Friday, September 02, 2011


Thank Airforce and Texas Resistance at AWRM.ORG for staying on point:

You can write Sgt. Dyer with a letter addressed like this:

Stephens County Jail
Charles A. Dyer
101 South 11th Street
Duncan, OK 73553

The jailer said no staples, you can't send an inmate any stamps, letters can be hand written or printed from a word processor but you can't send copied webpages.

...At a legal and trial discussion forum they have been investigating and discussing Sgt. Dyer's case. One of them has been going to the Stephens County Court house and getting records of the trial to investigate. They do not like the militia/patriot movement but they are saying that they think Charles Dyer is innocent, that his ex-wife Valarie is a compulsive liar, and they are saying that it is a classic case of vengeful Parental Alienation Syndrome being exhibited by Valerie Dyer who doesn't care how bad she hurts her daughter as long as she gets revenge against Charles.

REST WITH IMPORTANT LINKS HERE:;f=47;t=000017;p=16#000566


If Dyer can substantiate that the arsonists responsible for burning his home and all his belongings and exculpatory evidence was in any way connected with the Stephens County, OK Sheriff's department, along with all the other shenanigan they and the state and federal criminals perpetrated, he could still walk free... unless they can find twelve tweakers or freemasons who will totally go along with railroading Dyer.

Dyerfest needs to go forward; the Dyer family farm is in danger of being seized, they're running out of time.

Their address:

Jan Dyer
5103 Hope
Marlow, ok 73055

Send what you can, but again Dyerfest NEEDS to go forward.  We need a ground venue donated for use in a municipality or county with an Oath Keeper type Sheriff to provide political and legal cover while the rest of us not only raise awareness for Dyer, raise money to both save his family farm and cover even more legal fees, but celebrate being Americans.
Get the venue, get a live internet feed, advertise, and everything else can fall in place.

Y'know, I have to say, the oath keeper inc. headed by Rhodes could do a lot to exhonorate this man if they'd just put their money, time and legal efforts where their platitudes are.  Yes they'd likely endanger their 501c3 corporate status, but if Dyer goes down for this BS charge his ex is perpetrating, for being forced by the authorities to run, then the entire Freedom Movement will suffer an incalculable blow.

If we can get up off our butts, give this man at least some priority, and give him something more than some strokes on our keyboards, WE can be the ones that give the beast, the enemy, an incalculable blow.

WE can make this a victory, but it's up to YOU.


If there is some stupid message like this:

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Blame the gov. asslickers at google/cia.

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