Tuesday, February 07, 2012


We've done this before.  We've failed.

We're being set up to do it again, and likely set up to fail again.


Because we're under the firm control of a ancient global power cult that is all about building up the Nations of Man and smashing them against each other like so many childrens toys.

Every so often their game... our allowed progress... gets to the point where nuclear weapons are fielded in vast numbers, or the peak comes at a time when the Earth, this geologically unstable world, goes active.  Or the sun does and the Earth reacts to the increased energy output.  When that happens Man's numbers fall to near extinction levels and the process begins again.

Atlantis, Rama, Lemuria.  Only their names and legends remain... and perhaps their ruins:

Ancient underground bunkers with natural air circulation in Turkey
3000 year old Indus Valley ruins radioactive
32,000 year old city off coast of India

42,000 year old cave drawing of Greys

Why is all this coming out now? Because the enemy has a specific belief system that demands they tell the victim what they're going to do to them. Strange but true, it's just that they "hide" what they do until they feel it's too late.

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