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Lessons learned from Sgt Dyer in forum Individual and Small Unit Tactics at A Well Regulated Militia.

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Posted by Total Resistance (Member # 1872) on 08-25-2011 07:32 PM:
I hope people were watching and learning as another patriot was railroaded.

People need to organize into one to five man cells of people they know. People need to stop advertising they are "looking for a group to join". Be your own group. Be anonymous. Do you know me? Am I a FED? Or just about as bad someone with an addiction? SHTF (not necessarily end of the world SHTF either) having an alcoholic in your group will be disaster.

A problem Sgt Dyer had is he didn't or couldn't reach out to people for help. An issue could be how does he know who he can trust? The beast has unlimited resources. They can pose as doorkeepers, go to patriots in trouble like Sgt Dyer in the beginning and advise them to contact them if ever on the run. If contacted they capture them immediately. They can set up fake everything including websites, training exercises, radio shows. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it. That is why the neocons have taken over the Tea Party movement and turned it into the radical wing of the RepubliCONs and the false left goes along with it. When you organize big you allow plenty of room for infiltration.

If a website were to state that they help you when on the run it would be a simple matter of watching computer traffic to see who is contacted and when. Of course anyone to publish this would probably get arrested or some other special treatment to begin with for conspiracy.

Contacts and safehouses have to be set up by the person. They have to have an idea of where they will go and who they can trust. Each patriot needs to know who they can trust to send a stranger to. Could Sgt Dyer of contacted XXXX through this site? Probably. Does he know if he could really trust XXXX? No. It is not beyond the beast's ability to post here or anywhere and pose as a patriot for years. If it hasn't been done to a more involved level it will be in the near future. Look to Michigan for examples of this. Unfortunate but true. There is a lot of POS in that state making a lot of noise for the militia who are nothing but FEDs or at least doing their dirty work and too dumb to ask for a paycheck.

Training needs to be adjusted to take preparations for the recent events of Sgt Dyer's problems.

You have 1 day to leave (probably won't be that long maybe 5 minutes) and get away. Where are you going? How are you getting there. What about your family? How will you eat? Contact people? Contact the larger masses? How will you pay for stuff? Change your appearence?

Leave behind FM 21-76 and start reading about people who live on the run. You won't be in the woods eating grubs and berries. Those days are over except for a few remote places of which you probably won't reach or be able to survive there very long if you do. You need to hide in plain site. Sgt Dyer violated one of these rules about living a new life by buying his favorite drink. You do not have contact with people from your old life or old ways. If you are big into NASCAR you never have anything to do with that stuff again etc. You cannot go back and visit or call your family since they will be watched.

Some addition BOB ideas I've had.

The overall theme here is to buy time. Time buys you life. Distance increases your time. Being able to lay low buys you time. With that time you THINK. You can formulate a better idea of what to do next when you are not being rushed to decide and you have a full belly.

1) your normal BOB with SHTF supplies all civilian in appearence. It should go without saying that a Sgt Dyer in full BDU would of been found faster than a shirtless one. Like I've said for years SHTF may be running from the gestapo. No nukes, zombies or foreign invasion. Just it was your time to be attacked by the minions of satan but it is a true SHTF event.

2) pack with extra food in it. 30 days of dehydrated food would fit into a 3 day pack. With it your problem is then mostly water. You could run into the woods, find a mountain stream and still not have to leave it for a month. Or a room in a building. Backyard of a patriot hiding you.

3) prepaid phones - There are three things you need to be able to do. Shoot, move, communicate. Prepaid phones allow an amount of privacy in communications. Anonymity is your security here. It is not fool proof and it does not last. You use the phone for a short time then destroy it. You do not use it where you are hiding. The best way would be to make your calls then move down the road 100 miles. Remove the battery and wrap the phone in aluminum foil if you bring it with you. One you call on it though it should be considered compromised. How advanced is the enemy's voice recognition software? I have no clue. Do you? You can also keep it turned on after use and leave it behind. If you use it outside the Austin 7/11 and see that the gestapo was all over that place it gives you an idea of how hot an item you really are. If you can think outside the box you can use this to your advantage. It should go without saying you buy these now with cash. 10 companies probably make prepaid phones and it wouldn't hurt to have one of each. If you use Virgin Mobile you make it easier to predict your next call.

4) anonymous computers. I made a thread on here last year about this. You buy a cheap laptop or tablet with cash and put it away. You do not ever use it at home. You do not use it to visit this site or anything else you do right now. You only use it when SHTF and you go to a WIFI site and use the public internet. Hutaree were banned from using the internet to get their story out. A purchased computer with a 20gb harddrive will still allow them to anonymously get on the net and get their story out. Sgt Dyer could of used it to contact people here or post his side of the story. Would we know it is really him? Maybe, maybe not but he was in a total vacuum unable to get his story out. He doesn't need to contact CNN. That is the job of the people here. If he did post to a patriot site the media would know about it soon enough anyways and publish it. The other job of the people would be to make sure they are able to publish far and wide that the person in question is being screwed over even if you don't know everything going on. Better to err on the side of the patriot than the side of the beast. Then when 1000s go to see what the talk is about they can see the truth like the timeline that was posted here about the events in Sgt Dyers situation. It should be known you again but these computers with cash and use OPSEC with them. They are a limited use item and should be disposed of the same way a phone is. When you disconnect you again are hidden but you send a huge beacon up the second time that computer is connected to the internet. A thinking person might use this to their advantage. If Sgt Dyer did this then was able to send the computer to the opposite side of the country to another patriot that patriot could connect to the internet there and post a pre written message which would confuse and cause more rescourses to be used up. The difficulty in searching 100 square miles is nothing compared to 1000 square miles.

The beast government pulled in JBT from all over the country in a matter of hours looking for a fugative here. They even had satellites over the area looking for these people. The assets available to them are truly amazing especially if concentrated into a small area. Increase the size of that area and you defeat their technology.

5) money. Money buys you time. You could rent an apartment and not have to run for a period of time. You need to think about how to do this but it is possible especially if you don't look like a fugative.

6) change who you are. clothes, wigs, age, hair color everything. if you look like a hillbilly change your appearence into a Harvard lawyer. clean cut soldier turn into a left-wing hippy. Service occupations are gray men. No one really looks at them especially if they just blend into the background and look like they belong in society.

7) move. The JBT in an area where you were last known to be located will be more active in looking for you than the ones 1000 miles away. The cops in Texas were probably able to spot Sgt Dyer easier than the ones in Hawaii. Same goes for the sheep.


Posted by ConSigCor (Member # 7) on 08-25-2011 08:16 PM:
By all means...continue.

Posted by pcosmar (Member # 2993) on 08-25-2011 09:00 PM:
The only way to learn is to do.

It has been a few years for me, but only a few.
I lived 7 years on an alias, before turning myself in and getting my name back.

Stay adaptable, changeable. and stay out of sight.
Don't do anything that draws attention.

Like walking down a street with no shirt at 8:00 in the morning.

I really have trouble believing half the shit that is being posted in the media.
Reportedly he had $1000 to $1500 on him (depending on the report) and yet he was hungry.
So he goes to sonic and gets a fruity drink (but no food).??
And all that running around calling attention to himself,, then going into a populated area???

Much does not add up correctly...

Posted by Leonidas (Member # 4428) on 08-26-2011 04:13 AM:
Thanks TR. Passing this on.

Leo out

Posted by Total Resistance (Member # 1872) on 08-26-2011 05:29 AM:
Be anonymous. Anything you do online, with credit cards leaves an easy trail to follow. Buy everything you need fave to face with cash.

Do it now. If you have a personal SHTF today then tomorrow is too late.

Cash is king but credit doesn't hurt. Use cash now to buy prepaid credit cards. Carry them on you, in your survival kit, in your BOB.

Maps. Get as many as you can. The red atlas and gazzetter ones are very useful. Buy for all the states you can find. Buy multiple copies so you can pass them out to passengers on the "railroad". 50 states gives you 50 options. 2 states gives you two options. Again be anonymous. If you buy map books online for Nebraska and research online about Nebraska you just put an arrow right to your plans. Think outside the box. Is this something you want to do though. Disinformation is a nice weapon.

Research your chosen area anonymously. Certain areas have particular quirks you should know about. Does you SHTF bug out location sit under water 4 months a year? Do locals have a particular accent or vernacular? Do you have an accent or vernacular? There are parts of the country that use very distinct words and slang. Remember to do this anonymously.

Set up your contact lists and have hard copies. The more copies you make the more chances of it being discovered. Don't try and trust to remembering out of state phone numbers and addresses under extreme stress. If the numbers are called daily and you do have it memorized it will be the first place that is checked. Think of a way you could possibly encode this list. Fake lists can also be created. For instance your first "contact" could be a vocal anti-freedom nut in another state. Use the enemies energy to your advantage.

Smart phones are. Too much. If you have one and you are on the run ditch it or use to your advantage. The old life is dead. Keeping it is a huge bing bing bing right to your exact location. You can buy services which let you monitor people's texts, location and listen to them "hot on the hook". What can the beast do? Ditch it.

know yourself and know your enemy and you will be victorious in 100 battles. What are your capabilities? The enemy's? Don't underestimate their ruthlessness, deception or capabilities. There are goons sitting in cubicles right now predicting what people like us will do in particular situations. If you have kids they will be used against you. People on the right cheered when the government tortured Khalid sheik Muhammod's children to make him talk. They cheer now when the CIA and NYPD infiltrate muslim groups. They are also doing the same to us!!! Being innocent doesn't mean anything to them.

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Posted by ConSigCor (Member # 7) on 08-26-2011 08:14 AM:
The enemy has a contingency plan for every possible scenario. EVERY local team should do the same. Everyone should be giving this serious thought. If this is not part of your contingency planning better be.

Help and assistance if it is to be effective MUST begin at your local level and work it's way out from there. As far as the militia saving their fellow patriots. Think that over for a minute. How do we find out about a raid or any other incident??? Usually when it's posted in the news by the media. In other words AFTER it's over and too late to do a damn thing to stop it.

It is the RESPONSIBILITY of every patriot to look after his own affairs. Don't expect your fellow militiamen to miraculously show up to rescue your ass 24 hours before uncle scam raids your house at 3 am. It is your responsibility to set up your own E&E / safehouse / support network. It has to be in your immediate A/O, organized for rapid response and made up of people you know you can trust with your life.

And, you can't wait until the shit has already hit your fan to cry "somebody hep me".

Fortified positions are a thing of the past. You stay put you die.

Safe houses are better.

You should be scouting for and planning some of those. It might seem like they track everything and so that would not be possible but if every unit had just a few non-operators who were incognito and working on this issue then they could work under the radar.

Safe houses will be the only way to get needed rest, recover from wounds, and plan.

Safe houses are a function of the auxiliary. The older people who are unable to actively participate in the field, the women and children, those with disabilities...all these folks are the eyes and ears of the resistance. They are your support network...your base of supply, your medical aid stations etc.

The Safe House is where you go underground to escape the police state, tyranny and oppression. The location and identity of this place must be kept a closely guarded secret. Not even the wife and kids can know. All those involved must have no known connection to each other and no known connection to the militia or any of your activities. Never contact this place by phone or internet. Arrange and preplan everything with the safe house face to face and in advance.

Another option would be to locate areas and structures which would serve as a good lay up point for you to gather your thoughts and plan your next course of action. Although abandoned houses would be a magnet for local police searches, if you can get out of the AO it can be a possible hide.

A couple of good caches with supplies can turn anything including a cave into a safe house.

Remember, if the beast government does not like you they will backtrack through everyone you've ever called, where you've bought stuff with gas/credit cards and possibly where your cellphone has traveled. They will check your banking records and any easily accessible information. They may freeze or seize your assets so maintain everything in cash.

You can also expect not only people you have directly talked to will be investigated but people they know and talk to.

Will those people still hide you after the media lies about what kind of evil terrorist you are? Many people have been turned in by well meaning friends or family. Sometimes it will be an acquaintance with a grudge or someone out to make a fast buck. Remember...”Brother shall turn against brother...”.

Your wives, children, other relatives, neighbors and co workers will be questioned. Officer “Friendly” will con the kids into telling everything they know “to help daddy”. They will threaten your wife with the loss of her children if she does not cooperate. So guess which option she will choose. Obstruction, Aiding and abetting charges will be thrown out to intimidate people into compliance.

Never use a phone directly from the safe house. Always use a payphone with a phone card. Have prearranged times to send and receive calls. Keep the schedule varied. Set up mail drops in advance. Always carry a scanner to monitor the local news.

Always appear to be Joe Average. Never appear radical; blend with the herd.

If you must go out, always carry in a concealed manner. Never openly carry any obvious “gear”. Be neat, be discreet.

Each team member needs to be able to operate unsupported in field conditions for two weeks, this also applies to his family or associates except the field conditions include the home, so each family needs to be able to be self sufficient not only for themselves in their own home but for double their number as well.

What this does is allows for those in contaminated areas to rally at another team members home that has facilities to care for the young and invalid as well, so if your area is a no mans land then your associates area will not be and can sustain increased occupancy.

It would be well if all teams had remote rally points with structures and supplies but that is just not possible under todays hyperinflation, so the next best step is to make each home as self sufficient as possible with unit members traveling from home to home as circumstances dictate.

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Posted by Texas Resistance (Member # 1582) on 08-26-2011 10:40 AM:
I think J4P was tired of hiding and was walking down the road without a shirt so they would be less likely to think he was armed and shoot him.

Having water to drink is one of the most important things to have. In my at home bug out kit and in my vehicle bug out kit I always keep keep a Katdyn mini filter, Polar Pure Iodine Crystals, and a metal canteen cup (for boiling water). I also keep couple of quarts of bottled water in my vehicle and replace it at least once a year.

Be aware that some cop cars have license plate scanners that can alert the cop as you drive by them but license plates are easy to switch. Everyone now a days has cell phones and will call in on you quickly with no hesitation so stay clean. Have spare clothes and wash them in a stream if you have to. Pay phones are getting very scarce now but with a good story and a good attitude a lot of people might let you briefly use their cell phone. If the Feds want you bad enough they might be able to voice print you just from speaking a few words on any phone. Assume the feds will be listening to any phone call you make to any of your known associates. The really successful fugitives never contact anyone they ever knew before in their entire life. As a last resort you might find refuge in a homeless shelter and blend in with the homeless and winos in a large city but you risk catching hepatitis and other diseases at a homeless shelter. If you are hiding in the woods have some hunting camo to blend in with the hunters during hunting season.

Of course never steal, rob, or burglarize.

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Posted by Total Resistance (Member # 1872) on 08-26-2011 02:05 PM:
That's the problem Pcosmar, we only get the enemy's side of the story. Since they lie constantly you can't beleive anything is true from them.

CSC you touched on more of my thoughts ;-)

This needs to be done now!!! When the enemy is at your door you've waited too long. Start with who you would go to, how you will get there, how will you let them know you are there. It is the job of each patriot to know where they will go and have places arranged to bring those brought to them. The more separation between the safe house and the political victim the better.

Every inch in your AO will be searched. Woods, abandoned houses etc. 100 miles away probably not. You know your AO and are comfortable there but you will have more eyes looking for you there than anywhere else.

When you drive pay attention to possible hide locations. There are tons of them out there whether in the city or rural areas. If you are on foot you don't have to hide a vehicle but severely limit your mobility. You need somewhere quick to get away and rest so you can think otherwise you will move to quick and make a mistake.

Homeless shelters may or may not be a good idea. I worked in one and getting into one was like getting into a police station. You had to be buzzed in through an electronic door and go through an interview to stay there. While some homeless are down on their luck a large amount are scum who will sell you out instantly for money for their next fix.

As for stealing that is up to each person's individual conscience. Hunting cabins in your AO will be checked. Far outside probably not. Businesses will have security and cameras. Private homes won't. When you are cold, tired and hungry while sheep are warm, rested and fat your morality will change.

9mm vs .308. This started a big flame war against me on another board many years ago. My premise was for us the 9mm is far superior to the .308. Why? How often will you be able to carry a MBR depending on what kind of SHTF happens? You can always have a pistol on you though. The sidearm in this case is defensive. You are trying to hide not fight. You need to be skilled with pistol, knife, hand to hand and other unconventional weapons. Remember your mind is your primary weapon and anything in your hand is a tool. The carry system needs to be extremely covert. No LBE, drop leg holsters, photographer vests, fanny packs or anything else that screams >>>GUN!!!<<< This would include combat boots, BDU, rigger belts. Mossy Oak pants might blend in Hickville USA but not downtown LA.

I have a couple BHI "Battle Bags" and they still look like battle bags. If you need a covert messenger bag get a messenger bag not a battle bag.

Was watching a show on preparedness on the LDS channel. They were discussing BOB. Their opinion which I agree with is that a black backpack stands out the least to people. I have a bunch of woodland, coyote, OD bags and all look military which draws attention. Go to Walmart and find some black computer bags. Maybe a sheep won't recognize a BHI battle bag but a LEO will. Avoid PALs too.

Like CSC said be Joe Average. Some may disagree with this next part but it needs to start right now. I spent near 20 years trying to wake up the sheep. I passed out hundreds of videos, 1000s of flyers and debated sheep, co-workers, pastors, family and everyone in between. It never got me anywhere except labeled as an extremist. Anyone who is sightly out of the herd is dangerous to the sheep. They may laugh now but will remember you later. I remember a friend showing his coworkers a picture of his HK91 back in the 80s. 20 years later people were making comments about him and his "grenades and machine guns". He asked WTF are you people talking about?They said "remember those pictures of your guns you brought in? " They laugh today but will remember you tomorrow. How do you wake up people? I don't think it can be done. I think it is in people when they are born to be able to think. All I do now is gently suggest people store food and supplies. You will know immediately if you should spend more time or not on that person. The problem is propaganda people do not engage in combat and vice versa.

At work people will get into discussions about guns. Most don't have a clue what they are talking about with guns, carry laws and anything else. I could correct them on all their errors but it would raise a huge red flag to them that I have above the average sheep's knowledge of firearms.

I told my story of the last time I wore an M65 jacket here several times. I don't wear anything military or things that can even be mistaken for military by sheep anymore. See what the sheep wear and copy that. Have different outfits for different areas you move into. Few people will give a worker with hardhat and lunchbox a second look in most areas. A nice suit would blend in at other times.

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