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The Culture and Mindset of FEMA and Emergency Responders: An Inside Look

Written by Laura Densmore

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A Special Report from Hebrew Nation News

I recently had the privilege to interview a highly credible inside source who has worked in the emergency response field for many years. He has been to dozens of trainings over the years. As an insider, he has been to many FEMA training centers, and has access to highly classified information. What my anonymous source shared with me about the culture and mindset of the emergency responder community was very alarming. I will give you a couple of quotes to get started:

“In a major disaster or emergency, the Continuity of Government is the supreme overarching goal. Saving lives is NOT important.”

“The training and preparation is happening in a culture of death. The government is preparing for MASSIVE FATALITIES.”

“The government will NEVER tell you about an incoming asteroid on a collision course with earth in advance. Not even emergency responders, DHS, or FEMA will know in advance. The only folks who would know in advance are the inner circle at the NSA.”

“The goal is to keep the public in the dark: they will never know what hit them.”

Anonymous inside source


What is notably absent? They are NOT preparing or training to SAVE LIVES.

US citizens are now deemed the new “enemy”: US Military spy drones will now be used on the homeland to spy/collect intelligence on US citizens. Now that NDAA bill has been signed into law, for the first time EVER in American history, the US has been declared a “battle zone”.

They are preparing for an ALL HAZARD fatality involving massive fatalities.

There are now HUGE numbers of body bags. They are like zip lock baggies. They suck all the air out and the body inside is vacuum sealed. The sixty four million dollar question is this: WHY is FEMA stocking up on all these body bags? What do they know that we DONT know? What would be the CAUSE of all the massive fatalities that they seem to be expecting?

This is not just hypothetical planning on a chalkboard or in a computer simulation. The scenario of massive fatalities is realistic enough that the government has committed millions of dollars to purchase huge numbers of these zip lock/airtight body bags.

I will summarize to you what my anonymous insider source shared with me.

The focus of emergency training is on:

*Training, in the past, was focused on how to SAVE LIVES. NOT ANYMORE. Now the training is focused on dealing with MASSIVE fatalities, NOT saving lives.

*The FOCUS is on Continuity of Government, NOT saving lives. Elements of Continuity of government: It is a TOP SECRET plan. Not even Congress is allowed to see this plan. It involves implementation of Martial Law. In the Rex 84 plan, the President is a DICTATOR. See “Are We Already Under Martial Law and We Just Don’t Know it?”

*Control of people using FEAR (i.e. fear of terrorist attack. How else could The Patriot Act (or should I say, the “Martial Law Act”) EVER have been passed except in the hysteria/fear that came after 9/11 attacks?

*Use of false flag events as an opportunity to seize power/control. It is now well documented that the planes on 9/11 could not have, by themselves, brought both Twin towers down. And, why did building 7 implode and collapse hours later? No plane hit that building. BEWARE! Understand what a false flag event is. Ask Abba for wisdom to discern if an event has been “staged/manipulated” to be a false flag event.

According to my anonymous source, these are the kinds of scenarios Emergency responders are being trained to deal with. He has been to dozens of these kinds of training scenarios:

*ALL HAZARD fatality planning involving massive fatalities.

*New Madrid earthquake event, in which tens of thousands of people would perish. The government is taking this potential threat very seriously. Structural engineers are now designing and building roundabouts in the Mississippi watershed to replace bridges; they are more structurally sound in a massive earthquake.

*Near earth objects (i.e. asteroids), not single but multiple objects.

(HN News editor Comment: I wonder if Elenin was a “false flag event”, “intentional misdirection”, “psyop game”, to discredit asteroid reports. Folks stop paying attention, and then the REAL (and deadly) incoming object hits.

*Chemical/biological terrorist attack (i.e. release of Sarin gas, or release of small pox into the population)

Resilient Culture Training Aka Developing Your “Psychological Body Armor”

“There can be no room for human compassion. You focus on the goal. It is about cold human control.”

You run your game according to the 80/10/10 rule. What is that? This is a concept from the book, The Tipping Point, by Malcolm Gladwell.

In an emergency, a crisis, or martial law/breakdown of order in society:

80% will be in a stupor; These are the “sheeple”. They will follow along and will do what they are told.

10% will resist/fight back: These are the folks you execute, or round up, lock up, and “re-educate”.

10% are the “resilient trained leaders” who are in control and in charge. This is what the emergency responder community is being groomed and trained to be. They will “tip” the population and culture in the desired new direction, into the new paradigm, (martial law/slavery to the global elites).

In the Emergency responder and FEMA culture they are being trained to develop an

“0rganizational Culture of Resilience”: This training is what develops their "psychological body armor" so they can be part of the 10% of the "resilient trained leaders":

“Our observations have led us to believe that, just as individuals can learn to develop personal traits of resilience, so too can organizations develop a culture of resilience. We would argue that a culture of organizational resilience is built largely upon leadership, what we refer to as "resilient leadership." Consistent with the "Law of the Few" described in Malcolm Gladwell's book, The Tipping Point, we believe key leadership personnel, often frontline leadership, appear to have the ability to "tip" the organization in the direction of resilience and to serve as a catalyst to increase group cohesion and dedication to the "mission." They do this, we argue, by demonstrating four core attributes of optimism, decisiveness, integrity, and open communications while serving as conduits and gatekeepers of formal and informal information flows throughout the organization and enjoying high source credibility(ethos).”

Why does FEMA want to train folks along these lines? The global economic collapse is already well underway. We only have to take a look at what is happening in Greece to get a glimpse of what may soon be coming to our own backyard. When the government tried to impose yet more austerity measures on the people, they came out by thousands to the streets to protest these measures.

The banksters scheme to rob the US treasury with bogus bailouts to the tune of trillions of taxpayer dollars has been exposed for what it is: a CORRUPT SHAM. It is only a matter of time before the economic dominoes collapse in other parts of Europe, and then the US. And, when the economy truly does collapse, and the dollar becomes utterly worthless, and when hyper-hyper-inflation hits, that is when it will get real ugly, real quick.

What might start as peaceful demonstrations in the streets could rapidly turn to rioting and looting. Already the pot has been boiling over with public outcry and outrage as seen in the Occupy Wallstreet events all over the country. For now, that movement has been quashed by our seamless and streamlined local/state/federal “Police State” responders.

And that is where the government comes in. Martial law. Shoot the leaders. Round up the other 5% of the demonstrators and send them to the detainee camps to be “re-educated”.

Sound far-fetched? Why is the government spending the money to build these detainee centers? Why are they training emergency responders to “have no mercy”, to “wear their psychological body armor” and to “focus on the goal” of CONTINUITY of GOVERNMENT?

The government doesn’t think this is far-fetched at all. In fact, they are PREPARING for it.

So should we. But not like them.

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