Wednesday, June 29, 2011


You know they know they're in the wrong when they deny the obvious...

Anyone working for the TSA seen in public needs to be followed and flash mobbed.  They must be shunned and scorned.

I could see someone getting angry enough to do something even more drastic.

My comments in the parenthesis:

TSA denies making 95-year-old woman remove diaper at Fla. airport inspection

Casey Glynn
(CBS) - The Transportation Security Administration has denied that its agents required a 95-year-old cancer-stricken woman to remove her adult diaper while going through security.

(Anyone got a laugh track?)

The TSA released a statement Sunday night that read, "We have reviewed the circumstances involving this screening and determined that our officers acted professionally, according to proper procedure and did not require this passenger to remove an adult diaper."

(Then WHY?!)

The incident took place June 18 at Northwest Florida Regional Airport near Pensacola, while Jean Weber of Destin, Fla. escorted her mother, who suffers from leukemia, to Michigan to live with family members before moving into an assisted living facility, CNN reports.
Weber, told CNN Monday that although the TSA agents acted professionally and never ordered the removal of her mother's diaper, the agents made it clear that her mother would not be allowed to board the plane unless they were able to inspect the diaper.

(Amazing how they can talk out of both sides of their fucking mouths...)

According to Weber, it was her idea to remove the diaper so it could be inspected and they could make their flight.


Weber says her mother was taken into a private room for further inspection after TSA officers found something "suspicious" on her leg. She says a TSA agent told her that her mother's Depend undergarment was "wet and it was firm, and they couldn't check it thoroughly." Because they did not have any clean diapers in their carry-on luggage, Weber says she removed her mother's diaper so they could make their flight.

(Yeah those Al CIAda are recruiting century-old women...)

TSA security procedures have been criticized before and most recently a video of a 6-year-old girl being given a full body pat down inspired outrage online and across the country.

(Yeah, they like that.  They trade kiddie porn from their scanners and security cameras as they get their feel up on.  Guess some go for the sabertooths.)

Pat downs were introduced at airport security checkpoints after the attempted Christmas Day bombing of an airliner over Detroit in 2009.(After the alleged bomber was escorted on board by the FBI...)

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