Monday, January 31, 2011


The face of poverty and the homeless in America is changing, we are faced with an epidemic of home foreclosures and job losses. I was raised in a home of the working poor, my father busted his ass to keep a roof over his kids head and food on the table.

I received my first taste of class distinction in high school and then later in the US Marine Corps, and I hated every bit of having to bow down to another man because his father could afford to send his kid to college.

During times of upheaval in the world, it is Americas working poor that get sent to the slaughter house, not the wealthy elites of the upper crust, no their children were always tucked away comfortably in a university somewhere.

We must face the facts, it will be the working poor that will pay the price yet again, the only difference is it will take place on our shores this time. We all know what is coming, there is a storm brewing. There is also not one damn thing we can do to stop it.

The upper crust in our current society also understands the voracity of the impending storm clouds, yet I am not too sure their motives are quite the same as ours. Trying to band together the blue collar working class to fight for your right to have more than one bank account stuffed to the brim is not an available option.

I see the cutting and pasting of a link from a link to another link with pats on the backs and the gratuitous fist bumping. The information is relevant and it is important, but how many times must one story be regurgitated so all of the members of the frat house can get their maximized stat counter hits of the day?

There is some originality out there, but it gets passed through the grinder from one frat boys bedroom to the next. How many times must " WOLVERINES " be shouted and reinvented into the next catch phrase.

The hijacking of the survivalist movement into the current pathetic circle of frat boys and their Friday Night Glory Fest is not for me.

Lets get one thing straight, anyone writing a blog whether it be a survivalist or patriotic or frat boy reinvented, is not making or shaping the current policies of the underground movement, NOR will they ever.

There are some serious players out there and they are not coming to these blogs fist pumping and shouting wolverines. After all it will be the working class that will be asked to do the dirty work yet again, why? Because they know how to get the job done.

We can do better much better, I will be working on my own self improvement in regards to networking and passing PERTINENT information utilizing my blog to do so.

Now prior to sending out the hate mail and flowery comments on how irrelevant my thoughts are, if this does not pertain to you then don't sweat the small stuff, hell I am still confused as to why anyone would worry about what I write.

I am a nobody in the blog sphere with a very small following, the frat boys should care not if I decide to not attend their kegger on Friday nights.

I will be tending my garden and chickens, getting ready for the arrival of our new hogs, there is still much food to be put up, the defenses must also be shored up. Who has time to go to the frat house for the kegger when we have our homes and families to defend?

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