Friday, February 17, 2012


Print Your Own Drone: Free Designs and Tools

Here's an interesting twist on building your own drone:  A drone you can print it using tools that you own (or your neighbor owns).
Here's an example of a guy that built his own drone by printing many of the parts.  It's a great example of maker tech, drones, tinkering networks, leveraging the network, etc. in one neat package.
Introducing the Vampire (from Peter in Sweden):
Vampire  Printed Drone
Peter designed the Vampire using Google Sketchup.  
If you haven't heard of that program before, it's 3D modeling software.  If you have an engineering bone in your body, get it.
Peter than posted his designs to Thingverse for anybody to download.
He then printed out the parts using his Ultimaker 3D printer.
Peter provides more detail in this instructional video:

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