Thursday, September 08, 2011


To be honest, what I had planned-isn't going to happen.  Nobody has offered a venue, or help with Dyerfest on the internet side and without those... To put an event together you have to get the word out, which means spreading the word.  Something I can't do alone.

In fact, I can't do it myself within what's referred to as the 'freedom movement' because I've been blackballed by the shills and COINTELPRO operatives.  Because I advocate concrete steps in a concrete plan.

So, what do we do? 

Well, I for one am not going down on this without a fight.  To do that I need you to log onto the main players in the movement; y'all know who they are., Alex Jones, David Icke, what have you and you do the following... whatever they want to talk about you say that's what you're going to talk about but when you get on you mention Sgt. Dyer, how he needs money to get a real lawyer so his latest trial date in October isn't a complete railroading by the kangaroo Stephens Co. Oklahoma court.  Log on to their forums, e-mail them, what have you. 

I don't care if you mention me or not-in fact, don't.  Just get the word out to help J4P.

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