Sunday, April 15, 2012


How to Deal With Armored Vehicles

This picture is making it's rounds on Facebook and elsewhere. It was taken taken at the MacDill Airfest, March 2010, according to the photographer.

As usual, and rightfully so, people are alarmed by it. What ever could the DHS ever need those for? Well, it's not for use against illegal aliens, that's for sure.

We all know the answer. But for all of its armor, it can easily be rendered blind, which renders this very expensive piece of machinery very ineffective. It doesn't matter if they're UN troops or your local PD with government funded machines. The results are the same.

Get a bunch of paint filled balloons:

TIP: Make the balloon a 50/50 mixture of water and paint for more paint spread upon impact.

Get a water balloon launcher and 2 friends:
TIP: If you're organized enough, you can have multiple groups of people with launchers.

Let loose:

The beauty of the water balloon launcher is that you don't ever have to get close. Some launchers claim distances of 400 yards.

It's also effective against personnel.

Now I'm not advocating anyone to go out and do this, not yet anyway. You'll know when the time comes. And when it does, the paint balloons are just the beginning.

When we get to that point, when the gloves are off, when we are fighting for our lives, we're going to want to WIN! 


Turn up the heat.

I'm not going to tell you how, I'm just going to show you with what.

Stormproof (wind/water proof) matches
Octane doesn't matter.

2 cycle oil for stickness, or you can use eggs, rubber cement, dish soap, etc.

Make sure it has a top and leave 1/3 empty for easier breakage.

Matches won't stick to glass by themselves

Finished product, ignite matches before throwing.
Desired result

And then once they're out, you don't have to worry about them hiding inside that impenetrable armored beast.

Then you can move on to


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JoeFromSidney said...

Used in Europe during WW II. Bomb in a sock. Cover sock with heavy grease. Stick on any level surface of a vehicle. If you have enough nerve, light the fuse, run up to the vehicle, and slap the thing on hood, trunk, roof, etc.

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TAC officials reported that the new line of armored, blast-mitigating vehicles will be based on the Toyota Land Cruiser platform and will offer clients in areas like Nigeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen an unprecedented amount of protection against undercarriage blasts, roadside explosions, IEDs, anti-personnel mines, and car bombs.