Thursday, April 14, 2011


Mother raises a child, and she's struggling her entire life. Had to have her leg amputated,learning disabilities, etc. Homeschooled though, she excels.

Girl now wants to be with others her age. No problem... no.

The state school apparatchiks want her to take their poison so she gets her shots, which messes her up.

Mother takes her off the crap and she improves but the government trolls demand she get back on the poison they're pushes. She bravely refuses.

So the motherfuckers roll in the heroes of Detroit SWAT-same ones you saw on A&E tear up some poor bastards home, don't find any guns searching for hours but ON CAMERA a detective reaches down into dude's pants pulls out a SINGLE 7.62x39mm cartridge. Off to prison the rest of his life.

And it will be the same for this poor lady. Watch:
Typical. The whole government is out of control. They rape women in their cells:
They rehired the motherfucker who beat this 100lb lady:
We have been so unmanned by decades of Hollywood programming, gun control, and tin badge PUNKS running all over us unopposed. A typical American wouldn't even defend himself or his family and friends. Look at the fat fuck beating up on a tiny bartender-he's a COP:
And if you work for the fucking FEDS! Oh boy you get to rape children:
Fucking TSA cowards:

...And we are all cowards for letting them disarm us mentally, make us ask them permission to have what are our Rights! I mean, the act itself ain't that hard, right?

...A hunting rifle would be more effective so long as you catch the enemy unawares...
And this is how:

Something has to be done. Mark Koernke has it right:

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