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First some background from David Codrea:

Project Gunwalker - Part I

Project Gunwalker - Part II

White House now in decision making loop on ATF "Walking Gun-gate" scandal. The ghost of Vince Foster to walk the corridors of the fifth floor?

A long-time friend of mine who I had not heard from in a long while got a hold of me this morning out of the blue. Let's call him "Deep Throat." He lives across the river from the District of Criminals and has, shall we say, considerable ground-level experience in explaining American foreign policy to the violent and wayward across the planet.

He informs me that his sources tell him that the White House is now fully briefed on the "Walking Gun-gate" scandal and is now calling the shots. "They are in desperate need of a cover-up, but aren't competent enough to arrange one," he said with a laugh. "They don't know whether to shit or go blind."

Senators' offices are asking questions (I'm working on a generic briefing paper for one right now), with staffers seeking out sources, trying to corroborate stories here at Sipsey Street and at David Codrea's War on Guns and Examiner column. Three (at least) major outlet news reporters are seeking out ATF agents to go on deep background on the story of the "walking guns" and the death of BP officer Brian A. Terry.

Among the things we know:

1. ATF’s Phoenix office allowed the guns to go across the border.

2. The ATF office in Mexico was denied permission to share this information with their Mexican counterparts. Believing this was wrong, they went over the heads of the Phoenix office and requested permission directly from headquarters in DC.

3. The higher-ups sided with the Phoenix decision to withhold the information from Mexican authorities.

As David asks: "That would make this an international law enforcement incident, would it not?"

Yes it does, and that is reported to be part of the White House dilemma.

In terms of proof that one of ATF "walking guns" was used to murder Brian Terry, it can be simply answered under oath by settling two questions:

1. What does ATF trace data show?

2. Were any prior traces ever run on this particular firearm, and what did they show?

Prediction from "Deep Throat": Eric Holder is finished as AG. My likely candidate for his replacement? The premier Clintonista cover-up queen, Jamie S. Gorelick.

Also, a warning from DT: Those agents of the ATF who have first-hand knowledge of this scandal are in, to quote him directly, "'suicide' territory." This category would include some guilty personages on the fifth floor of the "Concrete Asshole of the Universe." I would like to take this moment to remind the DOJ-gers who are recently signing on to Sipsey Street Irregulars in record numbers of this recent post: A message that Eric Holder understands perfectly well: No more free William Colbys. Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Doctrine of One Hundred Heads still applies to deadly tyrannical acts and extends to protecting the lives of honest whistle blowers.

The website continued to hacked overnight with posts offensive to the ATF removed by a person (or persons) unknown. This amounts to mere petty harassment that only confirms the ATF, DOJ and White House desperation. This demotivational poster pretty much sums up their present position:

I just can't wait for the hearings.



THIS has the potential to squelch this scandal in favor of the enemy:

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona shot in the head, several dead, fed judge shot dead

January 8, 2011 posted by Michael Leon · Leave a Comment 
From the Huffington Post [live updates]:
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Arizona was shot in the head Saturday and an unknown number of others were wounded when an assailant opened fire in an area where the lawmaker was meeting with constituents, officials said.
There were varying accounts on Giffords’ condition, but a hospital spokesman said the Democrat was in critical condition. An aide to the Democrat was killed. An unknown number of others was injured, officials officials said, including additional aides to the lawmaker.
Congressional officials said one of the victims died soon after the attack, and others were taken to a nearby hospital. The officials said the wounded included some of Gifford’s aides who were with her at the time. ..
While there is no evidence at this point to suggest that the shooting was politically motivated, Matt Yglesias points out that an anti-Giffords event was held in June with the billing: “Get on Target for Victory in November. Help remove Gabrielle Giffords from office. Shoot a fully automatic M16 with Jesse Kelly.”
Rep. Giffords was also on Sarah Palin’s “target list.”
As noted earlier, a gun was dropped at a Giffords event in 2009, and her office was vandalized in March.

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