Friday, June 10, 2011


We are going to have to deal with China no matter if they invade first or the shooting phase of the Revolution heats up... even more than it has and they take advantage, so there's no need sweating about "if" China will strike.  They most certainly will.  They have no choice as they're running out of arable land and resources to feed their booming population.

Our America still exists-in our hearts.  To make Our America more of a reality than in fading memories and as a fig leaf for enemy tyranny WE have to make it a reality for those still in a dumbed down fog.


"It Can't Happen Here"

Nearly the entire history of humanity has been a constant struggle for resources, with a few scattered periods of quiet, made possible through violence and subjugation.    Although we in the "modern age" like to think we're sophisticated enough to be beyond this, that is simply not the case.  We still fight.  We still go to war, economically, if not with bullets.  The world is not a vacuum, and every action taken by one nation affects many others in our small, interconnected world.

No nation, no matter how large or powerful, is immune to the need for resources.  Not America, not Russia, and not China.

With over a billion mouths to feed, a growing economy to support, and a trajectory to eclipse America to maintain, China has its work cut out if it is to maintain and grow.


Water.  Food.  Oil.  Metals.

Keeping that in mind, I would like to present a few data points for your consideration and thought.  These were presented to me by a friend I admire very much, who will remain unnamed unless he wishes it otherwise.  He challenged me to look at some facts, some connections, and some realities.

Enter North AmericaMexicoAmericaCanada.

Fertile farmlands, waterways, metals, oil, all for the harvest.

Now, I’m not going Red Dawn on you, just asking you to look at this objectively.

Shoot holes in it if you wish.

Exhibit one:  page three of the following:

This outlines the North American Supercorridor, shown below.

Exhibit two: slides 17-22 of the following:

You’ll notice “Lazaro Cardenas”

Who runs Lazaro Cardenas?

Hutchison Port Holdings.

Who is Hutchison Port Holdings?

Who owns HPH?

Hutchison Whampoa.

Who is Hutchison Whampoa?

Mr Li Ka-shing is the Chairman of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited and Hutchison Whampoa Limited.

Now, how willing are you to assume this and many other like companies are completely independent of the PRC's Central Party?

Can you see the tendrils of smoke, rising slowly?
Take into consideration the weakening of America, the ascendancy of China, the fact that China practically owns our nation (in the sense that the .gov is monetarily indebted to it), and the very real fact that China, a country that killed somewhere around forty million of its own people (See for some estimates)  within the lifetime of many people still living, is going to need an ever-increasing supply of resources in the next few years.  Think.

Add to this the fact, or even the possibility, that our nation is heading towards a cliff, brick wall, or oncoming train, as inexorably as any other of nature’s laws and consequences, and the possibilities / potentials are, well, they are.

As my friend said, “Sorry for the nausea, bro.”

It makes what happened to Jose Guerena look pretty mild, in some respects.  Keep in mind that the nation, the mindset, the national temper that has led us to accept the murder of Guerena, and thousands of others, is also leading us to accept American decline.  I’m not talking about the end of American imperial meddling and hegemony; I am talking about social, political, societal, and economic weakness, systemic, and reaching to the core of our nation.

It makes the criminal actions of our oathbreaking elected officials all the more serious, all the more consequential.  It puts the actions taken by officials, elected or not, in a whole new light.


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