Thursday, April 26, 2012


EPA Conquerors

“I was in a meeting once and I gave an analogy to my staff about my philosophy of enforcement, and I think it was probably a little crude and maybe not appropriate for the meeting, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what I said:

“It was kind of like how the Romans used to, you know, conquer villages in the Mediterranean. They’d go in to a little Turkish town somewhere, they’d find the first five guys they saw and they’d crucify them.

“Then, you know, that town was really easy to manage for the next few years.”

That is a quote from an enforcement guy at EPA.

He considers himself a modern Roman conqueror.

Do you have any doubt that the real heavyweights in Government, guys with badges & guns, and guys who control the guys with badges & guns, see themselves as any less than Caesars, with any less regard for treating you like one of the first five guys they can find, and crucifying them?

If EPA considers it proper governance to carry on as conquering Romans, I wonder who DoJ emulates. And IRS.  And...


He who lives by imposing himself onto others with the sword has most certainly earned the right to die by your sword.

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