Thursday, February 21, 2013


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Ted Lindblad III said...

Please... we must understand something and understand it very clearly or we will continue to fall into the trap FedGov has set for the people of this country. It is NOT obama (as mush as I despise the creature) whom we should be blaming for the country's problems. It is the entire federal government containing both repugnicants and demonrats. There are NOT two parties in America there is one single disgustingly ugly bird (party) with two wings, one red and one blue, both connected to the same (literally) satanic body. As much as obama the man disgusts me (and the bush's and clinton's are equally as disgusting) he is only a puppet used to piss you off further and to direct that anger in a specific direction of their choosing. FedGov has the people divided. They will have us conquered shortly if we do not come to realize this fundamental truth. obama is not the enemy (directly) FedGov is. All of it... Executive, Judicial, Legislative. They are using our hatred for "the other side" (as if there is one) that we beat ourselves.

Stop blaming obama... stop blaming bush. Blame FedGov in its entirety and blame ourselves for being so damned stupid that we allowed this mess to happen under our watch. It happened because we fail to read the book this country was founded upon and where our blessings originate from. The answer to ALL our problems are found in the King James Bible. The problem is... we have lost track of exactly what that book is and pride prevents us from opening it. We deserve the government we have because we believe we can fix our own problems.

We can't. There is no voting our way out of this.

Lord have mercy...