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Made a huge strategic error going where it was known he lived before.  He was skulking about in So Cal he should've stacked a few more bodies while he had tactical surprise and mobility.  Now he's down to doing an Alamo.



LAPD pulls ‘Waco’ on Christopher Dorner to silence him forever

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Mike Adams
Natural News
Feb 13, 2013
The LAPD has pulled a Waco. Barely two hours after ordering the media to remove their helicopters from the area and cut all live feeds, the LAPD managed to set fire to the cabin occupied by Christopher Dorner and burn him alive inside it, according to media reports.
Mission accomplished for the LAPD, an organization that has run its manhunt more like a rampaging street gang than a professional police department. As Natural News has already documented, LAPD officers have engaged in attempted murder of innocent citizens in their freakish frenzy to try to kill Dorner.
Their motive explains why LAPD officers fired tear gas into the cabin where Dorner was staying, knowing it would ignite flammable materials in the home and set the place on fire.
“…tear gas was fired into the house before the fire broke out,” reports the Los Angeles CBS affiliate. This is the same sort of tactic that was used to burn down the Branch Davidian community in Waco, Texas in 1993. The Waco raid, we all know by now, was a politically-motivated ATF assault against innocent men, women and children, all conducted for the purpose of increasing the visibility and importance of the ATF by creating a crisis where none existed. Click here to see an informative video on the subject.
Law enforcement knows full well that tear gas rounds often set homes ablaze. In fact, a California fire department issued a report in 2012 that supports precisely that conclusion. As the San Jose Mercury News reported last year:
Police tear gas launched into a Vallejo home in February during a SWAT-team standoff played a role in starting a fire that caused $60,000 in damage and killed two dogs, a fire department report released Monday finds.
The evidence so far
So here’s what we know:
1) The LAPD engaged in a wild, frenzied attempt to execute Dorner. This resulted in LAPD officers engaging in the attempted murder of innocent civilians, including one surfer and two women in a pickup truck. (Question: Why are LAPD officers who shot at innocent citizens not being charged with attempted murder?)
2) Once Dorner was holed up in a cabin, the LAPD chose to fire tear gas canisters into the home instead of waiting him out and forcing a surrender after a long standoff.
3) LAPD officers know full well that tear gas canisters can set off fires.
4) Once the fire broke out, Dorner was a dead man. If he fled the fire, he would be shot down by the LAPD. If he stayed in the cabin, he would be burned alive. This is the new brand of “justice” the LAPD is dishing out in 2013.
I’m not condoning the actions of Dorner, who appears to have murdered at least four victims. But if the LAPD is going to abandon its mission of public safety and function as an armed vigilante justice squad, dishing out death sentences to those it believes are guilty — without a trial or anything resembling due process — then they might as well throw away all their badges as just call themselves the LA Gang Squad. Because that’s how they’re acting. They can even have their own gang signs that they flash at each other before running another taxpayer-funded drive-by.
Dorner succeeds where the media has failed
Whether Dorner is really dead at this point or somehow managed to escape the fire (a possibility that has been reported), he has accomplished one astonishing thing that even the media could not achieve: The exposing of the total criminality of the LAPD and its complete abandonment of law.
Even if Dorner is dead, the LAPD still comes out of this looking not only utterly incompetent but — even worse – driven by vengeance rather than law. As every citizen reading this can easily recognize, that’s a very dangerous attitude for a police force to carry. In this frenzied manhunt, the whole world watched while the LAPD exposed itself as a gang of reckless idiotswho openly fire their guns at innocent civilians and who ram citizens’ vehicles with their police cars in acts of sheer madness and desperation.
“These lunatics broadsided the side of his truck, spun him around and started shooting at him,” said the attorney for one of the victims of the LAPD murder attempts.
The Torrance Police Department, which seems to have abandoned all reason and logic just as the LAPD has done, explained that “Perdue’s truck was ‘suddenly leaving the area’ and seemingly veering into a patrol car when the two vehicles collided at 5:15 a.m.” (Source)
So now, pulling out of a driveway or simply starting your car and driving away can be interpreted as “suddenly leaving the area,” earning you an attempted vehicular manslaughter maneuver by the local police. How’s that for public safety, eh?
Dorner’s killings were not random; but the LAPD’s attempted murders were!
Consider the actual risk of harm here: Dorner did not engage in RANDOM killings. Want proof? He did not kill his hostages. He let them live because they weren’t on his kill list. And yet the LAPD did, indeed, engage in random acts of attempted murder. Morally and ethically speaking, the LAPD was operating in worse violation than Dorner himself. Killing people who have wronged you is evil, but attempting to kill innocent people who have nothing to do with anything is even worse, and that’s what the LAPD did.
In fact, if you really look at the situation in retrospect, a typical LA citizen was far more likely to be killed by the LAPD than by Chris Dorner. Dorner was a selective killer while the LAPD attempted to kill people indiscriminately… seemingly at random.
If you weren’t on Chris Dorner’s kill list, you had nothing to fear from Dorner. But if you were a black man with a bald head, you had everything to fear from the LAPD! And they proved it by opening fire on not just one innocent person, nor two, but THREE innocent citizens who didn’t even resemble Dorner (two of the victims were women, the third was a thin white guy).
No wonder the LAPD was so desperately trying to murder Dorner on sight: the man knew too much. He had seen the inside operations of the LAPD, and he recognized what a runaway criminal operation it was.
None of this justifies Dorner’s actions, of course. Making a kill list and murdering people is no way to handle things in a civilized country… unless, of course, you’re President Barack Obama, in which case you get a bunch of DoJ lawyers to issue a 16-page memo “legalizing” your own private kill list that “authorizes” the murder of American citizens.
That’s where Obama and Dorner are a lot alike: They both believe in the use of violence, outside of law, to kill their enemies. Obama uses armed drones while Dorner used a rifle. Both of them are criminals who operate outside the law, and the only reason Dorner isn’t a national hero right now is because he didn’t have an army of lawyers working at the DoJ who could sanitize his activities by shoveling lawyerspeak manure all over the place.
Dorner also forgot to call his actions “peace.” See, if you kill a bunch of Americans without calling it “peace,” then you get chased by the police. But if you call it “peace,” as Obama does, you win a Nobel Peace Prize. And then the bombs you drop on children in the Middle East are called “peace bombs.”
Dorner’s mistake in all this was not that he killed people, you see, it’s that he didn’t get enough voters to back him first. Once you get the voters behind you, you can kill anybody you want, with no legal recourse whatsoever. That’s the precedent recently set by the White House, anyway.


Dorner manhunt: Incendiary tear gas reportedly used on cabin

Faced with regular barrages of gunfire, officers confronting suspected killer Christopher Dorner lobbed incendiary tear gas into the cabin where Dorner allegedly was holed up, said law enforcement officials with knowledge of the situation.
The cabin caught on fire and authorities believe Dorner was burned inside. A body was discovered but authorities have not confirmed it was Dorner.
Law enforcement sources said the officers got into several gun battles with Dorner during a nearly four-hour siege at the cabin in the Big Bear area. The standoff began with Dorner allegedly fatally shot a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy and seriously injured another.


Christopher Dorner Was Hiding Just Steps From Dragnet's Command Center

PHOTO: Flames from a fire in a cabin in Big Bear, Calif. can be seen in this overhead photo; ex-LAPD officer and fugitive Christopher Dorner is believed to have taken refuge in the cabin during a shoot-out with police on Feb. 12, 2013.

Christopher Dorner, the fugitive ex-cop who authorities believe died in a fiery standoff with police Tuesday night, was apparently holed up in a snow-covered cabin in the California mountains just steps from where police had set up a command post and held press conferences during a five-day manhunt.
The charred remains of a body believed to be Dorner was removed from another cabin, high in the San Bernadino Mountains near Big Bear, Calif., the site of Dorner's last stand. Cornered inside the mountain cabin, the suspect shot at cops, killing one deputy and wounding another, before the building was consumed by flames.
Police are working to officially identify the body, but "have reason to believe that it is him," said San Bernardino County sheriff's spokeswoman Cynthia Bachman.
The manhunt for Dorner, 33, one of the biggest in recent memory, led police to follow clues across the West and into Mexico, but it ended just miles from where Dorner's trail went cold last week.
Residents of the area were relieved today that after a week of heightened police presence and fear that Dorner was likely dead.
"I'm glad no one else can get hurt and they caught him. I'm happy they caught the bad guy," said Ashley King, a waitress in the nearby town of Angelus Oaks, Calif.
Hundreds of cops scoured the mountains near Big Bear, a resort area in Southern California, since last Thursday using bloodhounds and thermal-imaging technology mounted to helicopters, in the search for Dorner. The former police officer and Navy marksman was being hunted as the suspect who had killed a cop and cop's daughter and had issued a "manifesto" declaring he was bent on revenge and pledged to kill dozens of LAPD cops and their family members.
ABC News
Flames from a fire in a cabin in Big Bear,... View Full Size
Carjacking Victim Says Christopher Dorner Was Dressed for Damage Watch Video
Christopher Dorner Manhunt: Inside the Shootout Watch Video
Chris Dorner Manhunt: Fugitive Ex-Cop in Shootout With Police Watch Video
But it now appears that Dorner never left the area, and may have hid out in an unoccupied cabin just steps from where cops had set up a command center.
It was at the cabin Tuesday morning where two women arrived to find a man matching Dorner's description inside. He took the women hostage, tying them up and stealing their car. At 12:20 p.m. PT, one of the woman broke free and called police.
Dorner crashed that car and hijacked a pickup truck as officials from the state Fish and Game Department pursued him.
"I saw some movement in the trees and it was Christopher Dorner and he came out onto the road, out of the snow, and he was dressed in all camouflage and had a big assault, sniper-type rifle and he had a vest on, like a ballistics vest," Rick Heltebrake, the pickup's driver, told ABC News.
"He was dressed up to do some damage it looked like. He said, 'I don't want to hurt you. Just get out and start walking up the road and take your dog with you,'" Heltebrake said.
Dorner then took off into the woods on foot, where sheriff's deputies pursued him to a rental cabin in which he barricaded himself and began firing.
Two deputies were wounded in the firefight and airlifted to a nearby hospital, where one died, police said. The second deputy received non-life threatening injuries, police said.
Some local television stations broadcast police scanner traffic of the firefight, punctuated by the sound of automatic gunfire.
"It was horrifying to listen to that firefight and to hear those words. 'Officer down' is the most gut-wrenching experience that you can have as a police officer," said LAPD spokesman Lt. Andrew Neiman.
Over the course of the next five hours, heavily armed SWAT teams with tank-like vehicles surrounded the cabin, even firing tear gas inside, but never entered the building.
Cops said they heard a single gunshot go off from inside the cabin just as they began to see smoke and fire. Later they heard the sound of more gunshots, the sound of ammunition being ignited by the heat of the blaze, law enforcement officials said.
Dorner is accused of killing four people, including the deputy shot on Tuesday. Last Thursday he allegedly gunned down Riverside police officer Michael Crain, who was laid to rest today.
Crain's shooting and the discovery of an online manifesto pledging to kill dozens of cops launched the dragnet.

scanner audio of Waco style assault

Dorner's Facebook page, before it was scrubbed

Is he alive?!

A fireman knew the cabin ,he used to lived there when he was a young boy .
he told the cops that the cabin have a basement 15Mx12M with a wooden seeling .....
He also told them about the tunnel ....

From: http://godlikeproductions.com/forum1/message2138222/pg4

Rogue Cop on the Lam Becomes Folk Hero to Some: LAPD Appears to Want Dorner Dead, not Captured and Talking

Let’s not be too quick to dismiss the “ranting” of renegade LAPD officer Chris Dorner, who is fast becoming something of a folk hero in his one-man challenge to the LAPD, one of the nation’s biggest and baddest police departments.
Dorner, a three-year police veteran and former Lieutenant in the US Navy who went rogue after being fired by the LAPD, has accused Los Angeles Police of systematically using excessive force, of corruption, of being racist, and of firing him for raising those issues through official channels.
By all media accounts, Dorner “snapped” after his firing, and has vowed to kill police in retaliation. He allegedly has already done so, with several people, including police officers and family members of police already shot dead or wounded.
Now there’s a record huge “manhunt” involving police departments across California, focussing on the mountains around Big Bear, featuring cops dressed in full military gear and armed with semi-automatic weapons. (Some 40-50 senior LAPD officers specifically threatened by Dorner are also being heavily guarded by LAPD cops.) Dorner has so far skilfully eluded his pursuers, despite a $1-million bounty on his head and thousands of people in the posse hunting for him. He has meanwhile developed a large and growing following of people who are actually rooting for him, with some comparing him to the Batman of “Dark Knight,” striking terror into, and wreaking vengeance on a corrupt police culture.
Few would argue that randomly killing police officers and their family members or friends is justified, but I think that there is good reason to suspect that the things that Dorner claims set him off, such as being fired for reporting police brutality, and then going through a rigged hearing, deserve serious consideration and investigation.
The LAPD has a long history of abuse of minorities (actually the majority in Los Angeles, where whites are now a minority). It has long been a kind of paramilitary force -- one which pioneered the military-style Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) approach to “policing.”
If you wanted a good example to prove that nothing has changed over the years, just look at the outrageous incident involving LAPD cops tasked with capturing Dorner, who instead shot up two innocent women who were delivering newspapers in a residential area of Los Angeles. The women, Margie Carranza, 47, and her mother, Emma Hernandez, 71 (now in serious condition in the hospital), were not issued any warning. Police just opened fire from behind them, destroying their truck with heavy semi-automatic fire to the point that it will have to be scrapped and replaced. The two women are lucky to be alive (check out the pattern of bullet holes in the rear window behind the driver’s position in the accompanying photo). What they experienced was the tactics used by US troops on patrol in Iraq or Afghanistan, not the tactics that one expects of police. Their truck wasn’t even the right make or color, but LAPD’s “finest” decided it was better to be safe than sorry, so instead of acting like cops, they followed Pentagon “rules of engagement”: They attempted to waste the target.
LAPD officers fired on this car with clear intent to kill (check out the bullet holes behind the driver-seat position)LAPD officers fired on this car with clear intent to kill (check out the bullet holes behind the driver-seat position). Trouble was, it was the wrong make and wrong color, and instead of Dorner, it was two Latino women, one of whom is now in serious condition from her wounds. No warning was given before the barrage.

Local residents say that after that shooting, which involved seven LAPD officers and over 70 bullets expended -- with nobody returning fire -- the street and surrounding houses were pockmarked with bullet holes. The Los Angeles Times reports that in the area, there are “bullet holes in cars, trees, garage doors and roofs.”
In roofs?
What we had here was an example of a controversial tactic that the military employed in the Iraq War, and still employs in Afghanistan, called “spray and pray” -- a tactic that led directly to the massive civilian casualties during that US war.
We shouldn’t be surprised that two brown-skinned women were almost mowed down by the LAPD--only that they somehow survived all that deadly firing directed at them with clear intent to kill.
The approach taken by those cop-hunting-cops of shooting first and asking questions later suggests that the LAPD in this “manhunt” for one of their own has no intention of capturing Dorner alive and letting him talk about what he knows about the evils rampant in the 10,000-member department. They want him dead. Locals understand this, and a cottage industry has sprung up of people wearing signs saying "Don't shoot! I'm not Dorner!"

With typical LA humor, locals in the city have taken to wearing signs telling trigger-happy LAPD cops they're 'Not Dorner'With typical L.A. gallows humor, locals in the city have taken to wearing signs telling trigger-happy LAPD cops they're 'Not Dorner'

When I lived in Los Angeles back in the 1970s, it was common for LAPD cops to bust into working class homes, gestapo-like, at 5 in the morning, guns out, to arrest people for minor things like outstanding court warrants for unpaid parking tickets, bald tires, or jaywalking.
Police helicopters also used to tail me -- then an editor of an alternative news weekly, the L.A. Vanguard -- and my wife, a music graduate student, as we drove home at night. Sometimes, they would follow us from our car to front door with a brilliant spotlight, when we’d come home at night to our house in Echo Park. It was an act of deliberate intimidation. (They also infiltrated our newspaper with an undercover cop posing as a wannabe journalist. Her job, we later learned, was to learn who our sources were inside the LAPD -- sources who had disclosed such things as that the LAPD had, and probably still has, a “shoot-to-kill” policy for police who fire their weapons.) The LAPD brass were really angry at us for being first to expose their rampant shooting and killing of unarmed residents--a story that later got picked up by the LA Times and some of the local electronic news media.
Friends in Los Angeles tell me nothing has changed about the LAPD, though of course the police weaponry has gotten heavier and their surveillance capabilities have gotten more sophisticated and invasive.
It is clear from the LAPD’s paramilitary response to the Occupy movement in Los Angeles, which included planting undercover cops among the occupiers, some of whom reportedly were agents provocateur who tried to encourage protesters to commit acts of violence, and which ended with police violence and gratuitous arrests, as in New York, that nothing has changed.
In other words, Dorner may be irrational, but he ain’t crazy. And his “army-of-one” campaign against the LAPD has already scored one success, as the department’s chief announced that he is going to re-examine the hearing that led to Dorner’s dismissal from the department to see if it had been fairly and properly handled.
A black military veteran, Dorner joined the police because he reportedly believed in service. Unable to go along with the militarist policing he saw on the job, and the racism all around him, he protested through channels and was apparently rewarded by being fired. Now, in his own violent way, he is trying to warn us all that something is rotten in the LAPD, and by extension, in the whole police system in the US. Police departments almost everywhere in the US, have morphed, particularly since 9/11/2001, from a role of providing public safety and law enforcement into agencies of brutal fascist control, often using the LAPD's paramilitary model to work from.
As Dorner says in his lengthy manifesto (actually quite explicit and literate, but described as “ranting” in corporate media accounts), in which he explains his actions and indicts the LAPD, “The enemy combatants in LA are not the citizens and suspects, it’s the police officers.”
That could be said of many US police departments, I’m afraid.
Example: Last fall, I had the experience of trying to hitchhike in my little suburban town. A young cop drove up and informed me (incorrectly, it turns out) that it was illegal to hitchhike in Pennsylvania. When I expressed surprise at this and told him I was a journalist working on an article on hitchhiking, he then threatened me directly, saying that if I continued to try and thumb a ride, he would “take you in and lock you up.”
When I called a lawyer friend and said I was inclined to take the officer up on that threat, since I was within my rights under the law hitchhiking as long as I was standing off the road, he warned me against it, saying, “You don’t know what could happen to you if you got arrested.”
And of course he’s right. An arrest, even a wrongful arrest, in the US these days can lead to an added charge -- much more serious -- of resisting arrest, with a court basing its judgement on the word of the officer in the absence of any other witnesses. It can also lead to physical injury or worse, if the officer wants to lie and claim that the arrested person threatened him or her.
If I had been in Los Angeles, I would most likely have been locked up for an incident like that. Forget about any warning. You aren’t supposed to talk back to cops in L.A. And if you are black or Latino, the results of such an arrest could be much worse.
I remember once witnessing LAPD cops stopping a few Latino youths who had been joyriding in what might have been a stolen car. There was a helicopter overhead, and perhaps a dozen patrol cars that had converged on the scene, outside a shopping mall in Silverlake. I ran over to see what was happening and watched as the cops grabbed the kids, none of whom was armed, out of the vehicle and slammed them against the car brutally. It was looking pretty ugly, but by then neighbors from the surrounding homes, most of them Latino, who had poured out onto their lawns because of the commotion, began yelling at the cops. One man shouted, “We see what you’re doing. These boys are all healthy. If anything happens to any of them after you arrest them we will report you!”
The cops grudgingly backed off in their attack on the boys, and took them away in a squad car. I don’t know what happened to them after that, but they were most certainly saved, by quick community response, from an on-the-spot Rodney King-style beating that could have seriously injured them, or worse.
As things stand right now, with the LAPD clearly gunning for Dorner, and wanting him dead and silenced, not captured, the public has to worry that it has more to fear from the LAPD than it has to fear from Dorner himself. At least Dorner, in his own twisted way, has specific targets in mind. The LAPD is in “spray and pray” mode.
Chris Dorner, in happier days, now a fugitive on the run from the LAPD "manhunters"Chris Dorner, in happier days, now a fugitive on the run from the LAPD "manhunters"
Hopefully, Dorner will realize he can do more by figuring out a safe way to “come in from the cold” so he can try to testify about LAPD crimes, than by killing more cops. If he does manage to surrender, he’d better have a lot of support lined up to keep him safe while in custody.


APPARENTLY Dorner's boy positively ID'd:


Out-of-control Police pointed loaded guns at reporters, bicyclists, pedestrians and bystanders in CA during Dorner manhunt
By Martin Hill
February 24, 2013

During the Thursday February 7th edition of KFI 640's Bill Handel radio program in Los Angeles, (8-8:30am), KFI reporter Jo Kwon relayed to Handel that multiple police agencies in Riverside were pointing loaded weapons at reporters, bicyclists, pedestrians and anyone else in the public area during the manhunt for rogue ex-cop Chris Dorner.
Kwon, a female Clearchannel reporter who Handel points out is no relation to Dorner's murder victim Monica Quan, described the situation near the intersection of Magnolia and Arlington Avenues in Riverside where two officers had been ambushed and shot, one fatally, while waiting at a red light after midnight on Feb. 7th.

"There's cops at virtually every corner here," Kwon said, "they don't want random people just driving around and walking through the area.."... "It is very police heavy. Everywhere that you drive, I mean you can see cops from Upland, Highland, Riverside. All the surrounding areas, there's tons of cops and lots of roads blocked and this morning when I arrived, you know I was trying to just approach one of the cops just to see where they would like the media - we don't want to get in the way- and you know they had their guns drawn, they're being very cautious - anybody riding a bike, anybody walking by is being stopped WITH GUNS DRAWN... and flashlights on people earlier this morning."

Handel, who's an attorney, then expresses his dismay at the fact that police are pointing loaded guns at everyone: "And can you imagine you're walking by, and the police have drawn their guns as they question you why you are- why you are there. I mean I've never heard of that - and you've been a reporter for a while; you ever seen that, ever happening Jo?"

Kwon: "That has never actually happened to me - I yelled like 'I'm media', I was flashing my badge and my parking placard that's bigger, just- never had it happen before. Obviously they're taking a lot of precautions and- they don't want anybody in their area- in their investigation or the manhunt- especially on the main roads of Arlington and Brockton and Arlington and Magnolia - those areas are still blocked - people are being diverted, cops are outside of their cars actually like holding their guns, not drawing them on anybody but they actually are holding on to them just in case somebody tries to come by, walk by, just to say 'HEY- TURN AROUND'."

Handel: "Alright we'll keep in touch. I mean as you're there if any of the story breaks we'll go right back to you, thanks Jo. Alright now one of the things that she mentioned is the police are stopping people with their guns drawn as they're questioning folks that are anywhere in the area. And as Jo described, she was- and it was so disconcerting she is flashing her media badge yelling "I'm media! I'm media!" I mean its almost a war zone. I guess you know what, you can describe it as a war zone."

Handel then goes on to describe the two incidents earlier that morning when three innocent motorists had their vehicles shot with a barage of gunfire by overzealous police: "Two separate drivers in two separated incidents are driving by early in the morning... and the police unloaded into those cars. Into those trucks. Wounding both drivers in those two separate incidents. These are innocent people that are driving by. It's not like they stopped at the house. They didn't get out of the truck. They didn't have weapons. They didn't make any furtive moves. No one was reaching into a waistband so it is possible that it could be misinterpreted as reaching for a weapon, so a cop could reasonably claim this is what happened, usually that's considered a righteous shooting. Just innocent people driving down. Shot by the police, because the police are so skiddish, so on edge... When all of this ends- which it will today tommorow tonight were gonna hear the story a lot of the two innocent victims who thank goodness did not die.. and how many lawyers you think are lining up at their house right now."

Actually there were three victims who were shot at- two of whom were a 71 year old hispanic woman and her daughter delivering newspapers, another being David Perdue, a skinny white man in Torrance who was on his way to go surfing when Torrance police crashed into his vehicle and open-fired. None of the three bore any resemblance whatsoever to suspect Christopher Dorner. [See also Trigger-happy police must be dealt with harshly.] LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said that the cops who shot the women are "out of the field" until an investigation is completed. Kwon, the KFI reporter pictured here, is a petite Asian woman and doesn't resemble the 6-foot 270 lb. Dorner any more than the 71-year old woman or the skinny white surfer.

Legal scholar Jonathan Turley points out "The officers said that they thought the women's royal blue Toyota Tacoma matched Dorner's dark-colored Nissan pickup truck. Of course, under any interpretation of Tennessee v. Garner, that would not constitute a justified basis to open fire."

Astonishingly, Torrance Police Chief John J. Neu "said he could not say his officer was wrong for shooting at Perdue" and blamed "anxiety within our department" for the shooting. An early statement issued by the Torrance PD regarding the shooting stated that "the action was appropriate", but a press release currently posted in their archives omits such a reference. Neu, who was appointed Chief in 2006, lists an official bio on the city website which states "Chief Neu holds numerous training certificates and awards in law enforcement including recognition from the United States Department of Justice Organized Crime Bureau, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the United States Attorney's Office. Chief Neu has testified before the U.S. Congress on issues relating to Homeland Security and Domestic Terrorism." Numerous Federal Civil Rights lawsuits have been filed against John Neu and the City of Torrance in recent years.

An internet search for police policy of pointing loaded gun nets five million results of countless arrests of people who needlessly point loaded weapons at others. People who point guns at police, if theyre lucky enough not to immediately get their head blown off, are often charged with "menacing" or other such crimes and will go to prison for an extremely long time. Police are supposed to follow very specific rules regarding handling of weapons while on the job, such as outlined in this Detroit Police Department Training Manual. Experts who train police consistently point out that officers should not point their weapon at anyone whom they're "not willing to destroy".

In the 2009 Indiana court case Baird v. Renbarger, officer John Renbarger with the Shelbyville Police Department "decided to wield a 9-millimeter submachine gun, which he used to detain various people" during a criminal investigation. The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals stated "pointing a gun at a compliant adult in a non-threatening situation, as in this case, can also constitute excessive force."

The court also noted

"We have found similar uses of force unreasonable in other cases. For example, we held that gun pointing when an individual presents no danger is unreasonable and violates the Fourth Amendment. See Jacobs v. City of Chicago, 215 F.3d 758, 773-74 (7th Cir.2000) (pointing a gun at an elderly man's head for ten minutes even after realizing that he is not the desired suspect and when he presents no resistance is "out of proportion to any danger that Jacobs could possibly have posed to the officers or any other member of the community"); McDonald v. Haskins, 966 F.2d 292, 294-95 (7th Cir.1992) (pointing a gun at a nine-year-old child during a search and threatening to pull the trigger was "objectively unreasonable"). In a slightly different context, we observed that "police officers do not have the right to shove, push, or otherwise assault innocent citizens without any provocation whatsoever." Clash v. Beatty, 77 F.3d 1045, 1048 (7th Cir.1996)."
The Constitution and proper protocol should not go out the window during a criminal investigation, even if it's police officers who were the victim of a crime. Violating people's rights and discarding appropriate behavior under the color of law, is in fact the very thing that Christopher Dorner seemed to have initially protested while he was an officer. May this tragedy be a lesson to all departments in California and elsewhere, not to buckle under pressure in the future. It is unknown at this time whether any of the people in Riverside who had guns pointed at them during the Dorner investigation are going to file suit.

Martin Hill is a Catholic paleoconservative and civil rights advocate. His work has been featured in the Los Angeles Daily News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Contra Costa Times, Pasadena Star News, Silicon Valley Mercury News, Long Beach Press Telegram, Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, L.A. Harbor Daily Breeze, Whittier Daily News, San Bernardino Sun, LewRockwell.com, WhatReallyHappened, Infowars, PrisonPlanet, Economic Policy Journal, FreedomsPhoenix, Veterans Today, The Wayne Madsen Report, Devvy.com, Rense, Antiwar.com, IamtheWitness.com, National Motorists Association, RomanCatholicReport.com, Republic Broadcasting Network, WorldNetDaily, The Orange County Register, KNBC4 Los Angeles, Los Angeles Catholic Lay Mission Newspaper, KFI 640, The Press Enterprise, Redlands Daily Facts, BlackBoxVoting, and many others. Archives can be found at LibertyFight.com.

First hand account of Big Bear school lockdown during Christ Dorner manhunt February 20, 2013 [Featured on Devvy.com.]

Ca motorist beats fourth traffic ticket through the mail 2/15/13 [Corona, Ca red-light camera slapped down! Court documents included on page.]

Michigan prosecutor targets activist who films police February 14, 2013 [Featured on Copblock.org.]

Original Source of full 22-page Christopher Dorner Manifeso revealed February 8, 2013

Gun Owner prevailed in liability lawsuit After 1992 murders, victim's estate sued the gun owner but lost [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com.]

Race-Based Crime Statistics released by NYPD for 2012

Gun seizures begin in New York as Governor puts out false FAQ sheet

Catholic Schools in Iowa working with Dept. of Homeland Security January 27, 2013 [Featured on FreedomsPhoenix.com and RomanCatholicReport.com. This article was also posted at OpEdNews.com and made it to the top of the most-popular list within moments.]

Official NY Govt 'SAFE ACT' Fact Sheet dictates: "surrender it to law enforcement officials" within a year January 21, 2013 [Featured on InfoWars , PrisonPlanet.com and Republic Broadcasting Network.]

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly blatantly lies about past NY gun confiscation on national radio January 20, 2013 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com and Republic Broadcasting Network.] [NYPD has visited this article.]

Homeland Security set to grope schoolkids under New York's 322 gun-grab law. [Featured on RomanCatholicReport.com.]

Homeland Security "School Safety Improvement Teams" established under new NY gun ban January 15, 2013

Statements of 19 State Senators who opposed the New York gun ban January 15, 2013 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com and The Power Hour.]

Willie Nelson, put down the bong: Guns aren't just for the military January 13, 2013

Police & Feds feverishly surveilling gun-confiscation opponents on internet January 14, 2013

Gun Control propagandist Piers Morgan feels right "at home, like one of the clan" among Jews January 20, 2013 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com.]

Invoking Sandy Hook, California seeks 'Ammunition Purchase Permits' "for the sake of our children" December 29, 2012 [Featured on Republic Broadcasting Network.] The U.S. Department of Justice, California Highway Patrol, California State Senate and California Police Officer's Association have visited this article.

'Most Pro-Israel Ever' Senator wants to ban and "confiscate" guns to "protect the children"
Democrat Joe Manchin, touted by AIPAC as one of the "Most Pro-Israel Ever", wants to confiscate the guns of American citizens.
December 19, 2012 [Featured on WhatReallyHappened.com and RomanCatholicReport.com.]

Watch: America: Fredom to Fascism

Watch: American Drug War: The Last White Hope

We Love You Maxine! A Tribute To A Great American Dog's Life September 1995 - January 2, 2013
By Martin Hill [] January 11, 2013. I hope you enjoy my tribute video to Maxine, it was a labor of love. :-)

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