Wednesday, September 28, 2011



Dedicated_Dad said...

Oh, for shit's sake!

Helen Keller didn't invent sign language - SHE WAS FRIGGING BLIND!

The "hook 'em HORNS sign refers to the Texas LONGHORNS.

And the FREEMASON hysteria is the biggest idiocy of all!

There is no group more dedicated to truth and INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY than Freemasonry! Our D of I is almost pure Masonic philosophy - and there's a REASON why every murderous tyrant in history has done his best to eliminate Freemasons - BECAUSE THEY ARE 100k% OPPOSED TO TYRANNY!

The REAL enemy ALWAYS seeks to divide - and attacking Masons is playing right into the hands of The REAL Enemy!

J. Croft said...

1. How come rabbis, Ahmadinejad, Prince William, Obama, and a lot of other prominent individuals flash the supposed "longhorn" sign?

2. Blue Lodge masonry are your local cops, politicians, lawyers and others who want to have their good ol' boy network. Much of the tyranny in America eminates from these types.

3. masonic symbolism is embedded into the culture, architecture, even the FRNs we use.

4. It's always the uninformed and naive that put up the best defense.

For shit's sake indeed.