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J. Croft
Cast off your chains and reclaim your lives, your freedom and your culture.  It is the only way to save it.

As I write this revolution is sweeping throughout the Moslem world like Europe in 1848; people are rising up to overthrow dictators who have been in power for decades-having aims to set up dynasties with their sons.  Now, whether the sparks of these revolts are genuinely from the people having nothing to lose or instigated by more typical intelligence apparatchiks is irrelevant(1).  What IS relevant is what you do.  Because the enemy has a game plan and that plan involves your deaths.  These revolutions are real, you and your people have been systematically oppressed by puppet strongmen, but as Franklin Delano Roosevelt stated “…nothing in politics happens by accident.” 
I mean, is Mubarak in exile or is he hiding out in Sharm Al Sharik, near the Israeli border and well removed from anyone who would string him from a lamppost?   Is the Egyptian military threatening strikers and any further protests?  Is Mubarak even out of power, or is he still running things behind the scenes-staging a coup to defuse your righteous anger?  And does it matter when the Egyptian military directly runs the country?  Runs the country and prohibits protests against it for the same things that caused the riots and revolution in the first place?
Face it, the Egyptian Revolution got subverted.  Happens all the time.  To be honest, Illuminati puppets like Mubarak are not your biggest problem.  Nor are your military juntas and their monopoly on lethal weaponry leaving the citizenry helpless against them when they take the gloves off and massacre whole cities for protesting against them.
Your biggest problems are generated by your mullahs.  They have been for centuries.
Think about it: centuries ago, the Moslem world was, overall, at the forefront of culture and the sciences.  While Europe wallowed in medieval darkness, your civilization invented algebra, preserved the texts of Rome and Greece, were making steady scientific advances.  Baghdad was Earth’s brightest light of civilization while Rome’s citizens ripped apart the Forum for building materials.  Europe was a pathetic backwater while the Moslem world was on a par with China.  A thousand years later, and who landed men on the Moon?  Which civilization developed industrialization, telecommunications, making the scientific advances? 
A thousand years ago, the Caliphate was in a position to lead Earth into the future.  Situated between the West and China, in a prime position to interact with both India and Africa the Moslem world could have acted as the central cog of a global economic bloc; the Silk Road was yours, as were all the sea routes to China.  Even after the Mongol conquests the Islamic world was far ahead of the West, yet after Constantinople fell the Moslem world was being outflanked and outfought by the still backwards monarchies of Europe.  With the Renaissance, with Age of Discovery, the conquest of the Americas, Africa, India, the Moslem world was outflanked and eventually economically, technologically, and militarily overpowered.  By no more than a hundred years ago the Moslem world was divided among the European states that were formerly a smelly, pathetic backwater.  The only reason the Middle East isn’t the pathetic backwater still like Africa is, is because it’s easier to extract oil in your lands than anywhere else.  Currently.   (I imagine after Big Oil gets done getting you blown up you’ll go back to being a pathetic backwater…)
What happened?  Your “holy men” hobbled your ancestors into slavery. 
Your “holy men” decided they could rule through having a monopoly on understanding and interpreting the Koran, and since in Islam there is no separation between church and state their edicts are enforced.  Your “holy men” decided to plunge your civilization into its own dark age… I mean, what factories, weapons and technology your countries have are from the West, the Russians and the Chinese.  If you don’t have Big Oil Illuminati puppet strongmen you have direct rule by those mullahs who enslave you women reading this-encasing you in burqas, denying you even basic human rights, executing you in public by stoning for begging in the street.    
(I know this is coming from an American of all people!  Yes a lot of my countrymen seem to love the thought of making you widows and orphans, if not outright targeting you.  I’ve been trying though-go to the link to my website I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to get through to these tools since 2005.  In that respect I face the same obstacles many of you will, so try to read on and learn from my experience.)
The Taliban and the Saudi Kingdom they hold everyone behind.  Bigots like them are the reason the Moslem World stagnated and fell behind the West.  Worse, they are the pawns of the self-styled elites who have ruled in the West, and designed America to be the muscle for their illuminati empire.  If military strongmen and dynastic politicians can be Rothschild puppets why not… “holy” men? 
Let’s take a brief look at their rule:
Islam currently being practiced in backwaters like Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan are the reason they’re backwaters to begin with-as well as much of the rest of the Moslem world.  You women, created in the image of God, the mothers, the sisters, the beloved-you are prohibited from any say in your existence, you are forced to wear a stifling robe that can literally be hazardous, you cannot appear in public without a male kin for escort… even if you’re begging for food you’re subject to being stoned. 
Love?  Read this:
Your holy men have twisted holy writ into a weapon against yourselves!  Women are treated as less than dogs, only tolerated because they can’t screw sheep to produce children.  Your mullahs, your imans, they’ve twisted Islam into such a weapon against you, your men commit bestiality and pederasty because they’ve been twisted into thinking you’re ‘unclean’.  And this is but one aspect of a whole mindset that has buried you and your civilization.  Radically luddite, backward Islamic fundamentalism condemns the Moslem world to continued backwardness, oppression, enslavement.  It is a tool, a fulcrum used by the illuminati power elite and their Al Qaeda puppets to

There will be many a cleric, many a purported devotee of Islam whose blood will burn upon these words.  Bring on the fatwa.
I say bring on their fatwas, their bullets and bombs, their hatred.  Because they’re small minded control freaks, losers really-they cannot and will not improve Islamic Civilization so they take out their impotency on you.  Fight back.
Fight back in the home.  Refuse to be their wife, daughter, mother if they treat you as the enemy. 
Be united.  Your enemy certainly is in oppressing you.  Come to the aid of each other in all matters.  If someone is out on the street, even a stranger, offer them food and shelter so they don’t have to beg and risk being stoned or shot for adultery because there’s no male relative to chaperone them.  Avenge their murders.  It isn’t hard; learn how to accurately shoot a rifle out to at least 500 meters.  Select a older Mauser, Mosin-Nagant or Enfield as they’re common, powerful and accurate.  And little used by your oppressors much as they’re in love with making a lot of useless noise spraying into the air with the AK-47.  There is an older western movie called “Judge Roy Bean”; an albino cowboy was making a lot of noise in Judge Roy Bean’s town(like your oppressors), wanting him to engage in a straight up gunfight.  The Judge waited in ambush, and when the albino came into view shot him from behind.  That’s how it’s done and that’s better than they actually deserve but you have your civilization to save so time is of the essence.  Even slitting their throat while they sleep is good.
Y’know, crushing castor beans and drying them to make ricin works.  So do auto accidents-if you cannot get behind the wheel then slash their brake line or stick a vial of wetted iodine tri-choride in the gas tank.
Challenge their rule over you in any and every way you can.  From the mosque to the council, from political office to the battlefield-yes I say it; from the battlefield.  Because these monsters that have hijacked your civilization have run it into the ground by holding you back and progress in general.  I mean, a thousand years ago Baghdad was at the forefront of scientific and cultural study.  Who else but scared, small-minded haters could turn the entire Caliphate into other powers colonies? 

(1)Yeah, Libya:  there certainly was a LOT of intrigue with that uprising.  Al Qaeda typical foreign intelligence types help reignite tribal beefs against Qadaffi, get the good press in the Western corporate media and NATO gets involved.  It was supposed to be a longer war but then the matter of 144 tons of gold got involved and NATO bombed the way for untrained Libyans shooting in the air wasting their ammo to roll into Tripoli and proceed to mop up loyalist forces.  Oh and NATO made certain the country’s an economic basket case by wrecking most infrastructure and industry-save for what services getting the oil out of the country.  I never thought much of Qadaffi but if NATO’s being used to depose him then something’s up.  Something’s always up when some dictator’s made into a poster child and his country’s sitting atop something of use to the Western power structure.  Just have to say they’re raping babies or beheading Americans and a war’s a lock.

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