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Diagnosis Of America Is Terminally Ill  
By Karl Schwarz

I am often asked to put my name back in the running for President of the United States.  The answer was and remains no, no damned way, stop asking.  Most Americans never get a chance to look at the inside of the beast as I have and it is far worse than most US citizens can imagine.  Just try to imagine your worst nightmare come true and that will be pretty close to how desperate the situation truly is for America.

Do not get all hung up on the ‘red, white and blue’ or the lady statue holding up the beacon of light to the world.  The United States of America is no longer representative of those things that once stood for honor, character, integrity, fairness and justice.

Only a few people know I was a workout specialist for 3 different Wall Street giants, a solver of major problems.  I know what the problems are and how to fix them, but Americans cannot seem to get their proverbial shit together to support a solution.  They just love to gossip, bitch and complain in America rather than get to work and fix it once and for all.

I am not afraid to use scalpel, chainsaw, bulldozer or more when needed, but first Americans have to get on the same damned page regarding solutions that work.  Frankly, I do not see that happening any time soon and probably not before America collapses to Third World status.

You see…. one of the oddities about arguing and political bickering is it does not solve problems and America is ass-deep to a tall giraffe in major problems and the bickering never ends.  No business plan, no unified national direction, no solutions, just 300 million or so opinions and most of them dead wrong.
The political discourse in America is insulting, brain dead and lacks any focus on positive outcomes.

What is the true definition of an idiot?   A person who thinks he or she is informed because they watch MSM in the USA.  The biggest propaganda machine in the world, replete with intentional lies and half- truths, ludicrous amounts of political spin, agendas for an elite few, yet idiot Americans think they know it all because they tune in to watch Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity.  Truly, such people are morons and know nothing about this world as it really is.

They listen to carefully prepared dog shit sound bites that are served as if they are a T-bone steak.  Sadly, most Americans are so brainwashed by the propaganda machine they no longer recognize the difference between dog shit and T-bone steak.

Down where I was born and raised we say that it is impossible to sell cow shit to a cow farmer.  Every minute of every day Americans disprove that and eat up that cow shit every time MSM / DC serves it up.  Yummy, another bowl of GMO (Government Made Oxymorons) cow-shit cereal from MSM!!!  Gives a whole new meaning to ‘cuckoo on Coco-Puffs’, does it not?

That is what is wrong with America ­ oxymorons and meaningless sound bites have become the public and political discourse and are truly worthless, no education value whatsoever.  The political dialogue in America is truly the essence of nothingness and then people act as if they are shocked that the end result is hopelessness, worthless or screwed over yet again.

Lies undermine the value of information and DC and the controlled MSM outlets are virtually nothing but lies and presenting things as they want you to see them, not how they really are.

The problems facing America are bigger than any one man can handle and to truly fix America the US House and Senate have to be purged and start over.  Most of the 535 members of Congress are traitors to the nation and their constituents and need to be replaced at the earliest possible moment.  Until Americans embrace the principal that our three main divisions of government (executive, legislative and judicial) are to function in unison and in counter balance to each other, any change as to who sits in the Oval Office is meaningless without also changing who is sitting in the US Congress.

Many of the 535 members of the US Congress are truly low-life American scumbags, yet the state citizens they represent (misrepresent is far a more accurate characterization) keep electing them and sending them back to DC for more pelf, plundering and mayhem.  They are whores and should not be trusted any more than a prostitute that says she loves you for a mere $100 an hour.  Out in the private sector, most members of Congress would not be able to find a job or hold the job based on performance.

It should not be surprising or even difficult to figure out why nothing of value or meaning ever gets done in the Senate or House when the majority of members are nothing but big talking blowhard morons that epitomize the Peter Principle.  Those promoted to their highest level of incompetency sums Congress up pretty well.
The immortal Will Rogers might have summed up Washington DC the best:  “Every time they make a law it is a joke.  Every time they hear a joke they turn it into a law.”  That is more accurate than most Americans can grasp.

It would also be a good idea to delete the IRS Tax Code and the entire US Code and start over.  Both have been tweaked, and prostituted and whored so many times that the simple concept of justice no longer works.  The innocent go to prison and the guilty turn into philanthropists and major campaign contributors.  That is a picture you really need to think about.

They know the masses are getting restless and fed up.  So, they pass all sorts of laws to have you defined as terrorists while they exempt themselves from being clearly defined as terrorists and war criminals.  DC just as well stands for District of Criminals, while Americans slept and thought all was OK.  There is nothing cute or funny about their underhanded chicanery and lies that have lessened what was once a great nation.

Some of the US departments such as the Department of Education are a complete waste of taxpayer money and have pushed America down rather than raise it to new levels. It might be relevant if there was a national mandate to improve student knowledge and abilities, but education is local, not national and the only mandate of DC is self-empowerment even if your children wind up marginally functional morons or worse.

When a greedy criminal mindset is what finances Washington DC, should you expect anything less in what you see coming out of our national capital?  I see it as a problem of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ and a direct reflect as to who Americans elect to send to Washington, DC.

One would think people would learn over time to vote smarter, but that does not seem to be possible in America any more.

About half of the US departments, agencies and subdivisions thereof serve no purpose whatsoever for the public good.  They are just growth of government that does nothing but screw things up even more.

I was kin to Wilbur D. Mills by marriage, US Representative, Arkansas Second District 1939-1977, former Chairman of the powerful House Ways & Means Committee.  He told me and other men in the family the following quote during Christmas 1968.  I was 17 and have never forgotten the words, the sincerity and the solemn tone of his voice when he spoke these words:

“Any American that thinks they have well-meaning, well-intentioned elected representatives and appointed leaders in Washington DC who care how they spend the US taxpayer dollars, well, that American is a consummate fool.”

“Uncle Wilbur” also informed us that a president could hack, slash and burn for an entire 4 year term and not hit anything vital, and folks, that was in 1968.  It would take one hell of a man (president) to handle 535 people who excel in out upping each other on who can screw things up the most and get the most for their home states and districts.

It is far more screwed up now in 2012 and the waste of taxpayer dollars is akin to a black hole sucking the life out of America for just an elite few that is merely a criminal greedy mindset.

Americans need to wake up to this reality:  DC is not about you, it is about them and odds are high that you are not one of ‘them’.

Many Americans only remember Wilbur Mills for wading in the Tidal Basin with the stripper Fannie Fox, but that is only part of the story.  How does a tea-totaling Church of Christ man turn into an alcoholic after he turned 60?  The answer is due to Washington DC making him sick to his stomach with the lies and hypocrisy that is our national capital.

Many in Arkansas still refer to I-630, the Wilbur D. Mills Expressway as the ‘Fannie Fox Freeway’, but they miss the point of what Washington DC did to one of the best Conservative Democrat Americans to ever serve in that POS place they call the District of Columbia.

That quote in 1968 was spoken by the man that controlled the purse strings of America by being chairman of the House Ways & Means committee.  He had to deal with the endless flow of money that Congress spends, wastes, squanders and just outright blows like drunken sailors at a Bangkok whore house.   As a fiscal conservative he knew the dam had burst and things would get much worse.

He was right.  The past 40 plus years have proved him right.

That was 1968 and it was broken then. Today it is far beyond broken, more like shredded and shattered to pieces. To fix what is wrong in America requires a change in the Oval Office, most of the members of the US Congress, and over time even the US Supreme Court.  None of them represent the people any more, defend the Constitution or even believe or adhere to the rule of law or any sense of equity and fairness.

The true way to look at Washington DC is they are magnanimous to the wealthy elite and niggardly to the average American citizen.  Just like this recent idiot comment by Mitt Romney that he is not concerned about poor Americans because they have a safety net.  That is callous and cruel beyond the meaning of those two words.  Great, let us elect a president that intends to fix nothing but will line the right insider pockets.  Rather than presidential material, Romney and his ilk are merely a dime-a-dozen politician and SOS spoken by the SOS candidates.

They know Americans are self-uninformed idiots and treat most of them as such.  They smile as they lie to your face and knife America in the back as soon as you turn away.

What I have found to be laughable while living in Europe since June 2006 is the perception that ‘all Americans are wealthy’.  That is how well the US propaganda machine works, even though a person with 3 functioning brain cells can find out that America is sinking and the ranks of Middle Class declines daily into poverty.
America is a nation dying for lack of real leadership.  Lies to conceal agendas are no substitute for leadership.  The sheer incompetence of the White House and Congress are anything but leadership.  There is no amount of rallying around the flag that is going to fix what is wrong until Americans look into the mirror and accept that they and their government is the real enemy, foreign and domestic.

What was once the most looked up to nation has devolved into one of the most despised, corrupt, unethical nations.  That is not a PR disaster, it is a national breakdown of anything and everything resembling good government and qualified leadership.  All is an illusion; all is smoke and mirrors, shallow, no substance and the lies are endless.   The lies have become the agenda and the business plan, and that ladies and gentlemen is not leadership.  Nor is it a formula that is a future for America that is solid and has promise.

I am often asked why I left America.  The answer is simple:  The American Dream is a dead concept to me.  No nation has the right to build a shallow, no substance illusion on the backs of the rest of the people on this planet.  Sadly, that is exactly what America has become and I despise the lies that promote the continuation of that racist, arrogant and elitist mindset.  Even the idiots on MSM have this holier-than-thou veneer as if they are the best ‘reporters’ in the world.

It would be laughable if their agenda and spin were not being used for such deadly agendas and evil.

The subprime mortgage scam stole over $4 trillion from foreign investors that did believe in America but no longer do.  Just so idiot Americans would think the US economy was robust and doing fine when it sucked and was being covered up with lies and economic tricks.  Think on that, a $4 trillion theft and not one American has been brought to trial on that.  $4 trillion and instead of criminal charges and prisons those idiots in DC gave them trillions to bail them out and left you with the tab for dinner.

That $2 trillion Bernanke does not want to talk about was HUSH MONEY to prevent a lawsuit against DC and Wall Street for criminal fraud against much of the world that funded the US mortgage fraud.  That is not a business plan; that is a criminal intent and a mindset that America matters more than anywhere else and that is arrogant and wrong.

America does not deserve 25% of total world energy supplies to squander away.  America does not deserve the right to plunder the savings of other nations just so the illusion of “American Dream” can even breathe another breath.  America has no right to be a war mongering war criminal nation yet point the finger at anyone else it chooses.

There is nothing to take pride in when the leaders of a nation choose bombs and bullets over pens and contracts.

I have serious issues with the US government on the matter of lack of principles and integrity.  For a nation to pretend to be a Christian nation yet do such unspeakable evil is nothing that I will hold up high or salute or pledge my allegiance.  These leaders and wannabee leaders lie at the drop of a hat, even when there is no downside to speaking a simple truth.

Too many innocent men, women and children have been killed and outright slaughtered needlessly and for improper reasons by the “American way’ for me to honor it or think highly of their deeds in Washington DC.  They lie so casually and so much they begin to believe their own lies, the bullshit they utter, but nothing can make it right and proper conduct.

There comes a point when it is time to admit that defending America has gone overboard and offense to steal from other nations is not defense.  Hegemony, imperialism and empire building provide no defense, merely huge profits for insiders and are truly the ultimate form of ill-gotten gain.

I once believed that the best way to fix a fool was to shame the fool.  That no longer works in DC where foolishness is the norm and held up high and no amount of exposing their crap shames them.   Corporations have so enmeshed themselves into this fascist government that I get a mental image of a mangy dog covered with big fat ticks sucking the life out of the host.

In Washington DC they believe that words alone can change unjust to just, the lie is the truth if stated enough times, and if they spin it the right way and the words fit the agenda.  To say they disgust me is being polite.  Most of them I would not take my precious time to even talk to them over a cup of coffee because they are beyond despicable.

Launching a war based on lies and those actions are seeking control of resources, killing innocent people in the process is about as low and evil as it gets.  The God I believe in commands to shun evil, therefore, I shun Washington DC for they are the embodiment of evil.  I am 60 years old and can count on the fingers of one hand how many times I have seen the true benevolence of power and greatness emanate from Washington, DC.

That is not enough times over a span of 60 years for a nation that pretends it is the bellwether of freedom and justice.  What it has become is the bellwether of lies and corruption and making up wars rather than focusing on business.

The notion that America is more qualified than anyone else to lead this world was a failed idea when DC came up with it.  That is where this arrogant idea of America Empire started and was doomed to fail from the outset.  What is in Washington DC is not even qualified to lead America, much less this entire world.

That American outrage is absent and apparently oblivious to the evil that the US government and certain insiders do behind the veil of ‘defending America’ is total hypocrisy and evil.  Maybe someday all of these self-professed warmongering blood-thirsty Christians will grasp what a sin of omission really is.  To not stand up against evil is in and of itself a sin, yet still they blindly support the war drums like the complete idiots they are.

The God I believe in has no tolerance for such people, such actions.  It might well be the case that nothing America does succeeds anymore because God chose the other side and is not on the US side in such lies.  That would not surprise me in the least for the egregious conduct is now standard operating procedure in our halls of power in DC.

When a nation becomes a festering cesspool of nothingness, degradation, immorality, and just downright uncivil, it is time to look in that mirror and come to grips with the ugliness of the picture.

It was a hard decision to make to leave the US on June 1, 2006. Therefore, I have had plenty of time to reflect on that decision and can honestly state that the only thing I miss are my friends, family, favorite restaurants, golf courses, and places I like to hunt, fish and camp.  As for missing what America has become, I do not miss that at all.
I grew tired of hearing the incessant beat of the war drums and lies when there is no battle at all to be fought, except those who are after money, control, empire, hegemony, etc.  They lost but will be the last people on EARTH to admit it.  They were and are in the wrong, but do not hold your breath waiting to ever hear an admission or an apology.

Sort of like detaching from a dying person when the inevitable sets in.  The cancer is terminal, nothing I can do about it.

Life goes on even without an America that is dying.

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