Sunday, January 09, 2011



J. Croft

Where’s God?

Why does God allow bad people, bad things to happen?

Why if God supposedly loves us, there are natural disasters, disease, theft, fraud, murder?

Why does God allow all sorts of evil people to run amok in this world?  Why does God allow wars, famines, genocide?

Why does God allow bad things to happen to good people?

Yeah, I’ve asked those questions myself, often after something bad happened to me; getting fired, betrayal, health problems, the furnace breaking down, or the car you car share with, missing the bus by just that much.  In the rain.

Getting your heart broken is the worst of course.  You can bounce back from a broken arm or leg, find another way to make a living(more or less), but having someone you invested a lot of time and feeling and sacrifice-having them take all that love and wiping their ass with it?

Yeah, I’ve screamed at God a few times myself wondering just what kind of madman was ruling over the Universe, whether the very concepts of Love, Justice, Freedom weren’t some kind of practical joke.  Whether or not God and the devil weren’t two sides of the same coin, or was this all just some kind of humongous, sick game.

If God is truly good, why doesn’t He do something?

Well, he does.  He does through us.


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