Monday, April 16, 2012


Not going out on a limb: Area 51 has been a voluntary death sentence for anyone trying to penetrate its perimeter for decades.  Lots of strangeness is seen in that area...

Terry McKinnon faces American prison if he's convicted of exposing the secret "non-terrestrial" Navy.

Video analysts UFO

1 Video frame chosen for analysis
2 Central point of verification chosen for FTIR photo spectroscopic analysis
3 FTIR photo spectroscopic taken from UFO indicates solid object and made out of solid material
4 FTIR photo spectroscopic taken from mountain indicates solid matter and made out of solid material (the same light ratio were chosen.)
5 Extreme heat  indicating water condensation around object
6 Object indicating being solid with sunlight reflecting on the edge
7 Photo analysis of sun direction clearly indicates a solid object
8 Solid object comparison indicates that this object is slightly height than the mountain and is by no means drafted but is a projectile object.
9  The FTIR photo spectrometer indicates the object in red and highlight all red as temperature. It indicates object to have extreme heat around inside the objects it could explain water condensation indication as in prev
10 The Light analysis indicates a solid object above the ground in similar approximant of mount height
11 The spectroscopic white light performance indicates solid object with light bending around the object  (the same light ratio were chosen.)
12 self-explanatory
(Omitted photo declassified, number 9)

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