the power of the beast, actually taking and holding real estate’s the only way that’s going to happen.  Google Recall Elections: Obstacles To Overcome and It’s Time Freedom Guide: it’s a blueprint on accomplishing a peaceful Second American Revolution.  It is the hope of the world that America changes course, becomes a Free nation, and all revolutions start locally… this media inculated obsession with national politics is the proverbial carrot on the stick; you cannot gain and keep national offices if you don’t have the states, the local governments backing you up.  Look at Ron Paul; he talks a good game but has he seriously raised up local candidates, built what was termed ‘coat tails’-state and local candidates to build a real political base?
In the meantime, have or get a place where your encamped activists can rest, shower, change clothes outside of the protest area.  And ALWAYS have ways out…
Get your most physically able protestors aside and making some riot gear; shields, padded lances, rancid human waste and slings.  Model them on the ancient Greek phalanx and practice both defensive and offensive tactics.
…Can’t some of your protestors wear business suits?  Believe it or not there’s more than one member of the Stock Broker community as disgusted as you are-and if you don’t believe me Google ‘Martin Armstrong’.
Being inclusive pays off: I watched a US Marine confront 30 different NYPD oath traitors about how they assault what are supposed to be their fellow Americans-the very people they’re charged with protecting and serving!  Dude pulled a July4Patriot right there and pwned them.  Yeah you need to Google Sgt. Charles Dyer as well, he’s a political prisoner having a bogus child rape charge thrown at him for his own political activism and if that US Marine can get persecuted by the beast so will that Marine who gave those tin badge punks hell.
For God’s sake stay decentralized!  Listen to each other, and feed off each other… feed those around you too.  Use the protests as a platform for grievances-but also to get participants and those inspired but don’t want to be seen at the protests and be profiled as troublemakers in police databases towards action.  Action is what the enemy fears most!

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