Thursday, April 28, 2011

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Authorities on high alert for militia response to trial

Joleen Chaney Reporting KFOR
10:41 p.m. CDT, April 27, 2011
DUNCAN, Okla. -- Lawmen in one Oklahoma community are on high alert. They say they have had unwanted attention from a number of fringe militia groups.

The story takes us to Duncan where a former marine is accused of stockpiling military grade weapons.

He's also accused of molesting a little girl, and his trial on that charge is currently underway this week.

We first reported on this man after he was charged for having a stolen grenade launcher.

Now there are more accusations against this man who has strong ties to several militia groups.

It was the third day of trial for 30-year-old Charles Dyer, a former marine accused of molesting a little girl, but this isn't his first time in a courtroom.

You may remember early last year he was charged after prosecutors said he had a stolen grenade launcher inside his home.

Dyer is also a professed member of an anti-government militia group and has been very vocal about his strong beliefs on militia websites.

The latest, an interview with a militia radio show where he talks about another accusation against him.

"That I was casing the courthouse with two other individuals on Saturday," Dyer said.

He says he did nothing wrong.

"I took a walk down there. I had a meeting with my attorney that morning and it was about an hour and a half that he was speaking to my sister and I went for a walk," Dyer said.

This alleged casing, caught on surveillance video, coupled with threats made against county officials, have put authorities on alert.

Militia members from across the country have reportedly stated they would show up in support of Dyer.

Lawmen say metal detectors and x-ray machines are standard during trials, but the outcome of this case could lead to a dangerous situation.

"We've heightened our security and our main concern is the safety of our children, an innocent child that is a victim in this crime," Stephens County Sheriff Wayne McKinney said.

No one involved in the trial can talk about details of the case while it is ongoing, but in a radio interview obtained by, Dyer discussed the casing accusation against him while the host of the show voiced support of Dyer.

"Man, I can't wait until we get down there, man to protest right there. They can't stop us. My head is spinning right now. When I follow your case through and through, more and more, man, this is just a joke, man, on their f******* part, man," the host said.

"They brought about 15 troopers and deputies up there, locked down the courtroom, nobody in, nobody out, until it was over," Dyer said.

"You know, my brother, that tells you right then and there that they're spying on your a**, because they know that the patriots got your back," the host said.

Thursday Dyer will take the stand.

We'll keep you posted on the outcome.

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