Thursday, February 07, 2013


We are at a place in time and space where the stupid and lazy people have gained a lot of ground at the levers of power in America and they are using power beyond their ken. They do not realize that we are nearly done tolerating their stupidity. They are too stupid to see it. It's always the unknown unknowns that'll get ya.

There is a reason that the entire national inventory of firearms and ammunition was purchased in little more than a month. The stupid people don't have what it takes to understand how many dollars, how much personal time, how much emotional energy, is required for any group of Americans to clear the shelves of any commodity in America in 30 days. People got off their couches and bought everything they could find for a fight. They are still buying.


Because there is a Movement that has been born in America.

The Citadel concept and the mind-blowing response and support from Americans is nothing more than a symptom of that Movement, evidence that the Movement exists, as if more evidence is needed.
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I admire the energy and effort Kerodin and his people are making to form a fully functional society out of raw Idaho wilderness, but I fear the enemy's timetable may overwhelm their efforts.  I will also state that they could save a lot of time if they had simply moved to a town and taken that over.

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